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@NTU Hall of Residence 9 2018-05-17

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@NTU Hall of Residence 9 2018-04-24

Hello Niners!!! 😃 We hope that the examination welfare pack has came in handy during this stressful examinations period! We would like to thank the following sponsors for making the welfare pack possible and all the best for your upcoming finals!

@NTU Hall of Residence 9 2018-03-24

Hall Nine s jam band, Mouth Full of Lemon, opened the night with a beautiful rendition of Coldplay s Everglow, sung by Kelsie, bringing cheers from the crowd. The band also performed a soulful adaptation of When the Cold Wind Blows, sung by Afiq and Po Yii, bringing the performance to a bittersweet end. While our hall s jam band has always been a familiar sight at hall events, FUSE showed us a different side of them. Their passion and love for music shone through, and the splendid performance reflected their hard work over the past few months as they put together this stage! Photos and write-up by: Loh Yun Jin

@NTU Hall of Residence 9 2018-03-21

To mark the end of a memorable IHG season, Niners alike gathered to celebrate their achievements and hard work. With an adorable video games theme this year, the award certificates and photobooth were decorated with retro games like pac man. As Niners strolled into the function room, they were greeted with thoughtful door gifts. To start off the night, Chairperson Ellyn Sim delivered a gracious opening speech. After which, a scrumptious buffet awaited the Niners. The first award of the night was the half-colour awards, made to recognize our freshies who have made significant contributions to Hall Nine. Following that, heartfelt dedication videos from the 24th JCRC were screened, as the members showed their appreciation towards their subcommers. Aside from that, a video montage relieving the prominent moments and memories of the IHG season was also screened. Time seemed to fly past, and the night came to a close with the most prestigious and coveted awards given out. Loh Yew Hui, Jarryl Chan, Sim Wen Lin, Dion Chen and Teo Teck Chye received the Freshman of the Year, All-Rounder, Supporter of the Year, Outstanding Service and Niner of the Year award respectively. Special awards were also given out to Adilah Plemping, Jon Sin and Teo Man Ru for their consistent and dedicated efforts to Hall Nine. The 24th JCRC would like to extend our heartfelt gratitude to all our sports, rec and cult players, our subcommers, our graduating seniors, our alumnis - our Niners, for all your efforts to Hall Nine. This year has not been an easy journey but all of you have pulled through and made Hall Nine immensely proud! It was indeed heartening and emotional, to see everyone come together one last time to mark the end of this IHG 17/18 season. Thank you to our dear niners! #therestdonthaveit Photos by: Natalie Goh and Loh Yun Jin Write-up by: Loh Yun Jin

@NTU Hall of Residence 9 2018-03-09

Hi Niners, our official sponsor Advisors Bloc is having a giveaway contest. Please head over to their Facebook page now to participate!!!

@NTU Hall of Residence 9 2018-03-06

Hall 9 vs Hall 2 Score: 2 - 3 Photos by: Thia Yi Yi, Eugene Lee

@NTU Hall of Residence 9 2018-03-06

Hall 9 vs Hall 3 Score: 3 - 1 Photos by: Goh Kang Wei, Eugene Lee

@NTU Hall of Residence 9 2018-03-05

Overall placing: 14th Sports placing: 5th Recreational placing: 1st This year s Hall Olympiad Closing Ceremony saw our hall s dance team, Cloud Nine, illustrating the theme of forgiveness through their dance item. With overarching theme Liberta , this year s HOCC saw halls alike tackling issues close to the heart, with different interpretations of the theme. Cloud Nine s storyline centered on the issue of bullying in a school setting. The item opened with an upbeat old-school song Do Your Thing , portraying the innocent and carefree character of the victim. This was followed by the jarring hip hop number Collard Green , reflecting the anger and anguish of the bully. The item ended on a melancholic yet hopeful note with the hauntingly beautiful song Tired , portraying a friendship forged between victim and bully, and freedom obtained through forgiveness. Cloud Nine shined brightly on the stage indeed; however, the six-minute long routine took them close to three months to perfect. This included many late-night trainings, and stage rehearsals. Thank you to our Cloud Nine team for pushing through the tough trainings, and emerging as better, emotional dancers! The prize-giving ceremonies also saw Hall Nine s sports teams: swimming, soccer and volleyball females being recognised for their stellar performance. Similarly, our recreational games: darts, international chess, chinese chess, weiqi and carrom teams were duly applauded too. We are also proud to announce that Hall Nine is once again 1st for recreational games for the ninth year running! Thank you to all our sports players, recreational players as well as as our dance, cheer and jam band teams for making the IHG and IHRG season such a meaningful one! For the last time this season, the rest don t have it indeed! Photos by: Eugene Lee and Freda Peh Write-up by: Loh Yun Jin

