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@Juakaly Soft Pro 2018-06-27

Design and prototype websites and mobile apps with Adobe Experience Design CC (formerly Project Comet), the first all-in-one tool for UX designers. Test it and tell us what you think... #JSPEducation #JSPTrends2018

ISBAT UNIVERSITY Social Service Activity Club Visited Children s Home on 26 June 2018 and Provided Food Items & Other Needy Items to the Children .

The more people tell you it s not possible that it can t be done, the more you should absolutely be determined to prove them wrong. Treat the woossi nothing more than motivation. Good evening friends. #aishanabukeerafoundation Cc. #Merv_BOSSA

Thank you our dear parents for all the support last sunday...

Today Atlas Candidates join the rest of country to sit PLE. We pray for excellecy in every year that passes.

ARE YOU LOOKING FOR A BOARDING NURSERY SCHOOL FOR YOUR CHILD? Look no further Crystals International school Muyenga takes children from the age of 6months to 6 years for both boarding and day sections. Why choose to have your child in the boarding Nursery section? We know it’s not the easiest decision for a parent to make but given the current pace of global business and work commitments most parents will find that the only way to ensure their precious little ones are safe while they go away is through a trusted childcare service. Crystal International school has been that Trusted place for your child. We pride ourselves from the feedback and quality of care we have provided to our pupils since we opened our doors in 2014. A lot of parents that made the responsible decision to come to us fall in the following groups; 1. Parents who work up country or in areas that are non family zones 2. Parents who lack a trusted support from relatives 3. Parents who have to attend overnight events or work night shifts 4. Parents who are attending higher education and require time to focus on their career development 5.Parents who are going through difficulty in marriages and need to protect their little ones from witnessing the associated domestic distresses as they take time out to solve the issues 6.Parents who are suffering from health problems that require long hospital stays or treatment regimes And so many others... At Crystals International Nursery School we base our learning on the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) framework, providing our children with a safe, secure and happy environment, which allows the children to experience, explore and develop a positive approach to learning through a play based curriculum. We believe that it is through play that children develop intellectually, creatively, physically, socially and emotionally. The above makes us the only children’s best friend and at same time a perfect place to stimulating their young imaginations and facilitating a smooth transition to primary education Why not visit us for a first hand tour of our services and beautiful campus. Call our administration office on the Telephone number 0392178336 /0773041665 for more information regarding the application process. Don’t spend your time away worrying about how your children are being looked after because we are experts at taking care of that!

Greetings Art & Design family, incase you have missing marks/results, please leave your details with the secretary/contact Mr. Lutwama

Good morning friends, Who is the current President if the Govt sponsored students at KYU . I had that students haven t got their internship allowances what is going on the campus. Comment with an idea that will the student s fraternity

Headgirl, Head boy and Head prefect.Aren t they smart

@KCS Science Club 2016-08-15

Confirmatory test; the annual science xpo is on ds sato!kam in big nambas