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@BuiltWorlds 2018-06-29

Wrapping down Projects Chicago Conference: https://builtworlds.com/news/wrapping-projects-chicago-conference/

Friendly reminder! Tomorrow night from 6-8pm is OPEN HOUSE at the University Center of Lake County. NPU Admissions Counselor Beth Emperor will be at the event to meet with prospective students. Questions? Contact her at [email protected]!

It's wonderful to see how we can learn to design our physical structures from the marvelous designs of nature. Can we do the same on other levels? To live together in harmony like the plants of the prairie? To live with our roots in the ground, and our heads in the skies, like our brothers the trees? To live who we are, simply and authentically, like the eagle, the elk or the wolf? Nature is still our great teacher, if we would just open our eyes and ears and listen...

The collaboration continues! By popular demand we have expanded the variety of “Chocolatines” pairing. Chocolatines, an Illinois-based Japanese luxury chocolate shop, has been featured in the Oscars, MTV Video Music Awards, Grammy Awards, and the Golden Globes to name a few. The mouthwatering new flavors are -Black Sesame Nama (“raw”) Chocolate -Raspberry Nama (“raw”) Chocolate -Orange Caramel -Orange Peel -Rose -Sansho White Chocolate The chocolatier, Rieko Wada, has assisted us in creating a beautiful combination between Japanese whisky and the array of smooth flavors from each piece. We have flights available with our featured Japanese whiskies along with an option to purchase an individual “Chocolatines”. We’d love to see you soon, Murasaki Sake Lounge

Los peces "Los porqués de los niños sobre los peces Aquí tienes algunas de las preguntas que tu hijo puede hacerte sobre el mundo submarino y los peces: 1. ¿Por qué nadan los peces? En primer lugar, podemos decir que los peces fueron los primeros animales vertebrados que aparecieron hace millones de años. Su hábitat natural es el agua, donde pueden desplazarse, una especie de extremidades que les permite avanzar bajo el agua. 2. ¿Por qué respiran los peces bajo el agua? Una de las principales características de los peces es que pueden respirar bajo el agua. Esto se debe a que disponen de unos órganos especiales llamados branquias que guardan gran parecido a nuestros pulmones. Con las branquias pueden filtrar el oxígeno del agua para poder respirar. 3. ¿Por qué los peces se agrupan en bancos? Al igual que algunas especies de mamíferos se desplazan en manadas, los peces lo suelen hacer en grupos muy numerosos conocidos como bancos. De esta forma, los peces pueden desplazarse más rápido y al mismo tiempo se protegen de los depredadores. 4. ¿Por qué los peces duermen con los ojos abiertos? Se podría decir que los peces no duermen, más bien descansan. El hecho de que les veamos con los ojos abiertos se debe a que no necesitan cerrarlos como los mamíferos, porque al estar bajo el agua no tienen que proteger sus ojos de la desecación. 5. ¿Por qué los peces tienen escamas? Las escamas de los peces tienen varia funciones, una de ellas es para regular la cantidad de líquido que entra en su cuerpo y mantener una humedad constante. Pero además, otra de las funciones es para desplazarse más rápido por el agua, ya que las escamas le proporcionan una forma más aerodinámica."

Congrats, Class of 2018! 2,120 of you supported the Class Legacy Gift this year, surpassing the total donors from the Class of 2017. Thank you for leaving your legacy and giving back to DePaul! #mylegacy #DePaul If you haven't made a Legacy gift yet, it's not too late! Give now: https://alumni.depaul.edu/GiveNow/Home?id=48&appealcode=SLG18.

Announcing Karen Piper as our Keynote Speaker for the 2018 MMLA Conference in Kansas City! - https://mailchi.mp/fd9e8ea3698b/mmla-april-deadlines-286717

The Kung Fu Academy of Chicago is now offering classes in both Tai Chi and Choy Lee Fut, a southern style kung fu! Choy Lee Fut is system based off of various northern and southern shaolin animal techniques and philosophies. Learn forms of the tiger, leopard, dragon, snake, and crane under the tutelage of Sifu Rodrigo Trupp. Classes on Tue/Thurs @ 4pm and on Sat @10:30am For more information, contact or leave a message: 312 952 6418

Come hack with us tonight at 7:30pm!! We'll show you the ropes and help you get that post Xmas holiday project started!

