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@OurFirstSteps Preschool 2017-12-25

From The Elves and the Shoemaker - Merry Christmas! This year, our adorable ones dressed up and celebrated 2017 with a festive Christmas theme! As we enjoy our holidays with our loved ones, let us also appreciate all the milestones our little ones have achieved. Looking forward to the new year ahead!

@OurFirstSteps Preschool 2017-10-18

Happy Deepavali everyone! Moulding clay lamps and rangoli art competition sure were hits with our children! After introducing the origins of the festival, they were eagerly participating in Q&A sessions (with mini rewards), followed by traditional snacks tasting and photo booth sessions. Great fun for everyone!

@OurFirstSteps Preschool 2017-10-08

Nothing matters more to us than our children s joy and laughter. From magic shows to balloon sculpturing to games and activities, they definitely had a blast! Thank you parents for your kind contributions and time. Happy children s day!

@OurFirstSteps Preschool 2017-10-03

What do we do during mid autumn festival? 猜灯谜! We challenged our children to mini riddles and games, while savouring traditional food and immersing in the history of the festival. Always great to see big smiles on our children!

@OurFirstSteps Preschool 2017-09-24

As part of our thematic discovery curriculum, our children got up close and personal with garden creepy crawlies! Through these encounters, not only did they learn to appreciate more about the garden environment, they also learnt to encourage each other to explore beyond their usual boundaries!

@OurFirstSteps Preschool 2017-08-09

Happy Birthday Singapore! As we witness how well our children have grown and developed over time, we are certain your future is in safe hands!

@OurFirstSteps Preschool 2017-07-23

As part of racial harmony day, not only did our children have a go at Chinese calligraphy, they also learnt about various traditional costumes, customs, games, songs and food. And of course, they all looked stunning!

@OurFirstSteps Preschool 2017-06-04

Thank you everyone for joining our Parents Day event! And kudos to our children who made cards, decorated kites, sang and danced for their parents! For our daddies and mummies who couldn t make it this round, hope to see you next time!

@OurFirstSteps Preschool 2017-04-09

Simple joy through engaging our infants and watching them take their first steps into a world of exploration and inquisitive learning.

@OurFirstSteps Preschool 2017-03-19

It was a good day of bonding with our daddies and mummies as we made a trip down to the zoo and got up close and personal with the animals!

@OurFirstSteps Preschool 2017-02-12

Show and tell starts young with our children, where they all had a chance to share something about themselves with everyone!

@OurFirstSteps Preschool 2017-02-04

Shape Up! In this game, our children had to memorise the pictures, run off to the table for the correct shape AND colour before running back to fit the puzzle! They had great fun competing with one another! What they didn t know was that they were also developing visual and auditory attention skills, working memory as well as team work management!

@OurFirstSteps Preschool 2017-01-28

Look at our adorable models on the fashion runway! Wishing everyone a joyous Chinese New Year!

@OurFirstSteps Preschool 2016-12-16

It was a thrilling day for everyone where our children performed their hearts out in The 3 Little Pigs & The Friendly Wolf year-end concert! Kudos to the children and teachers for their relentless efforts which made this a huge success and thank you parents for your compliments and continuous support!

@OurFirstSteps Preschool 2016-11-06

We were honored yet again to be recognised internationally for our curriculum and have Bei Bei Jia Education Group—an established chain of bilingual kindergartens based in Shanghai and Ningbo, request for an exchange with our preschool during their trip to Singapore. It was definitely a fruitful visit for both sides!

@OurFirstSteps Preschool 2016-10-29

We were honoured to have Middle Tennessee State University from USA visit our preschool, who were keen to learn more of our holistic curriculum. It also gave us valuable insights into early childhood education in USA. Both sides definitely benefited from this cross border exchange!

@OurFirstSteps Preschool 2016-09-25

Preparing our K2 students for transitioning into Primary One is always a priority, and with them sharing their thoughts after the visit, we are glad to know that they are all ready for this new milestone! Special thanks to the school for offering us such an insightful tour!

@OurFirstSteps Preschool 2016-08-07

Our First Steps Numeracy and Literacy programme adopts a rigorously crafted structure to progressively introduce core numeracy concepts and literacy skills appropriate for various class levels

@OurFirstSteps Preschool 2016-07-31

With increasing maturity of their social emotional competencies, our older children take on the challenge of frequent thematic, pictorial and project based presentations to further develop their confidence, critical thinking, verbal and body language skills.

@OurFirstSteps Preschool 2016-06-19

A dad is someone who wants to catch you before you fall but instead picks you up, brushes you off, and lets you try again. A dad is someone who wants to keep you from making mistakes but instead lets you find your own way, even though his heart breaks in silence when you get hurt. A dad is someone who holds you when you cry, scolds you when you break the rules, shines with pride when you succeed, and has faith in you even when you fail. Happy Father s Day to all our wonderful daddies.

@OurFirstSteps Preschool 2016-05-28

Natural Disasters - Our Project work and presentations encourage children to initiate and explore topics of interest for inquiry, leading to construction of new knowledge and acquisition of critical skills for future endeavours in life.

@OurFirstSteps Preschool 2016-05-21

Natural Disasters theme - Our Preschool programme boosts our children s intellectual development and their natural quest for knowledge through hands on exploration, inquiry, analysis, critical thinking and discovery.

@OurFirstSteps Preschool 2016-05-08

You never know the love of the parent till you become a parent yourself. Thank you mummies for letting us be a part of your journey. We hope you enjoyed the video montage and all the efforts from the children. Happy Mother s Day!

@OurFirstSteps Preschool 2016-04-23

Our little toddlers learning their numbers, shapes, colours and animals!

@OurFirstSteps Preschool 2016-04-19

Our little ones creating their adorable farm animals :)

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