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@DigitalPreneur Academy 2016-01-20

How to live 5 day weekend lifestyles? Imran Ali shared yet another full house of participant who opt to learn at this hour rather than be at the comfort of their home...why are they curious? PM me to know more. 😊

@DigitalPreneur Academy 2016-01-16

Hi Guys, I happen to bump onto this blog. Its good to know an take advantage of the new feature for those internet marketeer. Hope it helps. :)

@DigitalPreneur Academy 2015-12-21

Dear Friends, Lets finish the 2015 year with a bang.... Here s what I have for you - Holiday Cash Secrets..... Have you ever been paid to enjoy your holidays? Well, if you re like most people, you usually wind up spending more instead. But guess what? All That Is About To Change.... You will be able recoup your spending and recover from the Internet using a simple yet untapped method that can generate incomes for you in the next few days. This method will be revealed by my personal friend and business partner, Imran Md Ali, and I have been given the green light to share this with my own friends. Best of all, this will be an absolutely Free training. Enough said, I ll let you have your private access here: P.S.: Be sure to get your tickets because space will be very limited and this may well be your last chance to recoup your spendings and earn some income from the internet in 2015!

@DigitalPreneur Academy 2015-10-28

Wow...after the Asia Internet Congress, the response have been overwhelming. People see the value by attending such seminar. The real value is when you take actions. Are you missing out something? PM me for more details. #whyiloveinternetmarketing #keafology #daretodream...☺

@DigitalPreneur Academy 2015-10-24

Insane- Believe it or not. [Less than 10 hours left] I will close this offer in less than 10 hours. I dont think there will be such an offer in future with that kind of price of $47 USD that has so much to offer. Personally, I do not have such privilege myself. If you have been looking for opportunities, this might be for you. PM me if you want the link to that limited offer. only 7 spot left

@DigitalPreneur Academy 2015-10-23

It’s finally here. Warning 24 to hours to last. I have been given the permission to “leak” some of this info out in the past, but never before have had I consolidated this ENTIRE business model into a compact program, so it’s only now that I am releasing it to you. But some fair warning- This is only up for 24 hours. 24 hours from the time this is posted. Which means if you see this tomorrow, after 4 pm, you won’t be able to get in, ever. Which ALSO means, that if you’re reading this on 23rd October or 24th October, this is the only time to get on. Hi guys, for the next 24 hours I will be releasing a new program by Imran Ali that was never shown before as only the selected few was given the permission to leak this at a small price of $47 USD The program will covers the following: - A never-before-released product that helps people to leverage an amazing platform for high-priced product sales and profits - It also includes his personally-crafted documents which shows the best 5 businesses to run in Singapore with little capital and high profits - Plus, it also allows the purchaser of the this low-priced program to get a FULL DAY implementation workshop. The entire program above is only $47 USD. But I am not here to ask you to buy it (even though you can, if you want to). I am going to tell you what is this business model? I was shown a rather ‘weird’ business model that can easily line your pocket with extra cash with a very minimum amount of work. And the best part is that there is absolutely... -No website required (Not even a squeeze page) -No techie stuff to deal with -No MLM -No start-up cost involved. Yes we’re talking about ZERO overheads and still having the potential to rake in hundreds, or even thousands a month And get this… There is no “traffic” required or lead generation costs involved. Everything is in-built. You’ll be ‘fishing’ in a pool that already desperately wants what you have to offer and you’ll actually have prospects coming to you instead. Even better yet, there is practically nothing new to ‘learn’ except how to put this unusual business model into action. Now, you’re probably thinking… Is this a training course? Not quite. Is this a mastermind? Not quite Is this a coaching program? Not quite Is this a done for you program? Not quite Is this software? Not quite The truth is, it’s really a combination of all these things…and more! Of course, while I’d certainly love to give you more details, I can’t do that because I want to protect YOUR interests in this business. Which is why…not only that the tuition fee for this business model/program was kept as low at only $47 USD, that it’s a non-decision, I’d also like to set your heart at ease with an amazing guarantee to make your participation absolutely risk free! Here’s the biggie. You will will be entitled to a FULL DAY IMPLEMENTATION workshop for you to start implementing this EXACT business model and plan. Here’s what you will receive 1) You will get personally curated business model that I KNOW will be the next big thing, and it’s a pity if you’re not aware and onboard. (this will be delivered in PDF format) 2) You will get a FULL DAY implementation workshop to implement this business right away, on 21st November 3) For those who can’t attend, you will also receive a fully recorded video of the LIVE workshop that you can watch at your own convenience. 4) You also get iron-clad, no-quibbles money back guarantee, so all the risk is on me. How much for all of the above? $47 USD. Now, for the bad news. The bad news is that this will only be up for a SHORT 24 hours and I will only release to the 1st 10 person. PM me if you are keen and I will provide you the link to this exclusive business model. P.S: This is ONLY available for 24 hours, period. Get in now! In short, you have everything to win and nothing to lose.

