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@MySuperFuture Theatrical Productions 2017-12-13

GosTAN Back Reprise - 13 Dec 2017, When Tan Xiao Ming and his friends meet Professor T :) Were you there with us?

@MySuperFuture Theatrical Productions 2017-12-13

GosTAN Backโ€™s action from today. Were you there with us? If you were, thank you so much for making it successful together with us. Without you and your precious ones, the magic can never happen. If you were there and you had a great experience, do share it with us here so that more could know about this project ๐Ÿ’ช๐Ÿผ๐Ÿ”ฅ For those who have yet to catch it? We have three more days for a time traveling adventure, so hurry grab your tickets!!!

@MySuperFuture Theatrical Productions 2017-12-12

Like we promised, it is back! So do grab your tickets for it. It will only be for four dates as listed so do hurry. This show is specially made and dedicatttle people, special and exceptional, cos we believe you all are, in the various and unique ways. Looking forward to receive you guys. See you at GosTan Back :)

@MySuperFuture Theatrical Productions 2017-12-01

As we are heading towards the end of year, let s be reminded of the dramatists at St Andrews who worked up great efforts and dedication to create this piece of work together with mysuperfuture. With mysuperfuture, our standards have always been high, employing only practicing artists to be part of our team as it keeps relevant to what we preach and teach both in the professional field and the educational. Do give these boys some encouragement the the comment box below after you enjoyed their showing if you can :) This play was presented as part of the Singapore Youth Festival for English Drama in 2017. Also teachers and educators that are interested in working with us, do leave a private msg and we will get back to you promptly. Cheers! Synopsis Alex, a kampung boy at heart, has lost a part of himself since becoming a businessman in modern Singapore. Prompted by his son and father, he returns to Lim Chu Kang- where he grew up- and rediscovers his childhood.

@MySuperFuture Theatrical Productions 2017-11-07

GosTAN Back is making its second run in Dec/Jan2017-18. If you ve missed the first time round, this will be your chance to bring along your family and the little ones to this interactive play specially designed by our founder, Ian Loy. See you at the National Museum ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿผ๐Ÿ”ฅ

@MySuperFuture Theatrical Productions 2017-10-20

And we re back with GosTan Back! As so many of our mummies and daddies who has wished for it. However it will only be performed in the first quarter of next year 2018 with limited shows so please do take note and watch out for more news upcoming on this page. Hope to see all the mommies, daddies and little precious ones who have been supporting us. This project was designed to embrace all families, especially those who just need that extra help with their children. Hope to see you there :TAN B2-year-old Tan Xiao Ming didnโ€™t do very well for his recent History project. In fact, he does not like History at all. But he is now given a stern warning from his Aunt, Tan Dua Ji, to redo his History project and he is not convinced. Then suddenly he receives an SOS from the future, sent by a Professor T. We learn that Professor T is a renowned scientist from the future, although a little muddle- headed. One day (in the future), he accidentally erased important history data of Singapore. He is unable to put it back. Hence, he meets present day Xiao Ming. Professor T rallies for Xiao Ming and his fellow friends to restore some missing information on the History Database, if not the future of Singapore will have no past to look back to. Will Xiao Ming be able to help Professor T restore history despite his lack of interest for History and will he have a change of heart? Letโ€™s follow Xiao Ming and his adventure of History.

@MySuperFuture Theatrical Productions 2017-10-11

SuperFuture s Ian Loy had the chance to workshop with the Cloud Man team all the way from the UK. It was a great opportunity to exchange ideas and get sync with our passion for young audience theatre. Hopefully this meeting can continue to become a real collab that can travel to and fro to bless the young ppl on our local shores and beyond. Thank you Lewis Hetherington and Ailie Cohen. Also of course Rachel Lim and Glenda Lowry Ng for the invite and belief.

@MySuperFuture Theatrical Productions 2017-10-02

SIFA s Open Homes 2017 - A honest sharing of Laura s life. This happened not too long ago and Ian loy had the privilege of co-creating the piece with her in the premise of her beautiful jumbo flat at Woodlands. Let s revisit the experience here in the clip and let us know what you thought about it. Once again thank you Laura and Jeffrey Tan for the opportunity. Till the next Open Homes, see you :)

@MySuperFuture Theatrical Productions 2017-09-20

MySuperFuture s Ian Loy had the opportunity to hear sharings from Bamboozle Theatre Company s Chris on their beginnings, drive and methodology making what they have today for the precious young people of ๐Ÿ‡ฌ๐Ÿ‡ง. These learnings will definitely bring more momentum to superfuture s ambition to create theatre ๐ŸŽญ for our local children ๐Ÿ‘ถ ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿผ๐Ÿ”ฅ

@MySuperFuture Theatrical Productions 2017-09-12

This year at Pasir Ris Secondary School, the drama club decided to make their drama performance night a tad different by co-hosting the event together with their fellow peers in drama from St Andrew s Secondary School, Singapore Drama Club. It was brilliant experience for both sides as they got to see work from their SYF this year done by new members of the club and newly created work that are done by members who didn t get the chance to perform this year. Excitement and anticipation went hand in hand throughout the evening. The Vice Principal of PRSS and HOD Aesthethics Mr Luhkman graced the event, together with proud parents who raved about the stories the students told, expressing their delighted surprise to the standard of quality. Thank you ๐Ÿ˜Š PRSS & SASS for making it possible for SuperFuture to be part of your drama journey.

