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@Hwa Chong Alumni Association 2017-11-01

Dao Liang with yet another power open spike while the team covers for blocked ball

@Hwa Chong Alumni Association 2017-11-01

Caleb from HCI 2010/11 executing a back set to wing spiker

@Hwa Chong Alumni Association 2017-11-01

Darius from HCI 2012/13 setting a loose ball from back court to the open spiker

@Hwa Chong Alumni Association 2017-11-01

Shan from HCI 2010/11 spiking with support from the rest of the team

@Hwa Chong Alumni Association 2017-11-01

Wei Heng from HCI 2010 - 2015 executing an away from net B quick with Aden Ang from HCI 2011/12

@Hwa Chong Alumni Association 2017-11-01

Dao Liang from HCI 2011/12 with a powerful open spike against two blockers from the opposing team.

@Hwa Chong Alumni Association 2017-11-01

Oldest player in the team. Min Chong from HCJC 1992/93 connecting a B quick.

@Hwa Chong Alumni Association 2017-10-30

Lost 1-3 to SIM this afternoon but our spirits are not dampened. We go again! #hcvba #hcvb

@Hwa Chong Alumni Association 2017-10-30

Mens team lost 0-3 against ORD but play our best game to date. Proud of you all!

@Hwa Chong Alumni Association 2017-10-27


@Hwa Chong Alumni Association 2017-10-19

欢迎出席华中校友会主办的保健讲座——“如何选择适合您的食油?” 主讲人:傅志宽先生 时间:2017年11月12日 上午十点半 地点:华中校友会 第2活动室 681 BUKIT TIMAH ROAD #02-01 SINGAPORE 269782

@Hwa Chong Alumni Association 2017-10-18

2017年10月18日,联合早报。 李光前逝世50年纪念特辑

@Hwa Chong Alumni Association 2017-10-13

服务母校多年的潘兆荣校长即将荣休。 华中校友会全体理事向潘校长致以崇高的敬意! 感谢潘校长35年对华中所做的贡献!祝福潘校长健康快乐、吉祥如意! 同时,热烈祝贺彭俊豪学长回归母校荣任校长! 祝愿华中更加蓬勃发展,永葆青春!

@Hwa Chong Alumni Association 2017-10-13

61所学校迎来新校长 包括华中南中 http://www.zaobao.com/realtime/singapore/story20171013-802706?xtor=CS2-8

@Hwa Chong Alumni Association 2017-09-27

24/09/2017 校友会乒乓组庆祝成立 19 周年并举办锦标赛

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Hwa Chong Alumni Association - The largest and oldest alumni group for the entire Hwa Chong Family (HCJC/Chinese High/ HCI/HCIS)


新加坡华中校友会(Hwa Chong Alumni Association)于1923成立,是新加坡历史最悠久的校友会之一,也是一个最活跃、校友阵容强大和举办活动最多样化的团体。


Hwa Chong Alumni Association was founded in 1923


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