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@Intaglio Learning Academy 2017-08-29

This is what defines our teaching philosophy at INTAGLIO. Happy Teachers Day 2017!

@Intaglio Learning Academy 2017-08-09

Wishing all fellow Singaporeans a fantastic National Birthday !

@Intaglio Learning Academy 2017-06-26

Wishing our Muslims friends in Singapore Selamat Hari Raya.

@Intaglio Learning Academy 2017-06-08

Academic achievements, whilst important as an objective, cannot and must not replace bigger purposes which life has to offer. That is the true mark of an educated mind. Reward the effort and the effort will bring you rewards.

@Intaglio Learning Academy 2017-05-29

Everyone can teach to a certain degree but not everyone can be an Educator. When there is the genuine element of care, all barriers to learning can be overcome.

@Intaglio Learning Academy 2017-05-29

...The claim that students will perform better when the teaching is matched to their preferred sensory modality (learning style) is simply not supported by the science and of questionable valueof Bruce Hood, chair of developmental psychology in society at the University of Bristol.

@Intaglio Learning Academy 2017-05-13

Point 8 is perhaps the most under-valued and cannot be over-emphasized. Reading, memorizing or finishing up the homework WILL NOT help your child to score . It is in hands on practicing that one can truly appreciate a topic and it s questions. A good revision of 45 mins will leave the student mentally charged and not to mention; physically tired from all the writing and checking. Whoever has the time to feel sleepy? Commit to this habit daily and your child will be on the way to success ! 👏

@Intaglio Learning Academy 2017-01-27

Wishing everyone a very prosperous and healthy lunar Chinese New Year ! May 2017 bring all students the academic excellence each desires!

@Intaglio Learning Academy 2017-01-01

Wishing all of our students the very best in their academic pursuits in 2017 ! 👏

@Intaglio Learning Academy 2016-10-04

Wishing our students the very best despite this morning s delay. We hope that MOE can assess the students performance for PSLE in light of today s incident.

@Intaglio Learning Academy 2016-09-30

Learning must be fun and it can be made fun . Anyone can teach but not anyone can be an educator . Find out how we are different today.

@Intaglio Learning Academy 2016-08-31

Wishing our ever dedicated team of teachers for our chain, this day of rest is well earned! Thank you !

@Intaglio Learning Academy 2016-08-09

Wishing all Singaporeans a very Happy National Day! Majulah Singapura!

@Intaglio Learning Academy 2016-07-06

Wishing all our Muslim parents and friends Selamat Hari Raya.

@Intaglio Learning Academy 2016-04-23

In line with our government s plan to grade PSLE scores on holistic results rather than simply academic scores, Intaglio Learning Academy has a special training program in place to help our students to achieve this objective. Call or visit us at for more information.

@Intaglio Learning Academy 2016-02-08

Wishing all Chinese a most Prosperous Lunar New Year !

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