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@Brooklyn Schoolhouse 2017-07-25

Today we had the honor of documenting the children s storytelling about a lion and a tiger that swim and play in a chocolate river.

@Brooklyn Schoolhouse 2017-07-18

Discovering and exploring what happens when paint falls from great heights while learning about the painter Jackson Pollock.

@Brooklyn Schoolhouse 2017-07-11

The children found a rocket and a building on the painting wall today!

@Brooklyn Schoolhouse 2017-07-03

Happy 4th of July! We hope you stay cool over the mini-break and dance with somebody. 😎

@Brooklyn Schoolhouse 2017-06-26

Fruit kabobs were made today! 🍉🍡A delicious summer treat!

@Brooklyn Schoolhouse 2017-06-22

Gen stopped by to play the berimbau! It made many of the children want to dance and move!

@Brooklyn Schoolhouse 2017-06-21

Sandy s Dad, Guido, came to play the trumpet with us! Catch him on Broadway on Your Feank you, Guido, for spending your afternoon with us!

@Brooklyn Schoolhouse 2017-06-20

The children discovered a potato while playing in the dirt!

@Brooklyn Schoolhouse 2017-06-14

We took a trip to the community garden today! We explored the plants and fed the chickens some collard greens! 🌱🐓

@Brooklyn Schoolhouse 2017-06-14

We visited the local community garden today! We observed and explored the plants growing - and feed the chickens collard greens!

@Brooklyn Schoolhouse 2017-05-24

Exploring how shapes connect with our our new puzzle!

@Brooklyn Schoolhouse 2017-04-17

What a gift from the city! Kim requested a tree to be planted outside Brooklyn Schoolhouse and look - our baby cherry tree is blooming for the first time!

@Brooklyn Schoolhouse 2017-01-25

Construction in the street becomes the top choice during Choice Time. 😍😍😍😍

@Brooklyn Schoolhouse 2017-01-09

The soft, untouched snow in our yard inspired the making of snow angels.

@Brooklyn Schoolhouse 2017-01-02

Happy New Year from all of us at Brooklyn Schoolhouse! May 2017 be a year of ingenuity and growth.

@Brooklyn Schoolhouse 2017-01-02

Happy New Year from all of us at Brooklyn Schoolhouse! May 2017 be a year of ingenuity and growth.

@Brooklyn Schoolhouse 2016-11-22

Now that we ve settled into our full daily routine, we re exploring relationships ... and the joy of playing together!

@Brooklyn Schoolhouse 2016-11-10

Enjoying author Greg Foley s book reading of Thank You Bear at our Book Fair last weekend! Greg Foley

@Brooklyn Schoolhouse 2016-11-05

Come to Brooklyn Schoolhouse today for our book fair fundraiser (10:00-1:00) and a reading & signing by guest author Greg Foley (11:00). The event is in collaboration with Greenlight Bookstore. ALL PROCEEDS GO DIRECTLY TO OUR NEW SCHOLARSHIP PROGRAM!

@Brooklyn Schoolhouse 2016-10-31

We ve been harvesting our first batch produce from the edible garden : collard greens. After rinsing the leaves, we baked them into veggie chips as a snack!