سيقام قداس الْيَوم الأربعاء. المصادف 27 كانون الاول وذلك بمناسبة تذكار استشهاد اطفال بيت لحم في كنيسة مار افرام الكلدانية. في شيكاغو صلاة الوردية 4:00 صلاة الرمش 4:30 القداس 5:00

Happy Holidays from our family to yours! Although we’re closed today, we have a lineup of family-friendly programming starting tomorrow! Join us this week for puppet shows, hands-on art workshops, and more! The best part? All of these programs are free with admission! naturemuseum.org/holidays

Winter Wonderland 2017 - a wonderful and generous experience for all. Parent volunteers have filled the halls with a joyous spirit. Alderman Roberto Maldonado stopped by to speak with students, teachers and Student Council leaders. The teachers and administration have joined in the spirit, wrapping students’ presents. If you have time today, please stop in and help students pick presents for their loved ones or wrap a few presents.

Guest speaker Charles Weems, PhD and Associate Professor of Information and Computer Sciences at University of Massachusetts and teacher at Hartsbrook Waldorf School will speak to parents and community members on “A Human Education for a Technological World.” Technology will present our children with serious challenges as they enter adulthood. Preparing them to meet those challenges and thrive in a digital world requires a conscious effort that starts in early childhood and progresses through the elementary and high school grades. This talk will explore several critical capacities that children must develop, and methods of helping them to do so. Join us for this relevant discussion! All are welcome.

"Having acquired two different off-campus summer research experiences now, I have learned a great amount about myself that I could not have learned otherwise." Zoua Lor (St. Olaf College) spent her summer at Michigan State University, conducting research in psychology. What exactly did that process look like? Check out her #GSEFSpotlight to learn more: http://bit.ly/2zhHXiH INTERESTED IN LEARNING MORE? See who you can contact at St. Olaf College to help you apply for a Graduate School Exploration Fellowship: http://bit.ly/2mn8mGf

Announced today (Dec 12, 2017) From the Library of Congress-- Select National Film Registry Titles Now Available Free Online. The list of films Include dramas, documentaries, actualities and animation. https://www.loc.gov/item/prn-17-179/select-national-film-registry-titles-now-available-free-online/2017-12-12/ #mxcollege

@Greenheart Travel 2017-12-10

"I will never forget the conversation I had with a stranger at the Ethiopian Airport while waiting to board my 2:30am flight to Bangkok. He told me that “The best way to travel is with passion, compassion and humour” and that wherever in this world I venture, “may you find real joy”. A random encounter with a man whose name I didn’t even ask and whose face I can no longer remember. But his wise words will stay with me FOREVER. That is travel." Love this from our Teach in Thailand alum @kirstneethling!

Come see us! We have great neighbors, and there is some good looking food too! 11am to 4pm today.

@High Jump Chicago 2017-12-06

Throwback to when Cohort 19 alum Marquise met with the former president at the Obama Foundation Summit last month! Marquise is a peer advisor for the foundation. #tbt

@KickAss Birth 2017-11-15

Tuesday Quick-Tip: What a Woman needs RIGHT after an Epidural http://bit.ly/2iVOLZ1

The streamlined 20th Century Limited departing Chicago, 1938. Image: Wikipedia. #artdeco #chicago #train #locomotive #travel #rail #1930s

An NPR report on homework and choice. A great listen!

Illinois Rep. Laura Fine and Voices for Illinois Children President Tasha Green Cruzat will deliver the keynote speeches during Political Science Career Day. This year’s Career Day will focus on experts in immigration policy and law; Illinois state, county and local government; national government; advocacy for the the LGBTQ community in the courts and public policy; globalization; and electoral politics.

Shorts are in. If you ordered them you can come and pick them up. They look pretty sharp.

You also might like this older video on how to pronounce EAR and YEAR if you found the new weekly lesson to be a challenge. Best of luck!

CE Providers: have you had a chance to read the recently released e-Update? Be sure to stay up to date and informed. https://www.acpe-accredit.org/pdf/CEProvidereUpdate_v10n2August2017.pdf

@Greenline Wheels 2017-08-14

If you haven't checked them out already Oak Park Kidical Mass has rides coming up for August and September.

New #gutter downspout #professional installed this morning, hopefully this time will work great! 👍😎 saving the 🌎

@312Herps 2017-05-12

$325 +shipping 8.0 No pores Rudraksha x Lakshmi B1

The University of Illinois at Chicago Student Affairs proudly presents our Black History Month Kickoff event: A Conversation with ISSA RAE! Make sure you RSVP or purchase your tickets today!!!! #UIC #Community #UICBLACKHISTORY2017

@Mota Martial Arts 2016-11-29

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