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@Pat s Schoolhouse 2017-11-20

SMART Learners Watch how our children learn about the mangrove ecosystem with the aid of a SMART board. Integrating smart technology into lessons enhances the learning experience and is a lot of fun as well! Visit us TODAY at or call us at 6781 2288.

@Pat s Schoolhouse 2017-11-17

Growing their Creativity! Since opening our doors in July 2005, Pat’s Schoolhouse Siglap has been providing quality preschool services in the east of Singapore. Our indoors boast spacious high ceilings, perfect for hanging artwork created by our very own talented preschoolers! Nothing makes us more proud then to see active imagination come alive. Ignite your child’s passion and natural curiosity when you enrol them here with us! Visit us TODAY at or call us at 6781 2288.

@Pat s Schoolhouse 2017-11-13

Have you seen our exchange teachers from the UK at our Buckley and Grassroots Club centres? This is their last week with us, so give them a warm smile and hello when you see them!

@Pat s Schoolhouse 2017-11-07

It was a day of thanksgiving and appreciation as our children from Pat s Schoolhouse Serangoon started their day with penning letters with heartfelt messages for their parents, followed by cooking preparations for the 3-course gala dinner they invited their parents to. During the dinner, our children dedicated a heartwarming Mandarin song to their parents, bringing tears to many of them. It was truly a wonderful night filled with love and appreciation as friendships were built, ties were strengthened and memories were etched, lasting a lifetime.

@Pat s Schoolhouse 2017-11-03

It s always sunny in Siglap! What are hula hoops and helium balloons doing in a MATH lesson? Find out all about it and more at Pat s Schoolhouse Siglap! Drop by for a visit TODAY at or call us at 6781 2288

@Pat s Schoolhouse 2017-11-02

Join Lulu & Hugo on a climbing adventure with Singapore’s FIRST indoor climbing playground catered for children! Get your little one’s limbs stretching and maintain their flexibility with safe exposure to high elements climbing with professional climbing instructors! Contact Learning Horizon at [email protected] or 6601 9716/ 19/ 08 to find out more!

@Pat s Schoolhouse 2017-10-28

Copycats Sometimes as parents, we’ll catch them imitating us. Whether it’s playing with your favourite lipstick or imagining themselves as adults in the supermarket, role-playing activities allow children to take their imitation to the next level. Through this, they’ll learn practical life skills like making decisions and the value of money. If you’re looking for an assistant to join you for your next grocery run, you know you have a very eager second-in-command to call upon. Find out how else we help equip children with practical life skills they ll need by scheduling your visit to any of our centres at or call us at 6781 2288.

@Pat s Schoolhouse 2017-10-26

Fancy lunching outdoors? Pat s Schoolhouse West Coast features a wide alfresco dining area for your child to unwind and socialise with their friends! The food here s pretty good if we do say so ourselves. It s nutritious and delicious...YUM! Reserve a seat at our table here at or call us at 6781 2288.

@Pat s Schoolhouse 2017-10-24

We are family! It’s a bond that goes beyond taking care of your child. It’s a responsibility that we take very seriously. Fostering trust with our children helps them go further because they know we’re always on their side. That special bond doesn’t just exist between our children, parents and teachers - it starts from a strong camaraderie between our teachers, principals and school staff. Join our close knit family today! We d love to meet you and answer any queries and reassure all concerns that you have. Schedule your visit to any of our centres at or call us at 6781 2288.

@Pat s Schoolhouse 2017-10-23

Adventure is all around you! The world through a child s eyes is full of excitement and wonder, just waiting to be discovered. Put on your explorer s hat, pick up your magnifying glass and start your adventure today! Sign up to be an explorer with us at or call 6781 2288.

@Pat s Schoolhouse 2017-10-21

Big ideas start small One of Warren Buffett’s first ventures included selling chewing gum and Coca-Cola bottles door-to-door when he was just a child. Besides having an award-winning curriculum designed to give your child the best education they can hope for, we are always pioneering new ways for children to foster belief in themselves. Confidence, imagination and exploration go hand-in-hand with entrepreneurship. That is why we’ve incorporated a very special S.T.E.A.M programme at Pat s Schoolhouse West Coast. Teaching children early on that ingenuity can happen at any age. Find out about S.T.E.A.M when you visit Pat s Schoolhouse West Coast. Schedule your visit at or call 6781 2288

@Pat s Schoolhouse 2017-10-19

Pat s Schoolhouse River Valley celebrated Deepavali with storytelling and music, food tasting, art and craft, cookery and traditional games! It was a day of laughter as they learnt more about the festival with these fun activities!

@Pat s Schoolhouse 2017-10-19

We ve got their backs Safe parameters are what our children play with and learn in at Pat s Schoolhouse. Whether it be scaling an outdoor wall or an academic challenge, our highly-trained teachers keep a watchful eye on your precious little ones, facilitating each learning adventure and maybe even joining in for one or two. Have a concern? We d love to hear it. Give us a call at 6781 2288 or meet us personally; simply schedule a visit to any Pat s centre at today!

@Pat s Schoolhouse 2017-10-19

It s that time of the year again.... Camp time! Join Lulu and Hugo on another adventure as they travel back into time to help the Brave King overcome his fear or get through everyday life in the castle with the Leaping Princess and green frog who was accidentally turned into a prince! For your little ones moving on to Primary One next year, get them ready with their Passport to P1 camp! In the third instalment of their camp, they learn the value of money and road safety through real-life situations such as buying their own lunch at a mock school canteen and driving their own motorised cars! Contact them at [email protected] or 6601 9716/18/08 to find out more!

@Pat s Schoolhouse 2017-10-18

Pat s Schoolhouse wishes everyone a joyous Diwali! May the Festival of Lights bring you lots of joy, prosperity, and peace!