@MySuperFuture Theatrical Productions 2017-09-03

Recently MySuperFuture set up a Drama Exchange between the gentlemen of St Andrews Drama Club and the ladies of CHIJ St Theresa s Convent. Both the clubs had the opportunity to showcase their theatre ๐ŸŽญ work to each other. It was exciting for the young people of drama, inspiring as well. They got to see their peers expressing the same love โค๏ธ for theatre across a different school. Thank you so much teachers Donna Koh, Theeba, Geraldine and also our colleague Vanessa Toh who worked tirelessly with the ladies. This was definitely worth putting together.

@MySuperFuture Theatrical Productions 2017-08-24

SIFA 2017 Open Homik Kamp Abby, happened over the last weekend. We would like to thank all who came and participated in the sharing of lives within your curiosity of your next door neighbor๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿผ

@MySuperFuture Theatrical Productions 2017-08-18

SIFA 2017, Open Homons Lemonade Laura happened last weekend. If you ve missed it, we have just one more show happening this coming Sunday at 6pm. If you wish to come, do register at If not, do drop us a msg and we see what we can do for ya :) Hope to see you!

@MySuperFuture Theatrical Productions 2017-08-12

OPEN Homes 2017, Lemons ๐Ÿ‹ Lemonade by Laura. This unique piece of life sharing within a rare jumbo flat of a home should allow all of us to know that beyond the doors ๐Ÿšช of our neighbors, there are parallels and connections that we might find similar and comforting. Join us this weekend and next with Laura and be enthralled by the beauty of life and her humble home. Start by registering yourself at #sifa2017 #openhomes #mysuperfuture @jefftancl Check out a tad of her sharing here and we will see you there for the whole experience ๐Ÿ™Œ๐Ÿผ cheers!

@MySuperFuture Theatrical Productions 2017-08-11

O.P.E.N Homes 2017 presented by SIFA (Singapore International Festival of the Arts), this year, MySuperFuture s Ian Loy is privileged to be part of SIFA s unique work of opening up homes ๐Ÿก to share heartening stories or even enchanting tales from the owners themselves. This is Abby Han, whom Ian has worked with for the past months. They will be presentiik Kampsharing that drives her reason to stay in Singapore ๐Ÿ‡ธ๐Ÿ‡ฌ rather to pursue her life overseas, for now :). If you are interested in the work, please kindly grab your tickets here. You will get a chance to taste her creme puffs as well making sweet endings to new friendship beginnings in the land of the East!!! So come book with us now!!! Venue: East โ€“ Bedok Date: 19 and 20 August - 6pm & 8pm This home has one cat. Language: English See you there. #sifa2017 #singaporetheatre Jeffrey Tan Abby Han Ian Loy

@MySuperFuture Theatrical Productions 2017-08-09

SIFA2017-Open Homons Lemon Laura. She shares her life s struggles with us, allowing us to know there is always hope within the places we reside. Come join us this weekend at Woodlands by registering yourself at #sifa2017 #openhomes #mysuperfuture @jefftancl

@MySuperFuture Theatrical Productions 2017-08-05

SIFA2017, Open Homting The Woppened today ๐Ÿ˜‰โšก๏ธ๐Ÿ’ช๐Ÿผ Do you know what is beyond the smile and cordialness of your supposed neighbor? If not, or your curiosity beckons, then sign up for Open Homes today! Our shows still runs on for the next three weeks. Audiences are lauding the unexpected and the unique stories which they get to hear from the homeowners so be assured to be enchanted by Open Homes at SIFA this year. #sifa2017 Jeffrey Tan

@MySuperFuture Theatrical Productions 2017-07-30

Something special happened last night at Centre 42. We remembered the late William Teo in his ways of theatre, his food ๐Ÿฅ˜ and he as a person to us. MySuperFuture s Ian Loy was part of the very last generation of theatre ๐ŸŽญ practitioners that got to be part of his legacy in Asian Theatre. From 1999-2001, Ian Loy received much and gave much to the theatre because of his influence, even till now. Thank you William for your passion and teachings. Thank you Elizabeth for bringing a group of us to a place where the monkey ๐Ÿ’ of the mind is taught to sit down. #mysuperfuture #theatre #asiantheatre #theatreforyoungaudiences