@NTU Hall of Residence 9 2018-03-05

Megafest 2018 was a fun-filled and lively affair as residents came down to celebrate our hall’s birthday together as one hall. Vendors came in selling different types of mouthwatering carnival snacks, ranging from churros to hot dogs and cheese fries, which our residents gladly indulged in. There were also a wide variety of game stalls such as improvised soccer bowling, darts and traditional childhood game Capteh, coupled with attractive prizes for residents to win. It was a warming sight to see our residents having fun and playing together. Following the annual speech by our Hall Fellow Professor Tong, there was the ceremonial cutting of the birthday cake. The night ended off with an auction of mystery gifts that was eventually revealed to be drinks and angpows for a lucky few! We would like to extend out our appreciation to our Social subcommittee who helped to plan this event and ensure that it ran smoothly, as well as the residents who came down to support it. This year’s Megafest marked Hall Nine’s 25th birthday, a prominent milestone indeed reflecting the legacy of our hall. We look forward to many more years ahead! #therestdonthaveit Photos by: Eugene Lee Write-up by: Eugene Lee and Loh Yun Jin

@NTU Hall of Residence 9 2018-03-05

Hall 9 vs. Hall 6: 0-1 Overall, silver. We re proud that our soccer boys managed to push past the tough trainings to emerge 2nd overall, a first in recent years! Their commitment to trainings were evident from their often close to full attendance, and their hard work certainly paid off. We look forward to our boys coming back again next year!#therestdonthaveit Photos by: Eugene Lee Write-up by: Loh Yun Jin

@NTU Hall of Residence 9 2018-02-23

Dear Students of Hall 9, Happy Chinese New Year to all! We are pleased to share with you an exciting event happening in the month of February & March! Association for Persons with Special Needs (APSN) is hosting their first-ever APSN Charity Virtual Run 2018. All proceeds raised from this event will go a long way in supporting and enhancing APSN’s training, job placement and job support programme which seeks to empower APSN beneficiaries to be active contributors to society. At $30.00 per participant, we would like to encourage you to get running and do some charity to impact over 5,000 beneficiaries and alumni across 4 APSN Schools and Centre. To make this deal even sweeter, APSN’s corporate partners have jumped in with their support for the cause. Do look out for attractive prizes such as iPhone X, Sprockets and Health Supplements to be won in a lucky draw. Take part in 3 easy steps! Step 1 Register for an account on www.apsn.give.asia/vr2018 and contribute $30 to the APSN Charity Virtual Run 2018 Campaign. *Kindly do not check the “anonymous donation” box as APSN will send you a confirmation email within 3 working days to the address provided Step 2 Run! Log your distance, time and date on a running app Step 3 Submit your best attempt before 15 Mar 2018, 2359hours For more information regarding the run, do check out the following resources: Event Page: http://www.apsn.org.sg/charityvr2018/ FAQ: http://www.apsn.org.sg/charityvr2018-faq/ Terms & Conditions: http://www.apsn.org.sg/charityvr2018-tc/

@NTU Hall of Residence 9 2018-02-19

4 x 50m Freestyle (F) : 1st 4 x 50m Freestyle (M): 2nd 4 x 50m Breaststroke (F): 2nd 4 x 50m Breaststroke (M): 5th 4 x 50m Medley (Mixed): 3rd Overall: 2nd Photos by: Loh Yun Jin, Jarryl Chan, Eugene Lee

@NTU Hall of Residence 9 2018-02-17

This year s Chinese New Year was a grand affair indeed with Hall Nine having their very own reunion dinner in school. Held at North Hill s Toppot Steamboat and Mookata, the Niners gathered as a family to enjoy the scrumptious buffet as they caught up with their dearest friends amidst their busy schedules. With stacks of delicious meat, seafood and vegetables being savoured together with loved ones, the meal was definitely a fulfilling and enjoyable one. One of the main highlights of the event was the Lo Hei session, as Ninesedod fortune, while shouting out their blessings and wishes for the year ahead. Other activities include the Bingo game which definitely hyped up the whole place as lucky Niners Bingo-ed and won exclusive Chinese New Year goodies; while others let out groans of amused exasperation of many who missed the prizes by a small margin. Last but not least was the highly anticipated lucky draw, with many big ticket prizes up for grabs, fitting for a grand event. At the end of the event, the Niners definitely walked away feeling full and blessed. Happy Chinese New Year, Niners! We wish you and your families a prosperous and blessed year ahead! Photos and write-up by: Tan Siew Keen

