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@Adafruit Industries 2018-07-01

New Products at Adafruit for 6/27/2018! This week we added a bunch of great items including some rad limited edition enamel pins and the Adafruit Feather M4 Express Check out our video recap: You can see all the latest New Products each week at Sparky the Blue Smoke Monster Limited Edition Enamel Pin - 2-Pin Wire Joints (3-pack) - PureAudio Array Microphone Kit for Raspberry Pi 3 - Espruino Pixl.js - Javascript Microcontroller with LCD - Adafruit Feather M4 Express - Featuring ATSAMD51 Cortex M4 -

@Adafruit Industries 2018-06-30

Generative Music System artefatto::cinque #piday #raspberrypi @Raspberry_Pi

@Adafruit Industries 2018-06-30

Golang with Feather and Raspberry Pi #piday #raspberrypi @Raspberry_Pi #FeatherFriday

@Adafruit Industries 2018-06-30

“Curriculum” for Using Javascript and HTML to Build AR/VR Experiences | #WebXR #threejs

@Adafruit Industries 2018-06-30

What kid hasn’t imagined what it’s like having a tail? Let’s make it real! A single servo, Adafruit Trinket and a little math…let the wild rumpus start! #diy #electronics #adafruit #3dprinting

@Adafruit Industries 2018-06-30

The BBC Computer Literacy Project 1980-1989 @BBC A great new web archive has been put up: The BBC Computer Literacy Project 1980-1989. In the 1980s, the BBC explored the world of computing in The Computer Literacy Project. They commissioned a home computer (the BBC Micro) and taught viewers how to program. The Computer Literacy Project chronicled a decade of information technology and was a milestone in the history of computing in Britain, helping to inspire a generation of coders. This new site contains all 146 of the original Computer Literacy Project programs plus 121 related programs, broken down into 2,509 categorised, searchable clips. Watch any of the 267 programs Explore 2,509 program clips by topic or text search Find out how the BBC Computer Literacy Project came about Run 166 BBC Micro programs that were used on-screen in your browser See the whole thing on the new website.

@Adafruit Industries 2018-06-30

Historical Society from La Crosse County, Wisconsin Uses Photogrammetry to Create 3D Models of Local Artifacts | #3DThursday #digitalarchive @laxhistsociety Awesome story over at the sketchfab blog about a historical society in Wisconsin using photogrammetry to ‘preserve’ local artifacts, included in their online collections. Every city has a historical society – and here in NYC even neighborhoods have their own historical societies, so this is a great example of how a society can both preserve and share their local history both online and in other spaces. La Crosse County Historical Society (LCHS) discovers, collects, preserves, and shares the history of La Crosse County, Wisconsin. We are a small, local institution whose passion is regional history. We share local history through interpreted exhibitions at our historic house museum, Hixon House, and at a small museum, Riverside Museum. Other programming includes an annual cemetery tour with actors portraying characters from La Crosse’s past, and Folk Life La Crosse, a festival of traditional crafts, with demonstrations and hands-on opportunities for visitors. Because our exhibition space is so limited, we work hard to share artifacts in other ways. LCHS has a column in the local newspaper, “Things That Matter,” and each weekly article features an artifact from our collection. We also share our collections through our online database. We are excited to be adding 3D models to this database, and every time we complete a new model we feature it on Facebook and on our website. The 3D models created by LCHS are a collaboration with the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse Archaeology and Anthropology Department. Dr. David Anderson and Sofie Kinzer are responsible for the process and LCHS provides the artifacts.

@Adafruit Industries 2018-06-29

New products this week at Adafruit!

@Adafruit Industries 2018-06-29

NEW GUIDE: #PiHole Ad Detection Display with #RaspberryPi and an @adafruit #PiTFT We already have a guide on using Pi-Hole with the Raspberry Pi Zero W to send advertisements on your network into a black hole. But, the PiOLED is small and we want to monitor more statistics at a glance. While we could open the web console to monitor Pi-hole, we can’t show that to friends easily. Plus, who doesn’t want more shiny, blinky, networking hardware? We’re going to install PADD (Pi-hole Ad Detection Display) and Pi-Hole on the Adafruit 3.5″ PiTFT Plus to display useful and fun statistics such as Amount of Pi-holed Advertisements, and the top offending domain attempting to serve pesky advertisements to your network.

