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@Pace Sketch Comedy Group 2017-10-05

Hi everyone! Sorry for the delay here are the sketches for this semesters first show! Auditions are 7pm in LHW! See you there! Kid Rock written by Kaitlin Owens 1F 3M/F Young woman is struck by a postmates biker and dies for a full 8 minutes during which she has an intimate moment with country superstar Kid Rock. Blow Up Meet Up by Kelly Lyn Materia 3M/F A person introduces their girlfriend to their group of friends. Only problem is-- she s a blow up sex doll. Conservative Coming Out by Joseph Drennan 1M 2F A man comes out to his parents that he is... a republican. Howling Yonders by Ryan Blomquist 7M 1F A look inside Classic Hollywood s not so great cover up of an actor s flaming homosexuality. Cash Cab by Bria Diemer 3 M/F Exactly the premise of the TV show Cash Cab but if it wasn t actually the real cash cab it was just some dude in a car with sound effects on their phone. Despacito by Carly Bivona 5M 2F Justin Bieber knows all about Spanish now and he s decided to James-Franco-style take over a college classroom.

@Pace Sketch Comedy Group 2017-09-08

Hello friends:) Just an update!!! - Weekly meetings begin on September 29th. They’re going to be at 6PM in Lecture Hall North (every Friday). - The first show will be on October 21st & the second show will be on December 9th!!!!! Excited 2 see everyone ;)

@Pace Sketch Comedy Group 2017-04-25

Do you LOVE the Pace Sketch Comedy Shows?? Do you ALSO LOVE the SUP Improv Troupe Shows?? WELL HEY! WE RE HAVING A CROSSOVER EPISODE! Friday April 28 at 8:30pm in the SDACA Lounge, come for a mix of sketch comedy, improv comedy, and FREE PIZZA!! (yes for real, you damn skeptic! It s ALL FREE!!) SEE YA THERE!!!

@Pace Sketch Comedy Group 2017-04-15

Free Pizza. Free Jokes. Musical Guest Gracie Kennedy.

@Pace Sketch Comedy Group 2017-03-17

Join us March 23rd at 8:00PM in the student union to watch this amazing group of comics! Augusta Fitzgerald Kelly Materia Joe Reault Jessica Ryan Bria Diemer Carly Bivona Kaitlin Owens As always- Free Food and Free Jokes.

@Pace Sketch Comedy Group 2017-03-05

We re having an evening of Stand-Up comedy! (Stand-up comedians, not Stand Up Productions). Do you have what it takes to stand in front of a huge crowd and make them laugh by being yourself?? I don t know! Bring your 5 minute set to the 8th Floor of 41 Park Row this wednesday at 9pm and we ll find out!!!

@Pace Sketch Comedy Group 2017-02-28

‪dont forget to join us in the women s room this saturday at 8:30! Free food. Free Jokes. Free Music. Student Union. Itll be shitty if you miss it‬ (the sketch is about poop, this is funny)

@Pace Sketch Comedy Group 2017-02-23

Come join us for free jokes, free music and free food Saturday March 4th at 8:30 in the student union with Musical Guest Hanna Morrisse!!!

@Pace Sketch Comedy Group 2017-02-08

in case you didn t see on our auditions event page! We are so excited to announce our lineup! Come out an audition for these crazy sketches tomorrow night 7pm-10:30pm on the 8th floor of 41 Park Row!-Up Ads Anonymitten by Kelly Lyn Materia In a post ad-block world, these Pop-Up ad stars have nobody to turn to, except each other. 4F/2M 1M/asantviitten by Carly Bivona and Hanna Morrissee A Blair Witch Project style camera team follows a group of Pace NYC students visiting Pleasantville for the first time. It goes just about as well as you d expect. 3F/2M 1M/ Offitten by Bria Diemer After binge watching The Office over winter break, Alex can t stop looking into an imaginary camera. 6F/1M 1M/mp Hates Jeitten by Carly Bivona Imagine if the President of the United States started hate-tweeting about you after you gave a presentation on him in your 8th grade History class. Yeah, that s Jenny s reality right now. 5F 2M/ghborhood Book Citten by Joe Reault A new neighbor brings a controversial book to the book club. 4F/1Mping in Pubitten by Lauren Wohlmacher and Zach Carter A commentary on what it s really like for gals that gotta go. 4F

