Mission Martial Arts Academy

517 Henry St, Brooklyn, New York 11231

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@Mission Martial Arts Academy 2017-11-06

There will be a modified schedule for this week ONLY at both studios. HENRY STREET Classes on Monday and Tuesday will be combined into a mixed age class at 5:00pm on both days. VAN BRUNT STREET There will be a mixed age class on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday of this week also at 5:00pm. No classes Friday.

@Mission Martial Arts Academy 2017-10-30

Due to a scheduling conflict, there will be only one Karate class today October 30th. A mixed age class (4-12) at 5:00pm. NO 4:00pm class. All student who come on Monday should report to this class.

@Mission Martial Arts Academy 2017-10-28

Reminder: Open class today in Red Hook 356 van brunt street @ 11:00am. Special practice for all ages. No classes at Henry street!

@Mission Martial Arts Academy 2017-10-20

When the #pinata gets the best of the party-goers at your #ninja #birthday party and Sensei has to step in! #karate #karatebirthday #ninjabirthday #ninjago #katana

@Mission Martial Arts Academy 2017-10-15

Got those flying #sidekicks on point at #missionmartialarts! Free trial class - 718-395-2050 - missionmartialarts.com #karate #taekwondo #flyingsidekick #kidskarate #martialarts

@Mission Martial Arts Academy 2017-09-27

@solfanellifights striking to the head with a rollout! Unorthodox and not viable self-defense but has been known to yield results. #karate #jiu-jitsu #rollout #knockout

@Mission Martial Arts Academy 2017-09-21

The new generation of heroes arises... #heroes #karate #parkour #spideysenses

@Mission Martial Arts Academy 2017-09-20

Happy birthday Xavier! Whether at home or at the studio, themed Martial Arts birthday parties are always a huge hit! This house visit consisted of fantasy agility/combat training, and board breaking with our force! Completelyble, safe, fun and affordable. - missionmartialarts.com #karatebirthday #starwars #jedi #boardbreaking

@Mission Martial Arts Academy 2017-09-18

Has anyone ever seen one if these taken home by a student? This is a National Child I.D. kit. They are supposedtribu students in many schools around the Brooklyn area. Every year I purchase an ad on the cover (as you can see so do most of the businesses in the neighborhood) , yet I have never spoken to anyone who has seen one. Please let me know!!! #brooklynkids #school #children

@Mission Martial Arts Academy 2017-09-17

@gothamarchery representing Brooklyn at Heroes & Villians with @stephenamell! #greenarrow #oliverqueen #stephenamell #archery

@Mission Martial Arts Academy 2017-09-13

Starting tomorrow, Wednesday Sept. 13th the are a few schedule changes. For the time being: 1) Wednesday and child and youth classes at HENRY STREET have been moved up to 4:30pm and 5:15pm respectively along with Friday s childrens Karate class. 2) Due to a conflict, The Monday youth class at VAN BRUNT STREET has been taken off the schedule. Thanks as always for your support. This year at Mission is shaping up to be one of out most exiting yet! -Mission Staff

@Mission Martial Arts Academy 2017-09-11

@dfconstable performs a spinning hook kick break for our #grandopening! #karate #boardbreaking #blackbelt - FREE TRIAL! - www.missionmartialarts.com

@Mission Martial Arts Academy 2017-09-10

Upper belts having a bit of fun. Hollywoooood! #hollywood #parkour #karate

@Mission Martial Arts Academy 2017-09-03

Summer is over! Time to pick up that winter @missionmartialarts swag! #beanie #gear #startemyoung

@Mission Martial Arts Academy 2017-08-30

COME ONE COME ALL and celebrate the Grand Opening of Mission Martial Arts newest dojo located at 356 Van Brunt St. from 11 AM - 4 PM in the heart of Red Hook, Brooklyn. #karate #redhook #brooklyn #grandopening #brooklynkids Mission Martial Arts Children s Center will be hosting special events all day, providing refreshments, face painting, giving away prizes to newly registered students. Register on the 9th for a chance to win a year of membership for FREE.*

@Mission Martial Arts Academy 2017-08-27

Age is no excuse for hard work. Explosiveness and determination through resistance! ( And Simon loves it!) www.missionmartialartsacademy.com #karate #boxing #explosive #beastmode

@Mission Martial Arts Academy 2017-08-22

Humbly yet proudly, I would to announce that on August 12th, 2017 after a week long trip to the Mountains and a grueling exam and demonstration, I was promoted to 6th Dan.( Pat Natoli ) Thanks to all my teachers, mentors and students who made this possible.#karate #chungdokwan #blackbelt #missionmartialarts

@Mission Martial Arts Academy 2017-08-03

What!? Mission Martial Arts water bottles? Aaawww yaaass! #hydrate #karate #takemymoney

@Mission Martial Arts Academy 2017-07-25

MASI Summer 2017 : Week 3 completed! These campers killed it! Campers return home stronger, more knowledgeable and passionate about training! There is no other #camp like this, anywhere! One week left! www.masibrooklyn.com #karate #parkour #bjj #archery #escrima #yoga #summercamp #nunchucks #karatecamp #judo #capoeira

@Mission Martial Arts Academy 2017-07-21

The gentile way... Start early. MASI 2017 www.masibrooklyn.com - register now, 1week left! #judo #karatecamp #masibrooklyn

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In business for 10 years in the heart of Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn, this studio is home to various disciplines of Martial Arts for ages 4 to adult.


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