@NTU Hall of Residence 9 2018-02-17

Overall placing: 12th K-Y-U-B-I, Kyubi! In accordance with this year s theme of cartoon movies, our cheer team selected popular Japanese icon Totoro from the film My Neighbour Totoro to embody. As the IHCC event opened with an introduction of all the mascots, collective squeals erupted from the crowd as Hall Nine s adorable Totoro mascot appeared. After which, decked out in Totoro-inspired grey costumes, Hall Nine s very own cheer team, Kyubi, made all niners scream and cheer their hearts out with their bedazzling routine! Being the smallest team out of all halls with a mere 14-people strong team, Kyubi was plagued with a member shortage issue right from the start. Yet, Kyubi members took this into their stride undauntedly, and simply focused on performing to the best of their abilities. And indeed they did on this very night. With cheer performances showcasing performers smiling their brightest, it is easy to forget about the tears behind those smiles. Months of tough trainings, sleepless nights and more often than not, injuries, were sacrificed just to perfect that four-minute long performance on stage. Thank you to all our Kyubi members for pushing through the tough trainings to represent hall nine in this competition! #therestdonthaveit Photos by: Wang Wei Han, Eugene Lee and Loh Yun Jin Write-up by: Loh Yun Jin

@NTU Hall of Residence 9 2018-02-15

Hall 9 vs. Hall 10: 47-61 Photos by: Eugene Lee and Loh Yun Jin With the IHG basketball season being one of the longest amongst the sports, it has indeed been a tiring journey for our basketball boys. Their frequent trainings often meant that they had to sacrifice time from studies and other commitments. This final match may not have yielded the best of results, but it showcased our boys undying fighting spirit. We would like to thank all our basketball boys for putting in their time and effort to play for hall nine! #therestdonthaveit Write-up by: Loh Yun Jin

@NTU Hall of Residence 9 2018-02-15

Hi Niners, Missed out your chance to win attractive prizes during the previous CNY Dinner? NOT TO WORRY because *Mega Fest 2018* IS BACK!! There will be game and food booths set up with attractive prize to be won! Food booths such as churros, nacho cheese, cheese hotdog, muah chee, truffle fries will be sold during the event!! Ticket sales will be on 19th and 20th Feb from 10-11pm! Tickets are sold at $10 for a $10 worth of game coupon credits where you can use these credits to purchase foods or participate in games during the actual event! *PLS HELP TO SPREAD THIS MESSAGE AROUND!!*

@NTU Hall of Residence 9 2018-02-15

Hey Niners! Are y’all ready for the beginning of the end? The Hall Olympiad Closing Ceremony (HOCC) will be happening soon to mark the end of this 17/18 IHG and IHRG season! However, it’s just the beginning of the end for our dancers! Cloud Nine has been training almost every day till the wee hours of the night for their competition at HOCC and in case you won’t be able to get tickets to the event (which we haven’t begun balloting for), they will be holding a showcase for their competition item! The details are as follows: Date: 19th February 2018 Venue: Hall 10 Function Hall Time: 10pm

@NTU Hall of Residence 9 2018-02-10

Overall placing: 6th Under the radiating heatwaves, our Hall Nine Track Relay team braced through the unbearable heat, pushing on stride after stride, overcoming both their limits and others as they charged all the way to the top! This IHG season demonstrates to us the growth of a team. The runners held high expectations to do well, constantly breaking through their comfort zone to hit a better record each time during their exhausting trainings. But as trainings progressed, the close camaraderie that they had established shaped their thought process: to not run as one person, but run as one team. This heartening support from each other gave the team a boost of motivation in their emotions and passion, appreciating that running alongside with people who had been through struggles and laughter together, is more rewarding than any results. Although it was a great shame that captain Melvin Lim was not able to join the run, he was beaming with pride as he shared on the team’s journey and how immensely proud he was of every single member of the team. Photos by: Freda Peh, Eugene Lee and Loh Yun Jin Write-up by: Claudia Tan

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