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@TEaCHing Innovation [email protected] East 2016-04-13

Education Research Highlights From 2015 1. Well-Designed Classrooms Boost Student Learning 2. The Benefits of Being Kind Last From Kindergarten to Adulthood 3. Theatre Programs Help Students With Autism 4. The Science of Learning 5. Investing $1 in Social and Emotional Learning Yields $11 in Long-Term Benefits 6. Low-Income Students Now a Majority 7. Sesame Street Boosts Learning for Preschool Children 8. Don’t Assign More Than 70 Minutes of Homework 9. Mindfulness Exercises Boost Math Scores 10. Boys Get Higher Math Scores When Graded by Teachers Who Know Their Names 11. Top Psychology Principles Every Teacher Should Know 12. To Help Students With ADHD Concentrate, Let Them Fidget 13. The Neuroscience Behind Exercise and Math Ability 14. The Benefits of a Positive Message Home 15. When Teachers Collaborate, Math and Reading Scores Go Up

@TEaCHing Innovation [email protected] East 2016-04-07

19 Big and Small Classroom Management Strategies Big Strategies: Fundamental Principles of Classroom Management 1. Follow the first step of hypnosis 2. Keep your consequences as minimal as possible. 3. Appropriate curriculum is a classroom management strategy. 4. Rehearse transitions. 5. Anticipate problems and be creative. 6. Make positive phone calls home and send letters. Little Things: Quick Interventions That Support Classroom Management 1. Show students that it pays to behave. 2. Never punish an entire class. 3. Build content-related anticipation. 4. Change the tone. 5. Find things to appreciate. 6. Ramp up your enthusiasm. 7. Use your words. 8. Don t pander. 9. Forgive. 10. Give students choices. 11. Publicly announce classroom management goals. 12. Establish routines. 13. State the truth when things go wrong.

@TEaCHing Innovation [email protected] East 2016-03-15

5 HIghly effective teaching practices 1. Teacher Clarity 2. Classroom Discussion 3. Feedback 4. Formative Assessments 5. Metacognitive Strategies

@TEaCHing Innovation [email protected] East 2016-02-16

Updates for Google Forms: New Google Forms now the default option, with improvements to add-ons, script editing, and more

@TEaCHing Innovation [email protected] East 2015-12-02

Free webinar on teaching students to reflect on their learning #teacher #teach #learn #learner

@TEaCHing Innovation [email protected] East 2015-11-22

Teacher Whitney Cole at Oak Ridge Elementary School in Sacramento knows how powerful gratitude can be, so she has her sixth grade students keep a gratitude journal that is impacting her students beyond the classroom.

@TEaCHing Innovation [email protected] East 2015-11-11

Google Expedition is coming to Singapore! #education #expedition #teacher #Singapore

@TEaCHing Innovation [email protected] East 2015-11-11

Great documentary movie to share with students and inspire them to start learning coding. Students will get to watch the endless possibilities coding opens for improving everyday life. #education #teacher #ict #coding

@TEaCHing Innovation [email protected] East 2015-11-04

3 good questions to ask ourselves as we enter into a new year 1. What should we stop doing? 2. What should we start doing? 3. What should we continue doing? #education #teacher #learning

@TEaCHing Innovation [email protected] East 2015-11-02

Over 50 Learning Theories explained #education #teacher #learning

@TEaCHing Innovation [email protected] East 2015-10-16

Several Interesting Ideas to prepare our students for career

@TEaCHing Innovation [email protected] East 2015-10-12

OECD Presentation: Students, Computersu000b and Learning:u000b Making the Connection

@TEaCHing Innovation [email protected] East 2015-09-04

What is the impact of globalisation, technology and innovation on education? What do we need to do ure-rer students and workforce? What will this mean for employers?

@TEaCHing Innovation [email protected] East 2015-09-01

Good repository of videos of Classroom Management Techniques

@TEaCHing Innovation [email protected] East 2015-08-06

Practice One: Be Real 1. Connect skills and concepts to students interests. 2. Engage students in professional dialogue with experts in the field. 3. Challenge students to solve a problem, design for a need, or explore their own questions. Practice Two: Launch Events That Matter When starting a unit, launching an event can help students make an emotional connection to the major themes and concepts to be explored. Practice Three: Keep the End in Mind

@TEaCHing Innovation [email protected] East 2015-08-05

10 Ways To Use Instagram In The Classroom 1. Send classroom notifications 2. Showcase students and student work 3. Review content from class 4. Share reading recommendations 5. Track student progress over time 6. Encourage and engage your students 7. Have a contest 8. Document the year 9. Role Play 10. Have students share relevant material

@TEaCHing Innovation [email protected] East 2015-07-27

1. Transformational Teachers Create Constructivist Experiences 2. Transformational Instructors Teach Like Scientists, Artists, and Essayists 3. Transformational Teachers Model Symphonic Thinking 4. Transformational Teachers Facilitate Productive Struggle

@TEaCHing Innovation [email protected] East 2015-07-27

the biggest enemy of success (greatness) is an attitude t s good enough.”

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The vision for the TEaCHing Innovation (TECH) Centre is for “Our Educators to be at the forefront of 21st century pedagogy in technical education.”


Education Institutions around the world are either already incorporating or exploring 21st Century learning into their curriculum. Most courses today make use of the support of teaching videos. This facebook platform aims to equip Lecturers with the skillsets and resources, promote learning and sharing, and inculcate a new Learning culture.


The mission of TECH centre is to develop educators to be change agents for embedding 21st Century knowledge and skills in curriculum delivery through innovative approaches and technologies.


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