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@Ken-Zen Institute 2017-11-06

“Thank you!,” to everyone who attended Parker Sensei’s Kyoshi celebration this afternoon! Special appreciation goes to Maryann Amici Sensei for ordering the cake, and David Bressler Sensei for leading the embu.

@Ken-Zen Institute 2017-10-31

SUN NOV 5, 2:30pm, we’ll gather at Ken-Zen Dojo to say, “Congratulations” to Pam Parker Sensei (Iaido 7-Dan) on achieving the title of “Kyoshi.” She is the 3rd practitioner to receive this degree in the US; the first ever AUSKF-awarded Iaido Kyoshi; the first U.S.-born and first woman to have attained this honor. Please feel free to stop by and celebrate with us!

@Ken-Zen Institute 2017-10-24

Here are some photos from Sunday’s Promotion Exam; almost all courtesy of RJ Harper from New York City Kendo Club. Thank you for sharing!

@Ken-Zen Institute 2017-10-22

Congratulations to our Members who passed their Promotion Exams: Jee Lee (4-Dan), Jayce Seung (1-Dan), and Motoaki Kurihara (1-Dan) from Yushinkan - our sister dojo in Westchester!

@Ken-Zen Institute 2017-10-18

Those taking the AEUSKF Promotion Exam at Ken-Zen Dojo SUN OCT 22, are welcome to attend our 12:30pm practice. (Note our practice floor will NOT be available 11:30am-12:15pm during o-Zen Kactice.) Please know our space can become very crowded on Exam Day: Take care to avoid injury, and bring only essential belongings. For safety and sanitary reasons, you must wear shoes in all areas of our building except on the practice floor. (You must NOT go outside barefoot.) Schedule: 1pm: Registration; 2pm: Exams begin Passing applicants must pay their Menjo Fee on site: Kyu (17yrs. & under) / $20, Kyu (Adult ) / $30, 1-Dan / $50, 2-Dan / $60, 3-Dan $80, 4-Dan / $100 To all applicants,batte kudasai!

@Ken-Zen Institute 2017-09-13

Last night Yoshinobu Yonekawa Sensei made some time to join our practice – お久しぶり!

@Ken-Zen Institute 2017-08-29

KEN-ZEN KIDS will have open house classes Sundays, September 17th and 24th. Please feel free to drop in with your friends. All children must have a waiver filled out to participate. Current members start payment from October. Tell your friends! See you there!

@Ken-Zen Institute 2017-08-07

Congratulations to Evan Nava Sensei for passing his 5-Dan Kendo Exam today during the 2017 AUSKF Summer Camp!

@Ken-Zen Institute 2017-07-18

We had a great time at Sunday’s AEUSKF Kendo Tournament! Congratulations to Young Moon, Real Estate Associate Broker for his 3rd Place win in Kyu Division! We’d like to thank our extended “Ken-Zen Family:” Tom Hooper Sensei at Sei-Zan Kai for having Alioune Laye on his team, as well as Gerard Senese and Joseph Kowalski Sensei at Ryu Shu Kan Karate - Taiko - Kendo & more for having Motoaki Kurihara and Jayce Seung on their team. Much appreciation goes to Member Richard Ng for sharing photos from the day here:

@Ken-Zen Institute 2017-07-15

Due to the AEUSKF Tournament, there will be NO PRACTICE at our dojo tomorrow, SUN JULY 16. Members, if you are not already attending as a competitor, please join us at John Jay College of Criminal Justice s Gym to assist with court duties (time keeping, score keeping, and ribbon tying) and to cheer on your dojo-mates! Competitors: CALL TIME is 7AM

@Ken-Zen Institute 2017-07-13

Thank you Aaron Sunshine from San Francisco Kendo Dojo for joining us for these past few intense New York Summer practices! Eunice Chan Sensei will be proud yghed it out.

@Ken-Zen Institute 2017-06-30

In observance of Independence Day, Ken-Zen Dojo will be CLOSED on TUE JULY 4. Enjoy the holiday!

