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https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.call44dialer.call44dialer&hl=en A great free calling card APP to easily manage and use it with your PinLess calling card or your regular calling card using any service provider, this is a free and unlimited long distance calling card tool, you can setup your own service provider in few clicks, select the destination number you wish to call right from your contact list. No pin code required any more, add service number, add favorite number into your favorite list for quick and easy access. Features: • Free to use anywhere in the world. • Free to add any service provider and service access number. • Search contacts. • Add to favorites. • View recent calls. • Easy to use. • No need to enter the number you wish to call every time.

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@OTG Group Corp 2014-09-23

Apple launches Apple Watch most personal device we ve ever creatp://ow.ly/2NSab9

@OTG Group Corp 2014-09-23

Apple Store Crashes As iPhone 6 Goes On Sale (AAPL) http://ow.ly/2NSab8

@OTG Group Corp 2014-09-22

Apple Watch revealed alongside iPhone 6 and iOS 8 announcements live updates http://ow.ly/2NSab6

@OTG Group Corp 2014-09-22

New Video Provides A Stunningly Detailed Look At The iPhone 6 http://ow.ly/2NSabn

@OTG Group Corp 2014-09-22

Apple Watch: Apple s first wearable device and smartwatch http://ow.ly/2NSab4

@OTG Group Corp 2014-09-22

iPhone 6 Plus vs. Other Top Phablets http://ow.ly/2NSab3

@OTG Group Corp 2014-08-12

Can This One Guy End Robo-Calls? http://ow.ly/2LzZM9

@OTG Group Corp 2014-08-11

Hardware Startup LittleBits Embraces the Internet of Things http://ow.ly/2LzZfn

@OTG Group Corp 2014-08-11

LittleBits Now Lets You Build Your Own DIY Smart Home http://ow.ly/2LzZfm

@OTG Group Corp 2014-08-11

LittleBits’ new cloudBit device adds your dumb gadgets and household appliances to the Internet of ... http://ow.ly/2LzZfl

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Hackers exploiting Internet Explorer to expose security flaws on a huge scale http://ow.ly/2LzZfi

@OTG Group Corp 2014-08-11

The internet of things — the next big challenge to our privacy http://ow.ly/2LzZfh

@OTG Group Corp 2014-08-05

CenturyLink begins offering 1 gigabit fiber service to Phoenix and Tucson businesses http://ow.ly/2LgF08

@OTG Group Corp 2014-07-23

Reseller Program ! become your own boss and run your small business as a VoIP Service provider in your country. contact us and we will put you online within 24hrs. مطلوب موزعين بجميع الدول العربيه مصر السعوديه دولة الامارات الكويت قطر ليبيا السودان

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Do you want $2 balance for international calls ? Do the following : 1- Hit like to our page. 2- Write your name, phone number and email address in a message and send it to us on Facebook , we will create a free account in your behalf and add $2 3- You will get notified by email with the full login details. 4- Download our app “ Call44” then enter the login information. 5- And you are connected.

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Call44 about to releas good news for our customers around the world in the next few days, follow usto receive our offers instantely.

@OTG Group Corp 2013-05-31

OTG GROUP CORP has just launched its new International Calling Card , The new card will be available in New York market by Saturday June 1st 2013.

@OTG Group Corp 2013-04-21

Call Egypt From anywhere in the world for 9 cents only, Crystal clear Voice, CLI, Caller ID.

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VoIP services & International Calling.


CALL44 is powered by OTG Group Corp. For more than five years the people of OTG have helped to invent the wireless industry, contributing countless innovations in engineering, telecom industry, Management and business. The company has been founded under the name of OTG TELECOM. The activity of the company focused mainly on Mobile Telecommunication & Computer Networks with large scale, i.e. on the creation of project management plan for GSM operators, the management of OTG planned also to provide customers with comprehensive professional services focused on deployment and management of telecom networks. The team of skilled design engineers and quality assurance department ensures that our products and services delivered to our customers with the highest Quality and standards. Now! OTG Group Corp proud to announce its brand new VoIP services operating from the heart of New York City, introducing its service to reach the whole world customers through its Mobile VoIP service which is easy to download it from the App store for free” iOS & Android” , by visiting the service website www.call44.com do register for one of our service and you will be on board in just few minutes.


OTG Group Corp was founded in Osama A.Ali


Mobile VoIP, International Calling Pinless. Home & Office VoIP service.


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