@MySuperFuture Theatrical Productions 2017-07-28

PRSS Theatre ๐ŸŽญ is serious business, keeping up to standards also involves imparting of values from the previous generations regularly, like those who have stepped down. It s always great to have your big Bros and Sisters looking over you. What will be your drama club legacy? Never too late to start one ๐Ÿ™Œ๐Ÿผโšก๏ธ #theatre #pasirian #prss #prsstheatre #prssdrama #mysuperfuture #theatreforyoungaudiences

@MySuperFuture Theatrical Productions 2017-07-12

OPEN Homes, Writing the World with Elan. As he bares his spoken word skills, he also bares his heart. Come and be embraced by his passion and inspiration this coming Aug. #sifa2017 @jefftancl #theatre #poetrycommunity

@MySuperFuture Theatrical Productions 2017-07-05

O.P.E.N Homes 2017 presented by SIFA (Singapore International Festival of the Arts), this year, MySuperFuture s Ian Loy is privileged to be part of SIFA s unique work of opening up homes ๐Ÿก to share heartening stories or even enchanting tales from the owners themselves. This is Elan s Writing The World. He is a established poet with many published books ๐Ÿ“š within his accomplishments. The power behind his spoken word is found within the treasures of his history and the many unique items & antiques his family collects. Come listen to his inspiring sharing this coming August by grabbing your tickets here. Venue: West - Bukit Panjang Date: 5 & 6 August - 10am & 12pm Language: English See you there. #sifa2017 Jeffrey Tan

@MySuperFuture Theatrical Productions 2017-07-02

MySuperFuture s Ian Loy is involved in this year s OPEN Homes together with three households with these given titles :) 1) Balik Kampung 2) Writing The World 3) Lemons Lemonade Your curiosity is about to be satisfied with Open Homes, one of the most unique theatre experiences of SIFA 2017. Returning after a successful run in 2015, the theatre concept this time will enter HDB public housing estates, as well as private condominiums and landed residences. The doors of 30 homes will be flung open over three weekends and their residents will invite us into their private spaces to enchant with stories they wish to share. Mentored by theatre-makers, this intimate experience promises to take audiences around Singapore and into the warmth of open homes. In each short, snappy 30-minute show, you will get an up-close-and-personal view of the heartbreak and humour, comedy and chaos, domestic dramas and dreams that rule in our apartment buildings, estates and neighbourhoods across the country. What is to discover? Maybe it s that no matter whether rich or poor, single or married, young or old, we still share the capacity to care for one another and to dream big. Performed in the multiple languages of Singapore. Pre-booking is essential as spaces are limited in these living-room theatres. Commissioned by Singapore International Festival of Arts (SIFA). Get your tickets here

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Creating Theatre For A Future


Helmed by Singapore Young Artist Recipient, Ian Loy. MySuperFuture Theatrical Productions [MySuperFuture] was formed in 2009 through the constant encouragements of Ian Loyโ€™s mentors and close friends who believe in his commitment, craft, creativity and work ethics towards theatre. MySuperFuture is a pioneering arts and early years organisation based in Singapore specialising in performances and creativity for focused age groups of babies, toddlers and young children aged 0-12 and the adults who care for them. It s also the company s passion is to bring out a youthโ€™s belief in his or her ability to create art, drama and theatre. In our schools, our training, disciplines and values in theatre art empower the students in a range of skills, ranging from challenging speech confidently to evolving themselves in dramatic performances. We are very committed to have the future of Singapore experience the magic of theatre in its fullest capacity. Ian Loy has been immensely involved in the theatre industry as a performer, director and playwright since 1999. He graduated from Lasalle-SIA College of the Arts in 2002 with a Diploma in Drama with Distinction and was also a recipient of the NAC Georgette Chen Arts Scholarship. Through the company, he involves himself with many community outreach and theatre projects with people of all ages, coaching or creating theatre art for them, especially for the young audiences. With this passion, Ian Loy was invited to partner with PLAYTIME! (Esplanade) on many occasions to create theatre for their young audiences and also with various institutions creating solutions for their dramatic needs. He was recently awarded the Singapore Young Artist Award 2014. It represents Singaporeโ€™s highest award for young arts practitioners, aged 35 years and below in the year of award, whose artistic achievements and commitment have distinguished them among their peers. It encourages him to continue pursuing excellence in the arts, and to look towards inspiring others.


MySuperFuture embraces the essence of Futurism to bring change to the society one person at a time, one performance at a time and one institution at a time . We seek to bring aesthetics and social change to a whole new level through our commitment to mediums such as theatre, art, sound and social movements. Hence the company s passion is to seek out a young personโ€™s belief in his or her ability to create art, drama and theatre. Our training, disciplines and values in theatre art empowers the students from challenging speech confidently to involving themselves in dramatic performances.


MySuperFuture Theatrical Productions was founded in 2009


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