@DigitalPreneur Academy 2015-10-23

Asia Internet Congress happening now with Team K.E.A.F

@DigitalPreneur Academy 2015-10-21

Another week of Digital Entrepreneurship Seminar. Every week, people are getting curious on how to change their lifestyles...#whyiloveinternetmarketing

@DigitalPreneur Academy 2015-10-19

Here is another example of a T-shirt for sale using print on demand selling on tee spring for display purposes only.

@DigitalPreneur Academy 2015-10-16

Here is another example of a T-shirt for sale using print on demand selling on tee spring for display purposes only.

@DigitalPreneur Academy 2015-10-15

Dont expect such crowd today. Follow us to find out more. What have you been missing? #whyiloveinternetmarketing

@DigitalPreneur Academy 2015-10-07

Finally break the 1st egg. This is just the beginning. Why I like internet marketing...great team and mentors. Thats what you need. :)

@DigitalPreneur Academy 2015-10-07

Digital Entrepreneurship Seminar happening now. #internetmarketinglifestyle #internetmarketing #internetmarketer

@DigitalPreneur Academy 2015-09-25

Make full use of my time to deepen my internet marketing knowledge. Good morning guys... #neverstoplearning#easypreneurlifestyle #funnelbuilding

@DigitalPreneur Academy 2015-09-24

Like our facebook page. Digitalpreneur Academy if you are looking for business solution...

@DigitalPreneur Academy 2015-09-05

I have personally embarked in several businesses and investment myself and have a fair share of failure and disappointment. But the desire to be an entrepreneur still stays strong and I do not regret every single time and take it as lesson learnt instead. A painful one of course. The knowledge and exposure is priceless. I am exposed to the internet marketing world since 7 years ago where I started my baby gift business. I have learned the hard way, engaged website designer, market through most media in the industry except television advertisement but it seems difficult to drive traffic/potential customers to our website. Every struggle became tougher and we were clueless. We believe that we were not doing it right and decided to look for a mentor and finally I signed up for an entrepreneurship program. I could not believe how easy it was. To my surprise I have successfully developed my own website. To be exact just within 2 days, I was taught how to drive traffic who will eventually turn into my customers. It is the 1st time I heard of persuasive copy-writing and I have personally experience how powerful it turns out to be when used it correctly and how it able convert your prospect into sales. What if I tell you, there are easier system that allows you to create your own business almost instantly. The similar program that I have attended and benefited. You will not have to go through the similar difficult path ever again. I would like to invite you to our preview. Many have succeeded. The next one could be you. Give yourself a chance. This might work for you. Date: Wednesday 9 Sept 2015 Time: 7.30-9.30 pm Location: Holiday Inn Orchard, 11 Cavenagh Road Singapore 229616 Singapore. Click here to register. Limited Seats only.

@DigitalPreneur Academy 2015-08-31

Are you looking for business idea or keen to start your own business? But you are clueless.... Give yourself a chance and attend our FREE seminar. You will never know that this might work for you. Date: Wednesday 2 Sept 2015 Time: 7.30-9.30 pm Location: Holiday Inn Orchard, 11 Cavenagh Road Singapore 229616 Singapore. Click here to register. Limited Seats only.

@DigitalPreneur Academy 2015-08-26

Digital Entrepreneurship Preview going on. Another full house. You not going to believe what you have been missing. Follow this page for the next preview update. This might work for you.

@DigitalPreneur Academy 2015-08-22

New To Online Income Opportunity? Check This Out Before You Search Elsewhere... Date: Wednesday 26 Aug 2015 Time: 7.30-9.30 pm Location: Holiday Inn Orchard, 11 Cavenagh Road Singapore 229616 Singapore. Click here to register. Limited Seats only.

@DigitalPreneur Academy 2015-08-19

Preview happening now. How to live 5 day weekend lifestyle. What is digital entrepreneurship about? Follow this page to find out the next preview.

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