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@Dance New Amsterdam 2013-10-13

We are strong and will continue on despite leaving our 280 home. Come Share the SPACE with us one last time. Let s Dance It Out. For your listening pleasure.

@Dance New Amsterdam 2013-10-12

Awesome LINE UP TOMORROW! Take Class with your favorite teachers! Last Saturday at our 280 Broadway home. 10:00am Ballet with Matthew Brookoff 11:30am Int/Adv Modern with Kendra Portier (2.5 hours) 12:00pm MBDY with Kristin Deiss 12:00pm Beg Modern with Carol Mendes 12:00pm Int Mat Piilates with Jessica Harrington 1:30pm Int Contemp Jazz Simonson with Katiti King 1:30pm Int/Adv Modern with Chris Masters (Sub) 1:30pm Cunningham with Krista Nelson 3:00pm Adv Beg Modern with Sasha Soreff (special class) 3:30pm Adv Contemp Jazz Simonson with Katiti King (Last One) 4:30pm MBDY with Liz Montgomery 5:00pm Gyrokinesis with Jessamine Joy For more details about where your favorite teachers are headed, check out

@Dance New Amsterdam 2013-10-11


@Dance New Amsterdam 2013-10-10

So Excited to be hosting a portion of SOMAFEST this year in our theater on October 12th. SOMAfest with ISMETA in NYC provides a rare opportunity to learn directly from today’s leaders that are impacting the creativity and wellness of hundreds, and shaping the future of the field of Somatic Movement Education and Therapy. The Somatic Movement Arts Festival (SOMAfest ) makes its NYC debut, presenting four days of Workshops, Discussions and Performances featuring diverse Somatic Movement practices. We ve gathered an influential and inspiring group of somatic movement professionals dedicated to fostering the art of self-care and embodied consciousness. Check out their website for more information. To purchase tickets.

@Dance New Amsterdam 2013-10-09

ROCKSTAR TEAM THIS AFTERNOON! ------------------------------------------ GYROKINESIS at 1PM with Caroline Brethenoux FLOW YOGA at 1:30PM with Stephanie Landouer ADV CONTEMPORARY at 2PM with Megan Bascom MBDY at 2:30PM with Phoebe Rose Sandford INT/ADV Modern at 4PM with Katie Stehura PILATES MAT LAB at 4PM with Keeley Walsh It may be your last chance to take these classes! For up to date class schedule through October 13th visit (Class Schedule)

@Dance New Amsterdam 2013-10-09

EXCITING WEDNESDAY MORNING CLASSES -------------------------- 1. Floor-Barre at 9:30am and 12:00pm with Jodi 2. *MGAS at 10:00am with Nicole Smith (HER LAST CLASS!) 3. Adv Beg Ballet at 10:30am and Pointe at 12:00pm at with Martha Chapman 4. Int/Adv Modern at 12:00pm with Alexandra Beller 5. Slow Int Contemporary Jazz (Simonson) with Katiti King Bring your friends!!! Share the Experience!!! Have a Blast!!! For up to date class schedule through October 13th visit (Class Schedule)

@Dance New Amsterdam 2013-10-08

Tonight s ALL STAR LINE UP! Cunningham at 5:30pm with John Hinrichs Slow Int Ballet at 6:30pm with Matthew Brookoff Int. Contemporary Simonson at 6:30pm with Laurie DeVito Int/Adv Modern at 7:00pm with Megan Bascom Beg Modern/Jazz Simonson at 7:00pm with Chris Heller Don t Miss Out!

@Dance New Amsterdam 2013-10-08

If you haven t checked out Jacinta Vlach/ Liberation Dance Theater s class it s happening this morning at 10am~ an Urban Contemporary class. Or set your alarm for a Dance New Amsterdam house favorite Danté Brown at 10am, too! The 2 o clock lineup is Caterina Rago with Release Technique and that Swedish Sexy Beast NYC Julia Ehrstrand! Sweet, BIG MOVES all day. See you in the studios!

@Dance New Amsterdam 2013-10-04

Hey, dancers! Friday, the 4th, at 10:00 am is the amazing Christina Robson s last class at DNA! Come and dance!

@Dance New Amsterdam 2013-10-02

FitDrinks NYC by Body Local has graciously invited all DNA faculty and students to enjoy free admission at their next cocktail party this Thursday. Come meet nutrition and wellness practitioners, fitness, dance, yoga, and Pilates instructors while sampling healthy appetizers, organic chocolate, kombucha, an open bar and live DJ.

@Dance New Amsterdam 2013-10-01

Fall into October with great classes! Today: 10KendraPortier.12LaurieDeVito.2JuliaEhrstrand.4MaxStone.6:30MatthewBrookoff.8:30DisterRondon

@Dance New Amsterdam 2013-09-30

Another great line-up from out Modern Guests Artist Series & Company Class this week: Sidra Bell Dance New York, Jacinta Vlach, Caterina Rago, Carly Berrett, Nicole Smith, Daniel Giel and Brandin Steffenson

@Dance New Amsterdam 2013-09-29

If I can t dance, I don t want to be part of your revolutima Goldman

@Dance New Amsterdam 2013-09-28

Take Alexandra Beller s Modern class today at 1:30pm and go see her perform tomorrow at 7pm!

@Dance New Amsterdam 2013-09-27

Get your technique down with Katiti King Friday in her Slow Int Contemporary Jazz (Simonson Technique) at noon!

@Dance New Amsterdam 2013-09-26

Fri/10am/Christina Robson/Adv Modern! Reminder: she modern dancer to watch of this next generatiotp://

@Dance New Amsterdam 2013-09-26

#locationupdate 10 am tomorrow join #MGA Ori Flomin at GELSEY KIRKLAND ACADEMY #morningdances #bestwaytostartyourday

@Dance New Amsterdam 2013-09-25

How many contemp classes can you take tom? What about Christina Robson 10am, Alexandra Beller12 pm, Megan Bascom 2pm, Dante Brown 4pm, Jennifer Archibald 6pm #danceallday

@Dance New Amsterdam 2013-09-24

Check out @DISTERNYC s gallery AND take Open level hip hop from him at 8 pm. It s all here at #DNA

@Dance New Amsterdam 2013-09-24

What a great day of classes tomorrow, 9/24 at #DNA! Sidra Bell Dance New York, Alexandra Beller, Kendra Portier, Dister Rondon, Laurie De Vito, Julia Ehrstrand, Max Stone, Megan Bascom, Chris Heller, Donnell Oakley, Phoebe Rose Sandford, Martina Kocichova and MORE!

@Dance New Amsterdam 2013-09-22

“To dance is to be out of yourself. Larger, more beautiful, more powerful.. This is power, it is glory on earth and it is yours for the taking” ― Agnes De Mille

@Dance New Amsterdam 2013-09-22

Another thorough explanation of DNA s situation- from @CrainsNewYork

@Dance New Amsterdam 2013-09-22

Awesome options for class at noon! Beg Modern/Jazz-Chris Heller, Int Contemp-(Simonson)Diane McCarthy, Adv Modern Dance #MGA Chris Masters

@Dance New Amsterdam 2013-09-21

Here @Dance_Magazine covers DNA and @nytheatreballet

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