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SAINJO ALUMNI CHALLENGE FOR VISION 2020 Calling on all fellow alumni, you are hereby invited to continue on the great tradition of Josephite Alumni to step forward when Sainjo calls on us to serve. As representative of the “2015 Homecoming Party” steering committee from our great event in December 2015, I ask for your contribution to the Sainjo Building Fund. My name is Zewge Alemu (Class of 1974) and together with about a dozen alumni from different years, we are committed to mobilizing global alumni to contribute to the completion of vision 2020.... ...........https://www.facebook.com/notes/sainjo-alumni-homecoming-december-2014/sainjo-alumni-challenge-for-vision-2020/848163678667120/?fref=mentions

ውዱ ተማሪያችን ዶክተር ኢዘዲን ሙስጠፋ እንኳን ደስ አለህ ከ ጂማ ዩንቨርስቲ በ ህክምና ሳይንስ በ ከፍተኛ ነጥብ ተመርቋል Congratulations to Our remarkable, iconic student Dr. Ezedin Mustefa

see the pictures to know how hope construction done.

ይጠንቀቁ! ይሄንን ምክር እስከመጨረሻው ድረስ ሳያነብቡ እንዳያልፉት… ከዚህ በኋላ ያገኙትን የሞባይል ቀፎ ገዝቶ በኢትዮጵያ ኔትወርክ ውስጥ መጠቀም ስለማይቻል ቀፎ ሲገዙ እንዳይከስሩ ይህችን ምክር ይተግብሩ፦ አንድ ሞባይል ቀፎ ሲመረት ለራሱ መለያ ብቻ ሆኖ የሚያገለግል ባለ 15 ዲጂት ቁጥር አለው። ይህ መለያ ቁጥር IMEI ኮድ በመባል ይታወቃል። አንድ ሰው *#06#ን ሞባይሉ ውስጥ በማስገባት ሲደውል፤ይህንን የIMEI ቁጥር ያገኛል። ሆኖም አንዳንድ ተመሳስለው የተሰሩ ፎርጅድ የሞባይል ቀፎዎች የሌሎችን መለያ ቁጥር የሚይዙበት ሁኔታ ስላለ ሁለትና ከዚያ በላይ የሆኑ የሞባይል ቀፎዎች ተመሳሳይ IMEI ኮድ ሊኖራቸው ይችላል። ኢትዮ ቴሌኮም እንደዚህ አይነቶቹን የሞባይል ቀፎዎች በራሱ ኔትወርክ አማካኝነት የለየ መሆናቸውን አስታዉቋል። ቁጥራቸውም 2 ነጥብ 8 ሚሊዮን አካባቢ ነው። እነዚህን የሞባይል ቀፎዎች የያዙ ሰዎች በኢትዮቴሌኮም ኔትወርክ እንዲገለገሉ የተሰጣቸው የጊዜ ገደብ አንድ አመት ብቻ ነው። ከአንድ አመት በኋላ እነዚህ የሞባይል ቀፎዎች ሙሉ በሙሉ በኢትዮ ቴሌኮም ኔትወርክ ውስጥ እንዳይሰሩ ይደረጋል። በመሆኑም ገንዘብዎ በከንቱ እንዳይጠፋ ከዚህ በኋላ የሞባይል ቀፎ ሲገዙ የሞባይል ቀፎው በኢትዮጵያ ኔትወርክ ውስጥ የተመዘገበ መሆኑን እርግጠኛ መሆን መቻል አለበዎት። ይህንንም ለማረጋገጥ የሚጠቀሟቸው የሚከተሉት ዘዴዎች አሉ፦ • የሚገዙት ሞባይል ቀፎ ውስጥ ሲም ካርድ ማስገባት • *868# ላይ መደወል (በዚህ ወቅት ሦስት አማራጮች ይመጣሉ። እነዚህም አማራጮች 1-Phone Unlock 2-Switch Lock 3-Check Status) የሚሉ ናቸው። ከሦስቱ አመራጮች ሦስተኛውን(Check Status) ለመምረጥ በሚመጣው ክፍት ቦታ 3 ቁጥርን አስገብቶ Send የሚለዉን መጫን በዚህ ወቅት ሁለት አማራጮች ይመጣሉ እነዚህም አማራጮች ፤ • By IMEI • By Phone number የሚሉ ናቸው። ከዚያ “By IMEI” የሚለዉን ለመምረጥ በተሰጠው ክፍት ቦታ ላይ 1 ቁጥርን ያስገቡ። ከዚያም ሴንድን (SEND) እንደተጫኑ “Enter IMEI number” የሚል መጠይቅ ይመጣለዎታል። በዚህ ወቅት ሊገዙት ያሰቡትን ሞባይል ቀፎ መለያ ቁጥር በዚህ ክፍት ቦታ ውስጥ በመፃፍ sendን ይጫኑ። ወዲያዉኑ በኢትዮ ቴሌኮም ኔትወርክ ውስጥ የሚሰራ ቀፎ መሆኑ አለመሆኑን ያረጋግጣሉ። አለበለዚያ ከዚህ በኋላ ካርቶኑ ያልተፈታና በዚህ መልኩ ያልተሞከረ ሞባይል ገዝተው ገንዘበዎን ሊቀልጡ ይችላሉ። በተለይ የታሸገ ሞባይል ቤትዎ ወስደው «ለሦስት ሰዓታት ያህል ቻርጅ ያድርጉ» በሚል ኮዱን ሳይሞክሩ ቤትዎ የሚወስዱ ከሆነ፤ በመጨረሻ ቻርጅ አድርገው ሲሞክሩት IMEI ኮዱ ከኢትዮቴሌኮም ኔትወርክ ጋር የማይጣጣም ከሆነ ተሸወዱ ማለት ነው። በነገራችን ላይ እነዚህን ምክሮች አሁን በያዙት ሞባይል ቀፎ መሞከር ይችላሉ። ይህችን ምክር ለሌሎችም ያጋሩ፡፡ --------------------- ምንጭ - Computer Tec Info For All

