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344 Grove St, PMB 256, Jersey City, New Jersey 07302

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@PS3 Project PLAY 2016-08-11

Hey PS3 Project PLAYers - the initiative is finally complete! Each PreK space now has a slide and a monkey bar. The big kids have imagination playground blocks. Bike racks were installed a couple years ago, and the PreK garden is flourishing. So happy for our PS3 Tigers!

@PS3 Project PLAY 2014-06-25

Great news, the Board of Education approved PS3 Project PLAY's donation of playground equipment. The School District will also complete the installation. We are shooting to have everything installed before the new school year. Thank you to everyone that volunteered their time, donated funds or services, and generally supported this initiative over the years. Enjoy your summer!

@PS3 Project PLAY 2013-10-30

A big Project PLAY shout out to the Ehrmann-Gazon family for their generous donation! Thank you!

@PS3 Project PLAY 2013-10-30

Bike racks were approved by the District, and are on their way!

@PS3 Project PLAY 2013-09-21

We're all set for a successful day at the All About Downtown Street Fair. Stop by and say hi... we're in the Grove Plaza by all the food trucks. Thank you Courtenay M., Emily C., Kathy T. and Manisha V. for volunteering today!

@PS3 Project PLAY 2013-09-19

This Saturday is the "All About Downtown Street Fair" from 11AM-6PM, and PS3 Project PLAY will be there until at least 3:30PM. Stop by to get an "I Love Jersey City" t-shirt, or a Shop Local Coupon Book at special Street Fair pricing.

@PS3 Project PLAY 2013-09-11

I hope everyone had a great summer, and is getting back into the swing of things. I know we were a little quiet over the summer, but we were still working away. First, some acknowledgements to local vendors and organizations for their continued support of PS3 Project PLAY over the summer. Torico's Premium Homemade Ice Cream Parlor made us their charity of the month in June and half of July, raising $203.60 dollars in donations. Also, Bambino Chef, E.Tittlemouse & Co., Ingrid K. Studio | Photography, Hamilton Park Neighborhood Association Farmers' Market, and the Historic Downtown Jersey City Farmers' Market helped us by selling Coupon Books at their places of business. We will also be selling the remaining Coupon Books (and t-shirts) at the next PS3 PTA meeting, and at the All About Downtown Jersey City Street Fair on September 21. Thank you to all our wonderful partners! As an up-date, we are meeting with Principal Mischel later this week to go over equipment options and other items in hopes that we can move on purchases and installations this Fall. This includes equipment for the PreK playgrounds and older playgrounds, storage solutions, sidewalk art, and BIKE RACKS! We also met with a potential facilitator for an after school Garden Club, and hope to get a full proposal from her this week. A more detailed up-date will be coming soon... As always, we appreciate your volunteer and charitable support. Donations are always welcome at Cheers!

@PS3 Project PLAY 2013-06-10

Project PLAY Year-End Summary PS3 Project PLAY has been busy fundraising and coordinating with teachers, parents and gardening organizations this school year. As of June 10th, PS3 Project PLAY netted almost $16,000 for this fiscal year, and we have a few more opportunities to sell coupon books and t-shirts before the school year is out. With the funds left over from last fiscal year, Project PLAY has just under $19,000 for equipment and gardens. We are working with the PreK teachers and PTA Recess Committee to finalize equipment purchase lists and other beautification projects to be installed before next school year begins. Our first learning garden was planted by students and teachers in the PreK Playground on May 29th. The plants are small right now, but they will flourish and fill-in under the tender care of a PS3 Summer School Class, and be ready to provide fun learning experiences for next year’s PreK students. We are also talking to a community gardening group about an after-school club partnership for the next school year. We would like to thank everyone that supported PS3 Project PLAY this year. In particular, we would like to thank our volunteers: Catalina Aranguren Robert Chu Carrie Craft Carolina de Brigard Gigi Gavon Claudia Gonzalez Flores Adam Irving Patricia MacLean Cathy McNally Courtenay Mercer Nora Simonsen Jodi Schwarzer Karin Vanoppen Manisha Vijayaraghavan PS3 Conservation Committee Ms. Barber and the PreK Teachers Finally, we initiated our "Shop Local" Coupon Book Fundraiser in April. We want to congratulate the top sellers of the PS3 in-school sale! Class Awards: • 1st place - Ms. Gonzalez's class in room 110 • Tie for 2nd place - Ms. Barrios in room 112 and Ms. Builes-Dally in room 106. Student Awards: • 1st Place - Tennyson Moraller • 2nd Place - Flynn Gagnon • 3rd Place - Sophia Okpokwasili • 4th place (Tie) - Mahir Jariwala, Luca Shumbris, and Alison Turok • 7th Place - Beckett Cornell • 8th Place - Noah Rousson • 9th Place (Tie) - Daniel Bernuoy, Adam Crowe, Sean Doyle, Ilka Ehrmann, Madeline Santiago, Eylsa Santiago. Vivien Schwarzer, Auston Spencer, and Thiago Torres

@PS3 Project PLAY 2013-06-09

We're hanging out at the Spring Festival of Children at VVP. Come get your Shop Local Coupon Book, and/or I Heart Jersey City T-Shirt.

