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Hey family!! ANNOUNCEMENT ANNOUNCEMENT! KCA Term 1 2018 is about to kick off again and it begins on the 15th of January. Enrol now, book your slots, tell your friends, family, and don t miss out on fulfilling your dreams to be an artist! 2018 is the year to free your artist child!!

Prom!! Sorry guys Principle said No prom this year😢 Sadly to say that all this is just selfish yenno! Whether he disagree or what not, we will campaign for it! We the OG and OB got your backs young cubs✊💘 All this for Grammar😇 #ProudLioness💮

@PASS 2017-05-02

Course - Establish legal and risk management requirements of small business (hit the link below to take a look)

Vacancy: University Librarian Salary: F$115 248 to F$124 592 per annum (Inclusive of 15% Gratuity) Applications close: 26 February 2017 APPLY NOW at: www.usprecruits.usp.ac.fj

MBBS 4 gearing up for their clinical block year. It was fun and refreshing to interact with the class last week Friday for their orientation session with Student Life.

MEDIA RELEASE Greetings Everyone & Ni sa bula!! Nabua Primary School has a new Management Board that was formed this year who is keen and interested in forming all the required support bodies that a school needs in order for the school to function better. I have been contacted to organize a “get together” to revive the old scholars association. This invitation is extended to all Ex-Scholars members of Nabua Primary School if we could please meet at the School’s basement during Fiji Day holiday, Monday, 10th October 2016 at 10.00am to discuss ways and means to revive and empower the Association. We will also form a new Committee who is dedicated to the interest of the Association and also to assists the school whenever possible. We urge all Ex-students of Nabua to make the effort to attend with your nominees of who should take charge. During this meeting, we will also have a time for an open soli to start the Association starting from the 50’s to start the Association. After our meeting we will have some refreshments to celebrate Fiji Day. Always thankful, Joeli Bogi Naicavacava Ex-Scholar

@The Uni Life 2016-07-10

Semester Two is here 😊 Good Luck Students. You ll need it 😈

@Navitalai Keresi 2016-02-28

Enjoy our picnic time here in this remote island ....xoxo

Class 2014 Notice to all the students who have been shortlisted as potential PASS leaders for 2015, plz avail urself at HPEU tutorial room, 2nd floor library building, nxt to ICT services, at 10 am on Saturday 6th of December.. pliz b prompt!!! All the Best from all ur PASS leaders! Rohit

Strive for the best and graduate... Its in your grasps now... :)

@403 Lilians 2013 2013-11-16

Mahn, we re gonna miss each other !! : ( Everyone has gone into their different streams & forms for next year ,, but the bond that we ve shared will forever be cherished. We laughed , we cried , we fought ,& made silly mistakes ;). Forever Agrowits !! :* #O3_for_Lyff #