@Adafruit Industries 2018-06-29

Duplo Lego Bridge #3DThursday #3DPrinting advancedvb shares: Liked the duplo bridge from pjotrx. From my point of view it has only one flaw, when printed with only one middle section, it’s not high enough to pass a train underneath. See More

@Adafruit Industries 2018-06-29

New Products 6/27/2018 Featuring Adafruit Feather M4 Express! Adafruit Industries with Limor Fried Joy - Limited Edition Enamel Pin (0:10) Sparky the Blue Smoke Monster Limited Edition Enamel Pin (1:08) 2-Pin Wire Joints (3-pack) (1:52) PureAudio Array Microphone Kit for Raspberry Pi 3 (3:50) Espruino Pixl.js - Javascript Microcontroller with LCD (6:19) Adafruit Feather M4 Express - Featuring ATSAMD51 Cortex M4 (8:25) Check out the full video: #Adafruit

@Adafruit Industries 2018-06-29

Flat Chain Bracelet #3DThursday #3DPrinting leo_acc shares: This version is for printing with Micro 3D or other small printers. I created a version of 21 cm in length approximately and one of 18 cm. It is bigger than the original and some minor changes have been made. There is a complete version and a half version for those who want to print the two parts in different colors. See More

@Adafruit Industries 2018-06-29

Mho s Resistance - The most fun you can have learning Resistor values! #diy #electronics #adafruit

@Adafruit Industries 2018-06-29

Paper tissue box wall mount #3DThursday #3DPrinting PsychodelEKS shares: Paper tissue box wall mount for standard 205x110x50mm box. Though only 50mm thickness matters (thicker box won’t fit), length and height are for reference. Very handy, saves valuable horizontal space on the tables/shelves =) Mount is made lightweight and flexible not to be traumatic if accidentally hit and to save some filament. See More

@Adafruit Industries 2018-06-29

Made with Mu – Celebrating projects that use the Mu Python code editor by @ntoll #python @CircuitPython

@Adafruit Industries 2018-06-28

A Gorgeous Film Created From Still Photos That Capture the Intersection of Water Meeting Light #ArtTuesday

@Adafruit Industries 2018-06-28

Demo of CRTL-Labs’ Mind Reading Bracelet Controller #WearableWednesday

@Adafruit Industries 2018-06-28

TONIGHT! Meet Digi-Key in the Adafruit Discord server 8pm ET (video) #askdigikey #makewithdigikey #digikeydiscord Digi-Key Electronics For the month of June, hang out with Digi-Key in the Adafruit Discord server! ( Digi-Key, Adafruit, and the maker/pro-engineer community will come together to discuss: electronics, Digi-Key & Adafruit history, and more! Tune in June 28th at 8:00 PM EDT for “Meet Digi-Key”. A few of our friends from the Digi-Key staff will be there to introduce themselves and tell you about their company and how Digi-Key fits into the maker ecosystem and community. We’re huge fans of Digi-Key at Adafruit (we buy stuff from them all the time & they’re one of the top Adafruit distributors). In addition to great discussions, they’ll be running promotions, giveaways and more, so please tune in! Read more

@Adafruit Industries 2018-06-28

Robot Roundup: Robotic Owls

@Adafruit Industries 2018-06-28

Use #NeoPixels, GEMMA and a vibration switch to create sweet animating-effect #LED kicks! Guide: #diy #electronics #adafruit #wearables

@Adafruit Industries 2018-06-28

CNCing (and Reverse Engineering) the Hitachi FD1089 CPU Security Module on the Sega System 16 (Circa 1985) Developing project from ‘Arcade Hacker‘ Eduardo Cruz – watch the video below for the CNC clip! Dear all, I’m glad to announce the successful reverse engineering of Sega’s System 16 cpu security modules. This development will enable collectors worldwide preserving hardware unmodified, and stop the general discarding of Hitachi FD modules. The project is right now involving external testers so expect further details and full disclosure over the coming weeks.

@Adafruit Industries 2018-06-28

DIY Color Changing Fiber Optic Fiberoptic Fabric #WearableWednesday From spookydonuts on Instructables: At about $150 a yard and with plenty of cutting limitations, fiber optic fabric on the market isn’t the most accessible material. But with your own fiber optic filament, tulle, and LEDs, you can create your own in any shape for a fraction of the price. The tulle and fiber optic combination in this Instructable is very translucent. The simplest way to add it to a project would be as a top layer over a more opaque fabric. When designing your project, remember that your fiber tips will all need to feed into a light source, and most light will be emitted at the opposite end. As long as you can design something with enough support for the lights and battery pack, and ensure that the fibers have a light source, you can create any size and shape you want!

@Adafruit Industries 2018-06-28

‘Picking the Right Feather for You’ – Oregon State University’s OPEnSLab’s Guide for Prototyping Environmental Sensing Projects OSU’s Openly Published Environmental Sensing Lab describes itself as: …focused on developing environmental sensing projects and research. From soldering stations to 3D printers to laser cutters, our lab provides the tools necessary for students, professors, and researchers alike to develop tools used locally and worldwide by the ecological science and engineering community.

@Adafruit Industries 2018-06-27

10% off all items in stock code is telegraph expires 6/27/18 @ 11:59pm ET #askanengineer

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