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@ChinesePod 2017-11-17

Every new day comes with a challenge, but also with new opportunities 🍀

@ChinesePod 2017-11-10

Sometimes a simple 对 (duì - yes) is not enough. In this article, we will teach you 18 ways to agree in mandarin so you can sound like a pro!

@ChinesePod 2017-11-08

#DonaldTrump is heading to #China as part of his tour through Asia. What are Chinese people expecting from the US President?

@ChinesePod 2017-11-06

Tino, François, and Jay came to the office! We love having our users visiting us!!! 谢谢!

@ChinesePod 2017-11-03

Taiwanese kids celebrated Halloween with the best costumes!

@ChinesePod 2017-11-03

The popular news site #Shanghaiist has been shut down; The decision coming from it's US parent company. The site was popular among expats in #China.

@ChinesePod 2017-10-31

🎃 Happy Halloween ChinesePodders 🎃 Ready to go out trick-or-treating? Don't forget to take pictures of your costume and tag us, for a chance to win! You have until next Friday (November 3rd). intermediate/advanced followers check our social media channels to learn how to participate.

@ChinesePod 2017-10-31

🎃 Happy Halloween ChinesePodders 🎃 Ready to go out trick-or-treating? Don't forget to take pictures of your costume and tag us, for a chance to win! You have until next Friday (November 3rd). beginner followers check our social media channels to learn how to participate.

@ChinesePod 2017-10-27

It's Halloween 🎃 and we are giving away a swag bag. For our intermediate/advanced learners, all you have to do is tag us in a picture with you wearing your Halloween costume and in the comments describe your costume in Mandarin. You have until next Friday (November 3rd). For our beginner followers check our social media channels to learn how to participate.

@ChinesePod 2017-10-27

It's Halloween 🎃 and we are having a giveaway. For our Beginner followers, all you have to do is tag us in a picture with you wearing your Halloween costume, in the comments tell us what you dress as in Mandarin. We are giving away 1 free month of our premium subscription. You have until next Friday (November 3rd). For our intermediate/advance fallowers check our social media channels to learn how to participate.

@ChinesePod 2017-10-24

Halloween is coming and strange things are happening in ChinesePod 🎃 In this lesson, we will be talking about our favorite TV show 怪奇物语 (Guàiqíwùyǔ), we will teach you all about this type of TV shows and how to talk to others about it.

@ChinesePod 2017-10-20

Do you often find yourself staring at the bookshelf without knowing which book you should choose when you are craving Chinese Science Fiction? This week, we recommend you our favorite authors.

@ChinesePod 2017-10-19

恭喜恭喜 Elena & Juju for winning the #NoPodAsUsual Mid-Autumn Festival competition! Elena sent her video on Instagram and Juju sent his on Snapchat. Thank you to everyone that participated and don't forget to keep an eye out for future giveaways!

@ChinesePod 2017-10-12

LIVE ON REDDIT NOW! From 7:00~18:00 Taiwan time (GMT+8). Click this link to chat:

@ChinesePod 2017-10-12

The final part of our Q&A is here! You asked and we answered! Watch Fiona, Constance, and Gwilym respond your language-related questions and talk about their life in Taiwan #NoPodAsUsual

@ChinesePod 2017-10-12

TUNE IN TOMORROW!!! For a Reddit AMA, where you will get a chance to ask us your questions. We will be answering live from 7:00~18:00 (GMT+8). The link will be posted on all social media channels tomorrow. Is #NotTheUsual so don't miss this opportunity!

@ChinesePod 2017-10-12

TUNE IN TOMORROW for #NotTheUsual Friday the 13th fun. Join us live, 7:00~18:00 (GMT+8), for a Reddit AMA. Link will be posted on all SM channels.

@ChinesePod 2017-10-11

You asked and we answered! Part one of a two-part series is here! Watch Fiona, Constance, and Gwilym take on your challenges and questions! #NoPodAsUsual

@ChinesePod 2017-10-10

#NotTheUsual status update. Join us on this spooky Friday 13th, 7:00~18:00 (GMT+8), for a Reddit AMA. Interact with us live!

@ChinesePod 2017-10-09

Last week you sent us suggestions and challenges, from which we created some great lessons (check back later this week). This week you can interact with us live, online, during our Reddit AMA. Tune-in for #NotTheUsual Friday the 13th fun!

@ChinesePod 2017-10-06

Watch Fiona and Constance choose and place strange objects with different textures in a dark box for each other. The challenge is then for each of them to touch and describe these mysterious items in Chinese. You will have a lot of fun watching them make the most hilarious faces. #NoPodAsUsual

@ChinesePod 2017-10-05

In today's #NoPodAsUsual Constance and Fiona teach us the two most iconic drinks in China, 白酒黄酒 (Báijiǔ huángjiǔ), their history and how they are made, ah! and also watch them make faces while tasting these awesome drinks.

@ChinesePod 2017-10-04

Record a short video of yourself wishing everyone a happy Mid-Autumn festival (zhōngqiū kuàilè). Stand a chance to win a one-year free subscription with ChinesePod! Instagram Upload your video on Instagram, tag us @chinesepod and add #NotPodAsUsual #midAutumnFestival! Snapchat Add us on Snapchat and send us your video

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Ken-Zen Institute

54 Thomas St
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Projects Abroad

80 Broad St
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TriBeCa Community School

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Brooklyn Metal Works

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