@Pace Sketch Comedy Group 2017-02-06

Auditions for our first show of the semester are coming up!!! This Wednesday at 7:00 in the SDACA lounge of 41 Park Row (8th Floor). Please bring a headshot if you have one!

@Pace Sketch Comedy Group 2017-02-06

Auditions for our first sketch show of the semester are this Wednesday at 7:00 on the 8th floor of 41 Park Row!! Please bring a headshot if you have it!

@Pace Sketch Comedy Group 2017-02-05

Sketches are due TONIGHT! Email to [email protected] !

@Pace Sketch Comedy Group 2017-01-31

Sketches are due THIS SUNDAY, FEBRUARY 5th! Come to the meeting tomorrow night at 7:00 on the 8th floor of 41 Park Row to find out more!

@Pace Sketch Comedy Group 2017-01-26

Welcome back everyone! Our first meeting of the semester will be NEXT WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 1ST AT 7PM! Location TBD. Please note that we will only be having one meeting per week this semester. We will be going over submission guidelines, upcoming events, and important dates for the rest of the semester. Hope to see you there!

@Pace Sketch Comedy Group 2016-12-07

the meeting tonight is at 7:00 on the 8th floor of 41 Park Row!

@Pace Sketch Comedy Group 2016-12-04

Hey Guys!! If you loved the show last night follow us on twitter (@telluswerefunny) for more #content and updates on our next show!!

@Pace Sketch Comedy Group 2016-12-03

‪ARE YOU GUYS READY FOR TONIGHT!!!!!! 8pm. You. Me. Student Union. Be There.‬

@Pace Sketch Comedy Group 2016-12-02

programs are printed up and we re all ready for the show tomorrow!! Are you?? Join us 8pm in the student union. Free food, free jokes, free music- whats not to love?

@Pace Sketch Comedy Group 2016-12-01

Are you guys PSYCHED to see our musical guest Maggie Metnick perform some AMAZING songs this Saturday??? 8pm. Student Union. Free Food. It s gonna be a great time.

@Pace Sketch Comedy Group 2016-11-30

where would YOU put the reindeer antler?? find out this Saturday. 8pm. Pace Student Union

@Pace Sketch Comedy Group 2016-11-29

love squirting? love singing? December 3rd. 8pm. Pace Student Union. You re really not gonna wanna miss this.

@Pace Sketch Comedy Group 2016-11-09


@Pace Sketch Comedy Group 2016-11-08

Hey everyone! Thank you to everyone who submitted! We are so excited to announce our December 3rd lineup: 1. Mob Boss Written/directed by Kyle Best 2. Squirt Sings Written/directed by Hanna Morrisse 3. Detention Roast Written/directed by Kelly Lyn Materia 4. Poetry Slam Written/directed by Augusta Jane Fitzgerald 5. Wannabe Written/directed by Carly Bivona 6. Lady vs. The Tramp Written/directed by Carly Bivona 7. Question Jenga Written/directed by Hanna Morrisse Auditions are THIS WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 9TH FROM 7-11PM on the 8th floor of 41 Park Row! You will be filling out a conflict sheet at the audition, and there is no need for headshot/resume or monologue, just your funny self!! If you have any questions, comment below or email [email protected]!

@Pace Sketch Comedy Group 2016-10-31

SKETCH SUBMISSIONS FOR THE NEXT SHOW ARE DUE THIS SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 5th!!! Please include your sketch in an attached word doc, and include a prop list, sound cue list, and note if it is live or digital and if you would like to direct it. Email to [email protected] !!! :)

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