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@EDUdebt Pte. Ltd. 2017-12-22

If currently month after month you re using debt to pay off another debt such as using another source of credit to cover off your existing credit card debts, you need immediete help. Initially the debt may seem manageable but it will quickly snowball due to compounding interest. Again, you will soon find yourself taking up another source of credit such as personal loan just to cover off the existing debt. And the cycle continues... In the end, you ll find yourself unable to take up anymore credit due to bad rating. That s where some people end up borrowing from the loansharks. Ask yourself, how far do you want to be immersed in this never ending debt trap? It s always a wise move to seek help early. In fact TODAY. The earlier you seek help, the faster your mind will be at ease knowing that there s a solution to your debt woes. Come forward and book a session with us to put a stop to this never ending cycle. Are you ready to be on track to be debt free?

@EDUdebt Pte. Ltd. 2017-12-17

Core Mission - To deliver efficient and effective debt solutions to clients towards debt freedom Founded in 2016, EDUdebt Pte Ltd was co-founded by Mr Khairul Abbas with a simple goal of helping others get out of debt fast. He himself was previously in debt of over $75,000, has managed to overcome it and now have turn his life around. Fast forward today, the company has grown significantly and has been featured in local mainstream media such as Mediacorp Suria and RIA 89.7FM. EDUdebt Pte Ltd is now a full pledged company with more than 10 debt educators ready to serve the community. To date, thousands have benefited from our service and are now on the road to debt free. We’re not just a company providing another service but instead, our services comes from the heart. It has change thousand of lives and we will continue to do so. With our proven track records, we urge anyone who feels that their debt is starting to get out of control to give yourself a chance and come forward to meet us. Rest assured you will be treated professionally with upmost respect and your case will be strictly kept Private & Confidential. You are just a step away to be on the road to be debt free.

@EDUdebt Pte. Ltd. 2017-12-07

If you’re using another loan/credit card to cover your existing debts, that’s the 1st sign of trouble. You’ll soon realised that it’s almost impossible to keep up with all the payments and will start making minimum payments just to keep the creditors off your back. And after some time, you’ll notice that the amount you owed seems stagnant although you’ve been paying for quite some time cause the chunk of your payment goes towards the interest. If you are in this situation, please come forward and meet us. We have the solution for you. With our guidance, we’re confident that you’ll be on the road to debt free in no time. Book your session here:

@EDUdebt Pte. Ltd. 2017-11-29

Our team of educators are ready to listen and provide you with the best solution to your debt woes. We offer a FREE 1 to 1 session in which at the end of it, we GUARANTEE you an actionable solution that you can take to be on the road to be debt free. Book your FREE SESSION here: Session is strictly Private & Confidential.

@EDUdebt Pte. Ltd. 2017-11-20

Debtors, know your rights. If you feel intimidated or threatened, do not hesitate to call the police. Being in debts is not a crime and you shouldn’t be treated like one!

@EDUdebt Pte. Ltd. 2017-11-03

Dear Valued Clients, We would like to inform you that Mr. Raja Razie will no longer be working with Edudebt Pte Ltd or any of its subsidiaries effective 10 Nov 2017. He leaves the company in good stead and has decided to pursue his other passion. He has been a valuable member of the team and we want to thank him for his service to the organization. We bid him a cheerful farewell and all the best of luck in his future endeavours. Our clients can continue to expect utmost satisfaction from our services. For clients who had engaged Mr Razie, please contact Mr Hazri at 91884582 for any future queries. Thank you. The Management

@EDUdebt Pte. Ltd. 2017-10-31

It is always a good idea to seek help early when you feel that your debt have become unmanageable. Do not be afraid or embarrassed to come forward and seek help. The more you know on how to tackle your debt issues, the lesser interest you’ll pay. And also, you do not want to reach to a point where you’re presented with the Writ Of Seizure And Sale (WSS). It might be too late by then. Be smart and seek help today. We’re here to assist.

@EDUdebt Pte. Ltd. 2017-10-23

We’re excited and humbled to be given the oppurtunity to be one of the panelist for a new Mediacorp Suria talkshow titled “REFLEKSI” which is hosted by DJ Zaza Majid from Warna 94.2FM. Our founder, Mr Khairul Abbas alongside with other invited guests will be addressing on several real life issues faced by families in our community.