@Ken-Zen Institute 2017-06-22

Daniel T. Ebihara Sensei and the Ken-Zen Dojo family extend our best wishes for all AEUSKF participants is this week s AUSKF 2017 National Kendo Championships. Ganbatte kudasai!

@Ken-Zen Institute 2017-06-12

We wish to offer a bgratulatio all of our Members who performed so well at the 2017 AUSKF Iaido Camp Shinsa and Taikai at Bryn Mawr College this month! Iaido Shinsa Results: 6-Dan: David Bressler 5-Dan: Gordon Hall 4-Dan: Kevin Thibedeau 3-Dan: Michael Sareyani 1-Kyu: Ritchard Higham 3-Kyu: Joshua Stadtlander-Miller (First-ever) AUSKF Jodo Shinsa: 1-Kyu: David Bressler and Kevin Thibedeau 1-Dan: Alec Milton Iaido Taikai results Division One, Mudan to 2-kyu: First Place: John Mullin Second Place: Kevin Thibedeau Third Place: David Dudek Kantoshhting-spi: Ritchard Higham - Apologies for the late post - Thank you Nancy James for the images!

@Ken-Zen Institute 2017-06-12

This morning it was time for our Ken-Zen Kids favorite practice of the year! They made traditionu tershine moo keep the rain away, and performka Wplitting watermelon with a bokuto)!

@Ken-Zen Institute 2017-06-07

Sunday, June 11th 11:30am* (Raindate: Sunday June 18th) Suika Wari (Watermelon Splitting) and Teru Teru Bozu (Sunshine Monk) making. For the Kids who practice or are interested in practicing Kendo. 11:30am at Washington Market Park (Entry on Greenwich and Duane Street) Come Join Us! *If the weather is bad, we will have regular class in the dojo on the 11th. Raindate for this event is Sunday June 18th at the park. If the 18th is also rain, we will have the event in the dojo on the 18th. Regular Ken-Zen Kids Classes will stop for the summer after 18th. Ken-Zen Kids Classes will resume in the Fall, Sunday, September 17th 2017 at 11:30am September will be open house, payment should resume from October 2017. Kids are encouraged to come and watch the regular Sunday Kendo class at 12:30pm during the summer break.

@Ken-Zen Institute 2017-05-13

We re proud Ken-Zen s Younhwa Ko (고연화) is representing us at next month s Nationals, and grateful for Koji Takahashi Sensei s dedication to making a strong AEUSKF Team. You can help ease participants travel expenses by making a contribution below. Every donation is very much appreciated! Thank you!

@Ken-Zen Institute 2017-05-08

Today our Ken-Zen Kids folded these colorful Kabuto to wear in celebration omo Nohildren s Day)!

@Ken-Zen Institute 2017-05-01

Under the tutelage of Asae Takahashi Sensei, this morning Ken-Zen Kids student Ky Tsang graced our dojo with an impressive ikebana arrangement. Thank you Ky chan!

@Ken-Zen Institute 2017-04-29

We d like to thank Henry Lee Sensei and everyone who helped to make The 6th Garden State Kendo Tournament a success, and give a specink Marky Kurihara from Ken-Zen Yushinkan for rounding our team roster.

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Originating in 1959, today Ken-Zen Dojo offers traditional instruction in Kendo, Iaido, and Jodo; cultivating physical ability and personal character.


Please feel free to come by and watch any of our classes without an appointment. We look forward to practicing with yDaniel T. Ebihara

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Chief Instructors: Kendo: Daniel T. Ebihara; Kendo Kyoshi, 7-Dan Iaido: Pam Parker; Iaido Renshi, 7-Dan Kendo: Tue. / Thur. 7-9pm Sun. 12:30-2pm Iaido: Wed. 6-8pm Sat. 4-6pm Locations in Westchester, Schenectady, Amherst MA, and Caracas Venezuela. Visit for the complete schedule and contact information for each of our member dojo.


Ken-Zen Institute was founded in 1978


We provide instruction in All Japan Kendo Federation Kendo and Iaido, and various Koryu.


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