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@SALESmanago 2018-06-29

Attention all the aspiring startuppers! We have something for you. Check our new post and learn about essential tips for launching a startup that may be the next worldwide giant ✨💥

@SALESmanago 2018-06-28

SALESmanago is coming to Copenhagen! SALESmanago Partner's Day is a one day meeting with top Marketing Automation specialists from SALESmanago. We are inviting everyone who is interested in joining our family as a partner and reseller. See you in Denmark! 🇩🇰 ➡️ Register here:

@SALESmanago 2018-06-26

Today - June 26th at 3 pm (Atlanta, GA) / 9 pm (Warsaw, PL), our partner Jeff Beale from The Marketology Group in the USA will host a webinar discussion on how to evaluate your prospective customers' behaviors, deliver predictive messaging in several channels and shorten the sales cycle in the process. Registration here 👇

@SALESmanago 2018-06-25

Do you want to find out how artificial intelligence and Data Science revolutionize Marketing Automation? Download our latest ebook and learn more about the benefits of combining #MarketingAutomation with new generation technologies. ▶️

@SALESmanago 2018-06-25

60% of marketers would not choose to be marketers again. "The reality is that most marketing departments still struggle to be recognized as important players in organizations.” – says Greg Blazewicz, CEO of SALESmanago, European fastest growing marketing automation platform. #marketingautomation #salesmanago

@SALESmanago 2018-06-22

Have you ever wondered if it is possible for a big company to function without a large HR department that follows strict procedures? Of course it is! We took a closer look at SALESmanago and we found 5 reasons why companies without HR can actually manage human resources better.

@SALESmanago 2018-06-21

#SALESmanago Italia at the Web Marketing Festival - Rimini 2018 Look for Stand No. 6 where Riccardo Rodella, Paolo Zupin, Julita Kowalczyk and super Robot ☺️ from SALESmanago will explain how #SALESmanago #MarketingAutomation works. On Friday 22nd at 4:10 pm we will also hold a Workshop in the Platforms and Services Room to explain the great opportunity of Marketing Automation at 360°. Ci vediamo!

@SALESmanago 2018-06-21

#SALESmanago Italia - Robot at the Web Marketing Festival - Rimini 2018

@SALESmanago 2018-06-20

#SALESmanago #Italia 💥 Meet us since tommorow until Friday on #WebsiteMarketingFestival in sunny Rimini. Look for Stand No. 6 where Riccardo Rodella from SALESmanago Italy will explain to you all the news and opportunities reserved for Customers and our Partners. On Friday 22nd at 4:10 pm we will also hold a Workshop in the Platforms and Services Room to explain the great opportunity of Marketing Automation at 360°. Ci vediamo!

@SALESmanago 2018-06-20

One of the basic challenges in e-commerce is to maintain a high level of customer engagement and to encourage them to come back to buy multiple times. Listen to how #FRISCO thanks to #SALESmanago solutions such as contact segmentation effectively communicates with its clients. Tommorow, 21.06. at 3:30 PM (CEST) Register for #free webinar here so that you get to know genuine ways of strengthening your position on the international market! is one of the largest Polish online grocery stores that offers home delivery of purchased goods. According to Ranking from 2016 the shop was named the cheapest online hypermarket in Poland. The store is recommended by 97% of customers.

@SALESmanago 2018-06-19

📢Check out who joined the group of #SALESmanago #MarketingAutomation customers in May. 📢

@SALESmanago 2018-06-19

Today at 14:00! #webinar #German #Aufgesang 🇩🇪 Did you know that marketing automation companies gain on average 50% more leads? 60% of companies increase their sales by 10% within the first 6 to 9 months - at a 33% lower cost. It’s last chance to register for webinar in German run by Ulf-Hendrik Schrader from Aufgesang who will show you the levers and key features that enable such results by providing insights into SALESmanago system. Register here and stay tuned - the number of places is limited!

@SALESmanago 2018-06-19

Today Poland vs Senegal match at the World Championships in Russia. Would you like to know what the result will be? This is not guaranteed by any system. Fortunately, with #SALESmanago #MarketingAutomation Artificial Intelligence, you can predict what your customers needs during the World Cup to make it easier for them to make the right choices :) #worldcup #gopoland

@SALESmanago 2018-06-18

In May of 2018, #SALESmanago #Marketing automation decided to examine today's state of digital marketing and conduct the 2018 European Digital Marketing Survey. Our survey also included open-ended questions that the respondents comprehensively answered. Our marketing department decided to award the most distinguished of them and award the prizes, including the latest IPAD PRO. The list of winners is set out below: WINNER - IPad PRO + book "Marketing Automation Revolution" ➡️Piksel-Studio Agnieszka Obstarczyk HONORED - books "Marketing Automation Revolution": ➡️MEDIAMAC Robert Maciaszek ➡️Solteq Denmark A/S Jesper Schneider ➡️Electrolux Poland Grzegorz Pęk ➡️Stratea Consulting Joanna Ciszewska ➡️Butterfly Gadżety Reklamowe Maciej Borowy ➡️Jacek Rudziński ➡️Master Labs Krzysztof Łapacz ➡️North Coast SA Anna Baran Congratulations 👏👏👏 More about respondents' replies, on our blog:

@SALESmanago 2018-06-08

We are pleased to announce that our Italian partner 7Hype is organizing a 3-day Marketing Automation Academy workshop in Bologna, where strategies and techniques useful in planning the automation of marketing activities will be discussed. Join them! Facebook: Website:

@SALESmanago 2018-06-06

Hi guys, presence is recommended! #Webinar #eCommerce During tommorow’s webinar our Business Development Manager, Michał Loręcik, will show you most advanced recommendations of products for your E-commerce in 4 different channels. Participation is, of course, free so take a seat. ✅ 7th of June, 3:00 PM CEST

@SALESmanago 2018-06-05

Read our new blog article and check how, thanks to SALESmanago news, prepare your company for GDPR 👉

@SALESmanago 2018-06-05

We’re glad to announce that our partner - Ulf-Hendrik Schrader from Aufgesang will lead today’s webinar “So machen Sie aus Website-Besuchern mehr Kunden mit Marketing-Automation”. 👨‍💼 If you speak German and ready for a huge dose of marketing automation knowledge, register here and let us know in comments how you liked it! Be ready at 2 p.m. ! 🕑

@SALESmanago 2018-06-01

We are happy to announce that our Client Bottega Verde won in Netcomm e-Commerce Award as the best eCommerce. It would't be possible without #SALESmanago #MarketingAutomation:)

@SALESmanago 2018-05-30

¡Tenemos algo para ti! Marketing Inteligence, Big Data - is that your game? If not, take it easy! All you need is to know Spanish. Join free #webinar run by our Partner, Bendita Essence from Colombia, and learn more. It’s tommorow - 31.05. 🇨🇴 Register here

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SALESmanago Marketing Automation identifies and monitors people visiting your website and sends automatic personalized email offers


SALESmanago Marketing Automation is a complex solution for Sales & Marketing Departments that monitors and analyzes customer behavior in response to marketing campaigns, segments the customers and conducts automated marketing programs increasing the number of generated leads and sales conversions. The unique feature is the module that integrates the e-mail boxes of sales people with SALESmanago that leads to automatic customer and lead list building, monitors the effectivenes of sales departments and increases the sales efficiency and directs automated sales activites.


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