@Pat s Schoolhouse 2017-10-17

No fear of heights Here at Pat’s Schoolhouse, your child will grow to love scaling the smallest mountains, exploring the tiniest jungle and discovering the next breakthrough in science. Bring out the explorer in your child as he/she gains the confidence to take on obstacles beyond the playground. Explore opportunities for your little one when you sign them up at or call 6781 2288.

@Pat s Schoolhouse 2017-10-16

The team from Pat s Schoolhouse Shaer and Mount Emily celebrated Children s Day with the children from Towdah Sinar Batam Panti Asuhan at Batam! Everyone had a good time dancing and playing games! Our team also helped to tidy their bedrooms and storerooms, and donated some food items! We re so glad that everyone, especially the children, enjoyed themselves. Thank you everyone for your support, love and kindness!

@Pat s Schoolhouse 2017-10-16

What s up West Coast! Featuring our stunning new 12,000 sq ft campus. We ve got plenty of space for your child to discover and investigate the world around them. Come and see for yourself! Arrange a visit with us TODAY at or call us at 6781 2288.

@Pat s Schoolhouse 2017-10-14

This month at Pat s Schoolhouse West Coast... Our children are learning about light! Through our brand new S.T.E.A.M programme, they are taught opacity using sliced citrus fruits with the aid of tools like magnifying glasses and lightboxes. Built intentionally for this programme, the S.T.E.A.M room incites curiosity and encourages exploration of our world of nature and science. Schedule a visit to our West Coast centre at or call us at 6781 2288.

@Pat s Schoolhouse 2017-10-12

Recipe for success! What ingredients make up a child from Pat s Schoolhouse? A dash of confidence, a pinch of curiosity and a sprinkle of creativity. Mix well (with other kids!) and you can t go wrong! Knead more convincing? Come by for a visit! Make your arrangements at or call us at 6781 2288.

@Pat s Schoolhouse 2017-10-11

Happy Children s Day from Pat s Schoolhouse River Valley! Our River Valley children had a blast last Thursday with a Games Day at Fort Canning Park! Then it was back to school with a treasure hunt and fish burgers for lunch! The very next day, our team celebrated Children s Day with the children from Panti Asuhan At Taqwa. Everyone had fun with games, story-telling, playing musical instruments, singing and dancing! The team chipped in and bought mattresses and pillows, and also brought pre-loved clothes from our parents at River Valley! Thank you parents for your contributions! We hope everyone had fun on Children s Day!

@Pat s Schoolhouse 2017-10-10

Our friendly operators are standing by! Our children are some of the most articulate and excitable little adults you’ll ever meet. There’s a sense of togetherness among our teachers and staff that makes coming to Pat’s Schoolhouse unlike any other. The spirit of learning to discover their hidden potential with fun, interesting and innovative programmes makes Pat’s Schoolhouse an easy choice. Our operators would love to answer any questions you have. Ring us at 6781 2288 or visit to meet us personally.

@Pat s Schoolhouse 2017-10-09

Full S.T.E.A.M Ahead! Pat s Schoolhouse West Coast is our first centre pioneering our S.T.E.A.M programme, integrating our award-winning bilingual immersion programme with Science, Technology, Arts and Math. Watch our children explore interactive activities! Visit us TODAY at or call us at 6781 2288.

@Pat s Schoolhouse 2017-10-09

What a day it was for Pat s Schoolhouse Lakeside last Wednesday as they celebrated Mid-Autumn Festival by learning about the history and traditions through song and dance! Our children had fun making their lanterns and moon-cakes and enjoyed them during a tea ceremony. They also learnt on the Four Treasures of the Study and had their hand in it! We hope that through these activities, we can inspire their passion in Chinese culture!

@Pat s Schoolhouse 2017-10-07

Ready, steady cook! Our fabulous baker boys and girls enjoy learning practical life skills through their cookery lessons. They learn how to cut, measure, weigh and mix ingredients while grasping concepts of basic math and science of cookies... we mean COOKING! On that note, what’s better than ending the day with piping hot, freshly-baked cookies? Mm mm mm! Come on down for some cookies and tea, but first give us a heads-up! Book a visit at or call us at 6781 2288.

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Pat’s Schoolhouse has made the difference in the lives of thousands of children in Singapore and overseas for over 25 years.


Since its establishment in 1988, Pat’s Schoolhouse has remained at the forefront of early childhood education in Singapore. Today, Pat’s Schoolhouse is renowned for excellence as a leading preschool provider for children aged 2 months to 6 years. Built on the continued support of our parents, Patricia’s vast experience and expertise, and the unwavering passion of her professional team to give of their very best, Pat’s Schoolhouse now runs 14 preschools and 1 infant care centre. Believing that learning should be fun, hands-on as well as intellectually challenging, Patricia innovatively initiated and designed a unique, progressive and all-encompassing Bilingual Immersion Core Curriculum that integrates internationally renowned programmes with the requirements of the local school framework. Effectively delivered by both the English language and Mandarin language teachers as co-partners in the same classroom at the same time all the time, bilingual immersion facilitates language acquisition at a very young age as children are encouraged to interact within context throughout the day. In 2009, Pat’s Schoolhouse partnered US-based Kindercare and Knowledge Beginnings to launch Mandarin Immersion in the US, which is now offered in Sunnyvale and Sacramento, California; Chicago, Illinois; and Portland, Oregon.


We constantly challenge little minds to shape the future of the nation and the world… little minds, big future. Our Philosophy of Education is to progressively make a difference in the lives of our children,so as to give them reason to celebrate their future. We believe in celebrating childhood through horizontally developing a child.We celebrate curiosity, creativity, confidence and continuity in everything that we do at Pat s Schoolhouse.


Pat s Schoolhouse was founded in 1988


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