First batch Environmental Science and sustainable development graduates from Hope college of Business, Science and Technology

HIRING NOW!!! VACANCY FINANCE AND ADMINISTRATIVE MANAGER Officially licensed in Ethiopia since January 2014, THISAbility Consulting® is a collaborative initiative by and between professional consultants with/without disabilities. The initiative is aimed at revamping Participatory Research and Consultancy on matters of inclusive development within Ethiopia as well as throughout Africa. We are now looking for competent candidates for a part-time position of FINANCE AND ADMINISTRATIVE MANAGER, based in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. 1) POSITION TITLE Finance and Administrative Manager 2) KEY RESPONSIBILITIES The candidate will be responsible for ensuring that the Consulting Firm operates at a maximum possible operational efficiency and service quality whilst supporting the Executive Director to deliver operational and strategic priorities. Financial Management Roles: Ensuring the financial and accounting integrity of the Consulting Firm. Preparation of management reports, contracts and actual business plan and budget as required. Preparation of cash flow management processes. Managing processes to record and reconcile expenses against income and carryout regular taxation duties of the Consulting Firm. Preparation of payroll-related documentation, as needed. Administrative Duties: Undertake a project officer’s role on key projects as may be required and in consultation with the Director. Read and assess the Firm’s incoming memos, submissions, reports, emails and faxes in order to determine their significance, and plan their distribution, as well as response. File and retrieve corporate documents, records and reports. Perform general office duties such as ordering supplies, maintaining records, management systems, and performing basic bookkeeping work. Meet partners and potential clients, in consultation with the Director. Attend meetings, seminars and conferences on behalf of the Firm (which may involve short-term traveling within and, in some cases, outside Ethiopia). Explore and follow-up on Research and Consultancy Bids in tandem with the Firm’s areas of operation. 3) REPORTING RELATIONSHIPS The Finance and Administrative Manager is directly answerable to the Executive Director. Where needed, the incumbent/candidate will also work with External Accountants and Auditors as may be required. This is a position that mostly operates with the autonomy and discretion of the incumbent. 4) EDUCATIONAL QUALIFICATION Academic: A minimum of Bachelor’s Degree in Finance, Business Administration or related fields. Certified Public Accountant (CPA) or equivalent certification would be preferred Work Experience: A balanced combination of at least three years of Business Management experience in INGOs and/or NGOs as well as for-profit businesses. Experience with government grant regulations and financial reporting requirements is essential. Technical Skills and Abilities: Able to hire, train, equip, deploy, lead and motivate team to achieve core results. Able to efficiently work with persons with disabilities and their representative organizations. An understanding of some key interpersonal facets of engaging professionals with disabilities is an asset. Able to leverage key opportunities to mitigate business risks. Able to work with minimum supervision. Supervisory and technical expertise in business processes development, internal controls, policies, and procedures. Excellent working knowledge of GAAP and government/non-governmental regulations and requirements. Able to articulate and communicate ideas eloquently and in writing Excellent command of the English language. Committed to the Firm’s vision, mission and core values. 5) DUTY STATION AND DURATION OF EMPLOYMENT This is a part-time position (10-16 hours a week) extending for a contractual period of at least one year. The Duty Station is Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. 6) COMPENSATION Negotiable and attractive 7) HOW AND WHEN TO APPLY Interested and qualified applicants may send their Curriculum Vitae and a Letter of Reference via email to [email protected] on or before FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 19th, 2016.

@Radical Academy 2015-04-22

ከሰማዕታተቱ በረከት ይክፈለን!!!! Amlak beyehageru yemisekayuten ena eyemotu yaluten sedetegna ye hager ye ethiopia lijoch nebse yemarelen, yetebekelen. Egnas hazenachen keleb new! Tikur samente!

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