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June Intake To register for the June intake visit our campuses in Harare, Bulawayo or Chitungwiza. Call 0772134152/3 or whatsapp 0772729802

Tedious from Murambinda High with his STATE HOUSE design

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It s all about technology. Any nation could master all the basic technology for modern life in less than 25 years. Technology is so easy. It s only a matter of courage, determination, and discipline. Buy an old computer at $10, call your Kids. Open it, clean it, and mount it back. Repeat. Now watch videos about how to make a computer at home. You can build with your kid a powerful computer for $300. As soon as possible, initiate your children with automation. Raspberry, mindstorm kits, etc. I m not a computer programmer but in 3 days, following just a book downloaded from the Internet, my son was able to create his first python program. Here is a secret about scientific mind. Science is a language with its own way alphabet, dictionary, grammar and orthography. Anyone with a good teacher could think like a scientist. If you have kids, tell them to explain you things during family presentation. Brainiac, I don t know how to use very well my smartphone, would you mind teaching your secrets!? . Buy a wide paper to stick to a wall, with few markers. Get him an audience, you, father, etc. Listen carefully, be appreciative, ask questions, and clap loudly at the end as a note of appreciation. Review time. As him what he has done well, what could be improved. Clap once more, and ask if he would like to teach another topic a next time. Kids learn better, when they know they would have to explain it to their stupid parents. You can do history presentations, share knowledge on how to speak well, how to make friends, how to date, how to negotiate, how to gaze, how to fight, etc. Your home would become the first school in the world. Don t forget to take the kids every quarter to a scientific museum, a technology exhibition, to identify plants in the woods, to count the stars, or for jogging. Subscribe to science magazine. Your children should see you reading, and they would imitate you. Be active in your Kids education and entertainment. Make them feel special. They feel loved and they grow to their best potential. The Oracle of Tado

We are enrolling Form One to Four. Our fees are $200/ term. Contact Ms Mlambo 0772570117

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Oxford brookes mentoring or coaching F1t P7 byo vic falls harare durban joburg whatsapp +27738776757 or voice call 0772808237


July 2017 Intake UZ CurrentlyOffersTuition for the followingACCA Courses Foundation Fundamentals Professional Bsc in Applied Accounting

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