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@LUCHA at NYU 2017-11-16

LUCHA and Global Center for Spiritual Life will be doing a paint night themed around resistance in Kimmel Room 914. There are only 40 spots available so sign up now at

@LUCHA at NYU 2017-11-06

Since the announced end of Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA), Democratic and Republican leadership have been in talks about how to create immigration legislation that continues to protect Dreamers. However, these talks have also included concessions from Democratic leadership that should not and must not be made. Protecting DREAMers at the cost of increasing immigration enforcement and further militarizing the border is not immigration reform. The clock is ticking and Congress has until December to do everything in its power to deliver a clean Dream Act: that means permanent protection for undocumented youth with no dangerous add-ons that could terrorize our parents, militarize border communities, and harm other immigrants. We will not compromise on our values. Dream Team is organizing this walk out as part of a national day of action led by United We Dream, the largest immigrant youth-led organization in the nation. On November 9th, throughout NYC and the nation we must come together, immigrants and allies, to show Congress that we will not wait any longer - we demand a clean Dream Act by December 2017.

@LUCHA at NYU 2017-11-06

In addition to BSU's big Black Tie event for homecoming week, please attend Hypefest this Thursday!!

@LUCHA at NYU 2017-11-01

Today La Herencia Latina will be kicking of Latino Heritage Month at NYU with the recognition of the Dia De Los Muertos, an indigenous Latin American holiday. We will be having tacos, aguas frescas, pan dulce, candy, and of course an unwaivering respect for those who have come before us.

@LUCHA at NYU 2017-10-31

Come join us tomorrow as we build our community altar!!

@LUCHA at NYU 2017-10-13

Speakers will be present to discuss different opportunities around campus such as RA, different clubs, or job opportunities. Kimmel Room 909

@LUCHA at NYU 2017-10-11

Hola LUCHAdores, Join us from 6-8pm in Kimmel room 909 as we celebrate and discuss Dia de la Raza. As always, food will be provided! Hope to see you all there :)

@LUCHA at NYU 2017-10-11

The road to success and the road to failure are almost exactly the same. Come discover and learn from a diverse panel of professionals on what were, and are, their keys to success in college and beyond! Free food will be served!

@LUCHA at NYU 2017-10-09

Happy Indigenous Peoples' Day! LUCHA at NYU seeks to empower our members to recognize indigenous heritage and to celebrate Indigenous Peoples' Day. *olumbus was a brute who inspired genocide across the Americas some 500 years ago. For those who feel he should be celebrated as a symbol of Italian heritage, remember that his own nation condemned his actions and imprisoned him for the way he treated Indigenous People. #QueSigaLaLUCHA #IndigenousPeoplesDay #NotMyHero #DiaDeLaRaza

@LUCHA at NYU 2017-09-09

Hey LUCHAdores come dance with us at Kimmel room 909 from 6-9pm for our first event of the semester! We will be teaming up with Ritmo and hope to see you all there. As always, food will be provided!

@LUCHA at NYU 2017-09-09

Hey LUCHAdores come dance with us at Kimmel room 909 from 6-9pm for our first event of the semester! We will be teaming up with Ritmo and hope to see you all there. As always, food will be provided!

@LUCHA at NYU 2017-09-06

The actions taken by #45 today regarding DACA has caused us all great pain and frustration. Pandering to white supremacists by targeting innocent communities of color, and in particular the Latine community, is unfortunately what we've come to expect from #45. As leaders within NYU we must continue to fight this administration by any means necessary. We must also continue to provide safe spaces for each other and to protect each and every one of our friends and family members, regardless of their legal status here in the US. The fear striked into the hearts of DREAMers and allies is unreal, but it's something that we must shoulder as a collective community. Still, this should be taken as a moment of empowerment and not just another smack in the face. With that being said, LUCHA at NYU collectively condemns the actions taken by #45 and re-affirm our dedication to creating an inclusive community for all Latines. We will be pooling resources within the University and building on our mission in spite of #45. Count on that. #QueSiguaLaLUCHA #DACA #NoHumanIsIllegal

@LUCHA at NYU 2017-05-19

Of interest for all LUCHADORES! 500 Years At #HumanRightsWatchFilmFestival "Seeking justice is a right!" In #500Years, the final chapter of epic #ResistanceSaga by Pamela Yates, the film is driven by universal themes of justice, power and corruption. Watch it at The Human Rights Watch Film Festival this June:"

@LUCHA at NYU 2017-05-05

Please be respectful and learn the history behind Cinco de Mayo before making any plans tomorrow night . Don't claim to "love" Mexican culture while drinking and wearing anything YOU claim as "Mexican ".👌🏽 #QueSigueLaLucha

@LUCHA at NYU 2017-04-29

LUCHA @ NYU unequivocally condemns the Texas State Legislature for this bill which will undoubtedly encourage racial profiling by police. Seven years ago Arizona passed SB1070 with many of the same goals in mind. This is inherently an offshoot of that legislation, and it is an abomination of the American political system. #QueSigueLaLUCHA

@LUCHA at NYU 2017-04-28

We here at LUCHA encourage people everywhere to educate themselves on the origins and effects of Latine stereotypes, this coming holiday.

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LUCHA (Latinos Unidos Con Honor y Amistad) strives to unify, educate and empower Latinos within NYU as well as our respective communities.


L.U.C.H.A was founded in 1971 after the Higher Education Opportunity Program (H.E.O.P) began to diversify New York University. The influx of Latinos and African American students created a need for an outlet in which their voices could be heard. Politically minded students came together and formed the League of Unified Cooperative Hispanic Americans. In 1994, the E-board of the already long established club decided to change the name of their organization. L.U.C.H.A became "Latinos Unidos Con Honor Y Amistad," representing the struggle that breeds accomplishments and success for our people. Que Siga La L.U.C.H.A!!!

L.U.C.H.A is a student-run organization and relies heavily on the support of incoming, as well as returning, students to keep its legacy alive. While we focus primarily on issues concerning Latinos, we encourage people of all cultural backgrounds to attend and participate in all of our meetings and major events. We encourage you to keep an eye out for our upcoming community service initiatives and cosponsorships with other clubs on campus. If you have any concerns, questions, suggestions, or are interested in L.U.C.H.A, do not hesitate to contact us.

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Be sure to stay updated with LUCHA events through our OrgSync page!


L.U.C.H.A, an organization for social, political, and cultural education, must struggle to bring about the necessary changes within NYU as well as our respective communities for the betterment of our society. Any further procrastination on our part will only leave our voices fixed, caught in a yoke of oppression. Our primary goal as an organization is to engage our thoughts, challenge conceptions and provoke new ideas for a better tomorrow.

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