@EDUdebt Pte. Ltd. 2017-10-17

We at EDUdebt Pte Ltd would like to wish all hindus a happy deepavali. May you have a joyful celebration with your love ones. To the non-hindus, stay safe and have a happy holiday.

@EDUdebt Pte. Ltd. 2017-10-07

It has come to our attention that on 4 October at 3.17am, there was a lady who publicly ACCUSED our company, EDUdebt as a scam on her Facebook post. According to her post, the reason why she ACCUSED us of scam is purely due to our ceased registration status on ACRA website. We would like to clarify that the reason why it’s reflected as said is because we’re transitioning from sole proprietorship to Pte Ltd. Our company is growing and expanding thus Pte Ltd is the next step for us. We also understand that as we grow and expand as a company, there are bound to be haters trying to pull us down. Far from scam, to date we have help more than 1450 people be on their journey to debt free and we will continue to do so. Also we would like to take this oppurtunity to thank all our clients for their trust and support in us. Any queries or doubt, please reach out directly to us at [email protected]

@EDUdebt Pte. Ltd. 2017-10-05

If you find your debts keep increasing month after month, that s the first sign of trouble. It ll become harder and harder to pay down the existing debt obligations due to interest and soon enough, you ll can only afford the minimum payment. That s where most people will take up a second loan or use other credit facilities to cover up that initial debts. And the cycle goes on and on. Unknowingly, you ve just succumbed yourself to DEBT TRAP. Without proper planning and guidance, it s almost impossible to get out of it. We have seen some cases where people have been servicing their debts for as long as 15 years and not even half of the principle amount have been covered! If you are in similar situation, it s time to GET HELP. Put aside your ego or embarrassment and meet us. Nothing to be embarrassed about. Being in debt is common especially in a high cost of living country such as Singapore. You re not alone. Come to our FREE SESSION and we ll show you how you can clear your debt in a smarter and faster manner. We re not counsellors and we will not counsel you. Instead, we ll provide you with an actionable solution that is guarantee to put you on the road to debt free FAST. BOOK YOUR SLOT ON THE LINK IN THE COMMENT BELOW!

@EDUdebt Pte. Ltd. 2017-09-23

This are the 2 common challenges that debtors face: 1. High monthly payment to service all their debts. Usually more than $1,000/month and there will not be enough left for their household monthly expenditure. This causes them to reuse the credit facilities that they have just paid. And the cycle goes on every month. There s no way for them to finish paying their debt this way. 2. Not knowing when they can finish paying off their debts due to not paying in full or paying just the minimum sum every month. The interest accumulated from this makes it impossible to finish off the debts. If you are one of the above, come and meet us for a free session where we ll share you the various solutions available to tackle your debts head on. Book your free session here:

@EDUdebt Pte. Ltd. 2017-08-31

EDUdebt wishes all muslim Selamat Hari Raya Aidiladha. To the non-muslim, enjoy the long weekend.

@EDUdebt Pte. Ltd. 2017-08-29

Bab hutang janganlah diambil mudah. Segeralah berjumpa dengan kami untuk mengetahui solusi-solusi yang dapat anda ambil untuk menyelesaikan masalah hutang anda.

@EDUdebt Pte. Ltd. 2017-07-31

Doa tanpa usaha adalah BOHONG & usaha tanpa doa adalah SOMBOoa dan usaha haruslah seiringan. Jangan lupa berdoa dan seterusnya berjumpalah dengan kami demi berusaha untuk menyelesaikan masalah hutang anda. Insyaalah kami boleh membantu. Book appointment percuma disini:

@EDUdebt Pte. Ltd. 2017-07-28

KISAH BENAR Encik Ahmad (Bukan nama sebenar) hampir BERCERAI kerana BERHUTANG sebanyak $79,000. Video ini memaparkan pengalaman Encik Ahmad yang sebelum ini lemas dalam perangkap hutang sebanyak lebih dari $70,000. Beliau berkongsi bagaimana beliau hampir bercerai, stress, dikejar pemungut hutang di rumah dan tempat bekerja sebelum mengambil keputusan untuk berjumpa dengan kami. Alhamdullilah, kami dapat memberi solusi yang sesuai dan kini beliau dapat menjalani kehidupan dengan lebih aman dan tenang. Datanglah berjumpa kami untuk mengetahui lebih lanjut apakah solusi-solusi yang dapat diambil untuk menangani masalah hutang seperti ini. Book appointment percuma disini:

@EDUdebt Pte. Ltd. 2017-07-21

Debt problems can cause sleepless nights, daily stress, and unnecessary arguements within the household. Most people want to believe that if they just work hard enough they can beat their mounting debt problems on their own, but is that the smartest solution? We at EDUdebt has helped many, providing them with the most fastest and smartest solutions available to overcome their debt problems. Book a FREE session with us today:

@EDUdebt Pte. Ltd. 2017-06-29

It’s always tempting to just pay the “minimum sum” on your monthly credit card statement. The minimum sum is far more appealing than the actual balance, and you thought it’s better than nothing, right? By paying the minimum sum alone every month, you re on the fastest way to get yourself into a debt trap. 70% of our client has been paying the minimum sum for a duration between 6 to 12 months before realising that it s almost impossible to clear the balance in this manner and thus decided to seek our help. In this video, our co-founder Khairul Abbas share on why paying the minimum sum is not the way to go. Please do SHARE this video to spread awareness. Book a FREE session with us to know the various scheme available to clear your debt. Book your FREE session here:

@EDUdebt Pte. Ltd. 2017-06-27

If you re comitted to get out of debt, contact us for a FREE session. We ll guarantee you the smartest way to overcome your debt woes at the end of the session. #EDUdebt

@EDUdebt Pte. Ltd. 2017-06-24

Today marks the end of the holy month of Ramadhan, which is one of the 5 pillars of Islam. EDUdebt would like to wish all muslims a Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri, Maaf Zahir & Batin. All the shortcoming comes from us, the greatness comes from Allah SWT. To the non muslims, enjoy the long weekend ahead. #EDUdebt

@EDUdebt Pte. Ltd. 2017-06-23

In this holy month of ramadhan, we re blessed to be given the opportunity to be in Lombok in the name of charity. Surrounded by orphans and the less fortunate was indeed an eye opening experience for us, who at times forget the little blessings that we have. These are the people who are struggling to cope with even their basic necessities. Alhamdullilah, the trip ended with an iftaar treat for over 100 orphans at a decent dining restaurant. We re glad to put smiles and laughters to their faces. Truly, they enjoyed the food and our company. This trip will not happen without our clients support. You guys are a part of this noble cause. We ll let the video do the talking and please do SHARE and SPREAD the love! #edudebt #edudebtgiveback

@EDUdebt Pte. Ltd. 2017-06-01

So today I ve managed to assist a client who have been unfairly treated by one of the debt collector agencies.. Complaint lodged and the company is now under investigation for going beyond their means.. As much as they wanted to help the creditors getting back their money, they have also the law to work within... Once again am sharing the limitations of what they can and can t do here in Singapore. ✔What debt collector Singapore can do ▶They can arrange a meeting and speak with you privately about debt collection. ▶They can discuss with you alternative payment plans. ▶They can also explain the consequences to you when you choose not to pay on time. ✔What Singapore debt collectors cannot do ▶They cannot physically or mentally intimidate you. ▶Forcing or scaring you to comply with their demands is illegal and this should be reported to the police. ▶They cannot forcefully take your belongings as they have no legal powers for such action. ▶They are not bailiff or enforcement agent so they cannot pretend to be one. It is a criminal offence in Singapore. ▶They are prohibited from telling your neighbours, family, colleague or roommates about your debt. ▶They cannot contact you during unreasonable hours. ✔What you can do ▶You can ask for their ID to know their name or the agency they work for. ▶You can ask them to leave anytime when they do home visits especially when they do not have legal documents during the visit. ▶You can have another person with you during your discussion with the debt collector to act as a witness. ▶You can complain to the police and CASE Singapore about the improper conduct, harassment, or intimidation by the debt collector. Hope the above helps. Spread !! cause you won t know the closest person to you might be one of the victim. We don t run and we don t hide.. We FACE!! Sharing by our Debt Educator Khairul Abbas #edudebt #debteducator #singapore #fightforyourright #donotpaymorethenwhatyoushould #debtfree #freedom #helpthecommunity

@EDUdebt Pte. Ltd. 2017-05-20

Our Debt Educator Abbas speaking at a semint To Make Peace With Your D managing debts and what every debtor should know.

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