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@My Confident Child East Coast 2017-11-16

Hi Parents, many of you couldn t sign-up for our NOV workshop. WE HEARD YOU 😀 📢 MARK THESE DATES PLEASE 📢The very popular Self-confidence workshop coming up on 19th-20th-21st DEC - HOLIDAY WORKSHOP 10am to 1pm on all 3 days, Ages 6 to 11 years Very engaging and interactive Life-Skills workshops which help your child s #Confidence #Selfesteem & #Resilience 🙇 Lots of stories, games & activities 👬👭 Meaningful gift, lots of fun, great experience👌 😀Children love it and want more ✅Focussed and small group size 👉Contact Shivani at 81808094 or [email protected] #SoulKids #selfconfidence #positivechild #SoulKidsmentor #lifeskills #holidayprogram #schoolholidays

@My Confident Child East Coast 2017-11-15

A stranger refuses to give up! Saves a life. Touching video.

@My Confident Child East Coast 2017-11-14

Such an incredible of rising up from a failure of epic proportions, and attaining success! Never give up!

@My Confident Child East Coast 2017-11-13

🙋Hi Friends - Join me on 2nd Dec at the Singapore Sports Hub for yet another awesome Community Play Day 👭👪 Its going to be a full day of fun and activites and lots in store for families with children - I am sorted for that day for my 6 & 12 year old ;) 🔊EVEN BETTER - I will be delivering a #ParentTalk at the Sports Hub Library at 10.30am. Its FREE but registration is compulsory. *Limited slots so fastest fingers first👆😉* *MY CHILD’S PATH TO CONFIDENCE, RESILIENCE AND SUCCESS* Join me for a very enlightening talk on how Life-skills training can be that additional support mechanism which will benefit you and your child as a family unit. For all #parents who aspire for their #children to be the most #resilient, #confident, #happy and #positive! ⚠Is your child is experiencing any of these🆘 🚩Communication problems with peers, teachers and family. 🚩Not able to identify their unique talents or skills 🚩Lack of motivation in their academics 🚩Exam stress or fear or exams 🚩Bullying and rejection at school as well as other situations 🚩Cyber- bullying 🚩Peer pressure and dealing with their expectations 🚩Image and body issues specially with teens 🚩Dealing with separation of parents or other family problems 🚩Dealing with sickness or loss of a loved one and many more common areas of concern….. Then this is your 1st step to support YOUR CHILD and YOURSELF as a parent! DON’T MISS THIS CHANCE AND SIGN-UP! *LIMITED SLOTS* ✔Simply sign-up at👇 📧[email protected] or PM us here or ☎call us on 81808094 ⚠Note: Please note that this is a ‘PARENTS ONLY session. Hope to see you there 😊(Y) #SoulKids #selfconfidence #positivechild #soulkidsmentor #lifeskills #sportshublibrary #singaporesportshub #communityplayday #familybonding

@My Confident Child East Coast 2017-11-09

Is your child able to cope with bullying? Shivani Saxena Mhatre can tell you how she had helped children cope.

@My Confident Child East Coast 2017-11-06

📢 SOME NOVEMBER FUN FOR CHILDREN🔜 ⚠ FEW SPOTS LEFT 🔊 Very engaging and interactive Life-Skills workshops which help your child s #Confidence #Selfesteem & #Resilience 🙇 Lots of stories, games & activities 👬👭 Meaningful gift, lots of fun, great experience👌 😀Children love it and want more ✅Focussed and small group size 📢The very popular Self-confidence workshop coming up on 18th & 19th November ⏰10am to 4pm on both days ( Snack & lunch provided ) 👉Contact Shivani at 81808094 or [email protected]

@My Confident Child East Coast 2017-10-26

🔊LIFE-SKILLS #HOLIDAY #WORKSHOPS FOR #CHILDREN COMING UP IN #NOV 2017👇 Very #popular & loved by #parents and children who WANT TO KEEP COMING BACK 😀 =================================== ✔Your child s 1st step to 👇 #Confidence|#Resilience|#Positivethinking #Leadership|#Teamwork|#Creativity Taught by engaging & interactive medium of 🌟#Games 🌟#Stories 🌟#Activities 🌟#Roleplay🌟#Gifts 👍 ==================================== Conducted by Soulkids® Mentor and Coach Shivani at our Academy My Confident Child East Coast #WORKSHOP DATES 👇 📆18th & 19th Nov (10am to 4pm each day) 📆 21st to 23rd Nov (10am to 1pm each day) 👫AGE GROUP - for 6 to 11years old REGISTER OR INQUIRE AT 👇 📧[email protected] ☎+6581808094 🌟LIMITED SPACES 🌟 📢Previous workshops were SOLD OUT ;) ********************************************* READ ON TO KNOW MORE ABOUT LIFE-SKILLS💡 A very important part of growing up is learning #lifeskills - find out why?? 👇 Life-skills are the #techniques, #Strategies and #approaches all of us use to survive and carry on with our everyday lives.#Children, like #adults, can vary a great deal in their ability to pick up life-skills 💡For some of us, life-skills might not come as easily & we may struggle to figure them out, or we might feel as though no one was ever patient enough to show us the way. 👉By teaching life-skills in a #group environment or on an individual basis, we can help even the playing field and set children up for #success in their own lives. ☑One-on-One coaching also offered #soulkids #lifeskills #selfconfidence #positivechild #soulkidsmentor #holidayprogram

@My Confident Child East Coast 2017-10-25

While on a much needed recent holiday with my family I jumped on every chance I got to embrace nature. This little fella - a lovely elegant spider was right next to me holding it s grip tightly on the rocks along the caves through which we walked by! My husband and 6yr old pointed it to me. It immediately reminded me of the Spider Story that I share with children in my workshops. Two key life-skills that the SoulKids Spider story teaches children is 👉To be patient & 👉 to never give up This Spider could have easily been smashed by any human interaction or could have been swept away by the natural water-fall right beside it... But it held strong.... It was patient.. It did not give up on life! #soulkids #lifeskills #selfconfidence #positivechild #soulkidsmentor

@My Confident Child East Coast 2017-10-05

Gifted girl. Credit also for good parenting to help realise her potential.

@My Confident Child East Coast 2017-10-04

Academic and non academic tutors looking to collaborate with My Confident Child Academy please contact 81808094. We allow our Academy s space usage for short sessions.

@My Confident Child East Coast 2017-10-02

Soulkids Mentor and Coach Shivani teaches children to believe in themselves at My Confident Child Academy. October and November 2017 children s life-skills workshop enrolments open!

@My Confident Child East Coast 2017-09-25

The inspiring story of Mark Walhberg. From nothing to a superstar!

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