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@Wonderful Minds 2017-07-05

Useful elements :). Great for students. When they understand how the Periodic Table is relavant to our daily lives, they will be more inclined to study and remember it, perhaps even apply it in their future work. Cheers to Chemistry :)

@Wonderful Minds 2017-02-03

Creative teacher who makes going to school and class more joyful and impactful :) When we have fun, we learn and absorb better! Way to go, Mr White ;)

@Wonderful Minds 2016-11-17

Study Tip from our Master Trainer Leny Painan: Keep on keeping on. When we lose, don t lose the lesson. It is important for our school going children to see exam marks in the correct light - as feedback about which area(s) have not been fully understood, and work on grasping the underlying concept(s).

@Wonderful Minds 2016-11-17

When hearts are pure, life is very beautiful. Indeed :)

@Wonderful Minds 2016-08-31

As a working parent, if a needy co-worker asks you for help, but you already have your hands full (with work), should you help or not? What do you think? Our Master trainer Leny discusses this work issue

@Wonderful Minds 2016-08-31

How can working moms deal with their child s separation anxiety? Our Master Trainer Leny shares some tips: 1) Don’t sneak out to avoid your child feeling abandoned 2) Let them know when you will be back for your child 3) Say Bye quickly and leave, don’t stall 4) Have a fun departure ritual (kisses and high fives) to make the process fun and stress free

@Wonderful Minds 2016-08-10

Let us all read more! Especially books that inspire and uplift us.

@Wonderful Minds 2016-08-10

There are advantages and disadvantages to being a Full-time Working mum and Stay home mum. Our Master Trainer Leny Painan explores the pros and cons with Voilet Fenying. Mommies, what has your experience been? Feel free to share with us :)

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