@PS3 Project PLAY 2013-06-06

Be sure to stop by the Spring Festival of Children at Van Vorst Park this Sunday. Jersey City kids will be demonstrating their talents throughout the day, and there will be information from community organizations and schools, as well as vendors to visit. PS3 Project PLAY will be there to promote our initiative and the school. Visit for a full listing of activities.

@PS3 Project PLAY 2013-06-04

Gymboree is having a birthday celebration on Friday, and said they will accept their "Shop Local" Coupon for this event. Stop by during the First Friday activities...and, if you still need a coupon book, we will be selling them at the Grove Street Plaza that day.

@PS3 Project PLAY 2013-06-03

We're at the Grove Street Farmers Market, stop by to say hi...or better yet, buy a coupon book.

@PS3 Project PLAY 2013-06-01

Starting today, and all through June, the Torico Donation Box is dedicated to Project PLAY! Stop by and support this great JC local business. (ps...they also have a discount in our Shop Local Coupon Book...get yours and save on a yummy Torico ice cream cake). Thank you Torico Ice Cream!

@PS3 Project PLAY 2013-05-31

We raised $275 at the Grove Street Farmers market today! Thank you to Adam and Manisha for volunteering!!

@PS3 Project PLAY 2013-05-23

Bad news is...we're cancelling today's Grove Street Farmer's Market Coupon Book Sale due to bad weather. Great news is...the PreK Learning Garden will be installed next Wednesday! Will post before and after pics once we've got them. Have a great day Project PLAYers!

@PS3 Project PLAY 2013-05-20

We are rocking the Grove Street Farmers Market today! $578 raised so far, and a half hour left to go...send your friends. Thank you Carolina, Manisha, Nora, and Courtenay for volunteering today! Up-date...we made $700 tonight!

@PS3 Project PLAY 2013-05-17

We made another $267 for the kids tonight! Thank you Courtenay and Manisha for volunteering your time at the Grove Street Farmers Market.

@PS3 Project PLAY 2013-05-16

We're hanging out with Myrtle & Flossie at the Grove Street Farmers Market. Come check us both out.

@PS3 Project PLAY 2013-05-14

Project PLAY is rolling on out of the Grove Street Farmers Market. We made $242 for the kids tonight! Thank you Adam, Nora and Courtenay for volunteering your time!

@PS3 Project PLAY 2013-05-13

We're selling, selling, selling at the Grove Street Farmers Market. Stop by to say hi and get your very own book.

@PS3 Project PLAY 2013-05-08

Just saved another $10 at Madame Claude Wine using my JC "Shop Local" Coupon Book. Used 2 coupons and the book is 3/4 paid that's value!

@PS3 Project PLAY 2013-05-08

So, we got all the business logos on one 24'x36' Sign. Planning to put this in front of PS3 Project PLAY's table at the Grove Street Farmers Market...what do you think?

@PS3 Project PLAY 2013-05-07

Forget to order your Coupon Book? That's ok, we'll be selling them outside the cafeteria at pick-up today and tomorrow. Be sure to stop by and get yours!

@PS3 Project PLAY 2013-05-03

Just saved $5 with a 10% Off coupon from my Jersey City "Shop Local" Coupon Book. You can save $ too...get your coupon book at the Grove Street and Hamilton Park Farmers Markets, or online @

@PS3 Project PLAY 2013-05-01

PS3 Parents...JC Shop Local Coupon Books are coming home in book bags today! Rewards are also being sent home with our top-sellers. Congratulations top sellers! Class Awards: 1st Place - Ms. Gonzalez (Rm 110) 2nd Place (Tie) - Ms. Barrios (Rm 112) 2nd Place (Tie) - Ms. Builes-Dally (Rm 106) Student Awards: 1st Place - Tennyson Moraller 2nd Place - Flynn Gagnon 3rd Place - Sophia Okpokwasili 4th Place (Tie) - Mahir Jariwala 4th Place (Tie) - Luca Shumbris 4th Place (Tie) - Alison Turok 7th Place - Beckett Cornell 8th Place - Noah Rousson 9th Place (Tie) - Daniel Bernuoy 9th Place (Tie) - Adam Crowe 9th Place (Tie) - Sean Doyle 9th Place (Tie) - Ilka Ehrmann 9th Place (Tie) - Madeline Santiago 9th Place (Tie) - Eylsa Santiago 9th Place (Tie) - Vivien Schwarzer 9th Place (Tie) - Auston Spencer 9th Place (Tie) - Thiago Torres

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PS3 Project PLAY is a committee of interested parents to work on the renovation of our playgrounds.


The Frank R. Conwell School (PS3) PTA created a committee of interested parents to work on the renovation of our playgrounds (PreK and the K-5 area). The Project PLAY committee is working on short term measures to fix or replace existing equipment, as well as a longer term strategy for the complete overhaul of the playgrounds.


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