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@Brooklyn Aikikai 2017-11-01

The newly promoted Brooklyn Aikikai shodan- at Troy City Aikikai s grand opening.

@Brooklyn Aikikai 2017-10-30

The grand opening of Troy City Aikikai! Thanks to Sensei Justin Coletti, Jenny Coletti, and the members for such a powerful time.

@Brooklyn Aikikai 2017-10-26

Please mark your December calendar for JD Sandoval Sensei at Brooklyn Aikikai!

@Brooklyn Aikikai 2017-10-19

Thank you to all who supported this sesshin! A special thank you to Rev. Komyo Seido.

@Brooklyn Aikikai 2017-10-02

R. Savoca and S. Geller singing at the fundraiser! Thank you to everyone for your extreme generosity! With all your help, worldwide, we were able to exceed our goal and raise $35,000! As always, the funds will go to ensure our dojo stays open in New York City, provide scholarships to children and adults, and to keep bringing guest instructors! Thank you again.

@Brooklyn Aikikai 2017-09-30

It s finally here! Tonight is Brooklyn Aikikai s 16th annual Fall Fundraiser, and we re excited to see many of you this evening! Come hang out with dojo members off the mat at Bar Halyards (406 3rd Avenue, Brooklyn, NY) from 5-8pm! There ll be popcorn and movies next door at the dojo for kids (and adults), too! We are so thankful for your generosity so far, so come celebrate with us! You can buy your tickets here:

@Brooklyn Aikikai 2017-09-27

We are just three days away from our Fall Fundraiser! You all have done amazing in helping us reach our goal! Thank you to everyone who s donated so far! Let s keep pushing! Thanks again to Logan Square Aikido for hosting Savoca Sensei not too long ago!

@Brooklyn Aikikai 2017-09-20

Here s a brief look at just the first hour of Sensei s arrival at Logan Square Aikido. And, thank you to everyone who s donated so far to our Fall Fundraiser! We re closing in on our goal, but we still have a ways to go. Please consider donating!

@Brooklyn Aikikai 2017-09-16

Were you waiting for Sensei to be teaching a seminar in Chicago to donate? Because you re so sly. (Now s the time! He s there!) With our donations on Rally and other direct donations, we re at $14,450!! That s $550 away from $15K! Help us get there today! Please consider donating below!

@Brooklyn Aikikai 2017-09-15

#fbf to a former #wcw, Jenny Flower Sensei of Athens Aikido on her first visit to our dojo. The Fall Fundraiser helps bring in incredible teachers from around the world. Please consider donating belowry time you get on the mat, you try to let something go. […] And you’re just shedding away your layers, in the hope that one day you will find your true essential

@Brooklyn Aikikai 2017-09-13

With school back in full swing, hear what some of our young aikidokas have to say about their training. Our Fall Fundraiser supports our youth programs, and if you can, please consider donating!

@Brooklyn Aikikai 2017-09-12

We re 18 days out from our Fundraiser, and we re almost half way there! With our Rally page and other donations, we re hovering around $11,000! Thanks to everyone who has donated so far! BUT, we re still a ways off and need to keep pushing until that final clap from Sensei. Please consider donating here:

@Brooklyn Aikikai 2017-09-11

Brooklyn Aikikai has always been a place where one comes to struggle with themselves. Not only physically, but also mentally. In a chaotic world, let s strive for a better understanding of ourselves and a deeper connection with others. Let s walk forward together. ...

@Brooklyn Aikikai 2017-09-08

Thank you to everyone who s donated so far to our Fall Fundraiser! We re 22 days out, and we still need your help! Brooklyn Aikikai is about community and pushing past your perceived limits...especially when Sensei yells,ter, fastd trying not to get hit by a jyo.

@Brooklyn Aikikai 2017-09-07

Our Fall Fundraiser helps support our ever growing kid s program where kids are taught not only aikido but also discipline, focus, and awareness. Important lessons for any age.

@Brooklyn Aikikai 2017-09-05

We hope you enjoyed a relaxing Labor Day Weekend! Take a sneak peek into how we spent ours. #whyarentyouhere? We have 25 days to reach our goal! Please help support our Fall Fundraiser here:

@Brooklyn Aikikai 2017-09-04

Congratulations again to these gents who passed their Nidan tests! But, Andres wants to know if you ve donated to our Fall Fundraiser yet? Have you? (Please consider donating below!)

@Brooklyn Aikikai 2017-09-02

O-Sensei once said, “The purpose of training is to tighten up the slack, toughen the body, and polish the spirit.” The purpose of our Fall Fundraiser is to help with the dojo’s many maintenance fees, keep dues low, and offer scholarships to further training. Please consider donating!

@Brooklyn Aikikai 2017-09-01

Wanna sneak in a workout before the long weekend? You could pull out your Jane Fonda workout videos, or just join us for noon class. #whyarentyouhere? We re officially 1 month out from our Fundraiser! Please consider donating ( and then purchase a ticket to our 80s Prom Party on September 30th at Halyards!

@Brooklyn Aikikai 2017-08-31

#tbt to Summer Camp in Tacoma. Through the Fall Fundraiser, students are able to attend and train with renowned teachers from around the world. This is clearly a before picture. Not pictured: the sweaty, tired aftermath.

@Brooklyn Aikikai 2017-08-28

The 2017 Fall Fundraiser has begun, and we need your help! If you donated last year, we’re counting on your support. With last year s success, we made significant updates to our roof, sponsored students to train and travel to Greece and Japan, and host incredible teachers like Didier Boyet Shihan, Mike Flynn Sensei, and Jenny Flower Sensei. And most importantly, your contributions helped us strengthen and expand our community. Please donate today to help us keep growing and evolving.

@Brooklyn Aikikai 2017-08-14

Save the date! Brooklyn Aikikai s Fall Fundraiser is coming up on September 30th at Bar Halyards from 5-8pm. We re throwing an 80s Prom to celebrate our Sweet 16, so get your hairspray and acid wash jeans ready! Bring the kids, too! We’ll have the projector up, an excellent movie selection, and plenty of popcorn at the dojo next door. Keep an eye out for more information about the fundraiser in the coming weeks, but please mark your calendars now for Saturday, September 30th.

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Brooklyn Aikikai is a non-profit organization whose philosophy is based on fostering the harmony of the entire individual. We offer training in the traditional Japanese arts of Aikido, Zen, Misogi and Iaido.


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