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@CookXpert 2017-11-04

Nothing complete your skills, your creativity, and your passion if you are not recognized and share all your skills given by God and honed by you and bring it to be of purpose to our community. Feel so proud for cookxpert to be invited to cater for more than 80 residents of Siglap Cc. Proud member of siglap Cc IAEC.. thank you for the opportunity. Nmhrk !

@CookXpert 2017-07-17

Nmhrk ! What a lovely day in siglap cc and thank you for inviting me to teach nuances of healthy cooking and dishes. Its a pleasure and one feels blessed to be accepted and part of community in truest sense. Love Singapore ! Taught Soya Aubergine , breads , Dory Oatsy with accompainments. When you are working full time and juggling home and work and life and still you can indulge your passion of cooking its pure gratitude! Thank you for coming for my class and the opportunity to the president , kristina, Wee siong and lovely people who made my day by attending it. Cheers to many more !

@CookXpert 2016-08-14

And some more pics of the day ! An apt celebration of the solidarity and bohemia and true oneness ! Nmhrk ! Thank you once again to these lovely girls for the opportunity to cookxpert ..

@CookXpert 2016-08-14

Thank you for making my day and enjoying and learning and breaking bread together and how apt for it is a perfect celebration of the National Day . One people one nation and one singapore ! Majulah Singapura !!! Menu taught Mushroom miso soup Mediterrean bread Oats dory Pepper potatoes Lettuce salad Chocolate and cranberry cake And its presentation Thank you once again dear lovely ladies for your warmth and comaradrie opportunity and being patient in learning and making me feel great !!! Nmhrk !!

@CookXpert 2016-07-16

Its been a while since i posted something on the page . Happens when you busy making memoriez in your kids holidays and then taking some time off once she is back in school . So here are some pics of Arabian delights with hummus, accompainments with tahini flavour and shwarma with breads, bagels , falafels and yoghurt kababs and ofcourse sangria to enjoy the meats with ! And also rainbow cake for the dessert ! Bon appetite! The class is already booked for 3rd August and will share what we will be planning to learn and enjoy together. Will update on next class after tht soon ! Thank you ! Nmhrk !

@CookXpert 2016-04-24

Sweet celebrations of lovely moments .. courtsey cookxpert.

@CookXpert 2016-04-04

Nmhrk ! Beautiful moments spent teaching , catching up and having lots of smiles and joy together . Thank you Harshita and Hunny for making my Sunday ! It s an awesome feeling to impart and to share ur passion and build and enjoy it together ! Lov Anchal

@CookXpert 2016-04-02

Let s enjoy Desserts ! Happy b day to Arun.. Nmhrk!

@CookXpert 2016-03-31

Looking forward for taking the class on Sunday 3rd April on nuances of cooking, lots of fun and chatter and having an awesome foodoholic time and of course relishing the food together . Pls call/text /whts app .. 91857465 and book as only limited to 3 pax. Time 3 pm to 6 pm. Menu : 1. Soya baked rice red and white with 2.Dragon fruit accompaniment 3. Drunken Mushrooms with homemade chilli sauce 4. Tiramisu Nmhrk !

@CookXpert 2016-02-16

Gong Xi Fa Cai ! Chinese New year celebrations with family and friends !CookXpert carries on the tradition of organizing it. Thank you so much to let me plan and execute it and with Loh hei. It s beautiful to carry on and embrace traditions and it truly makes us a multi racial society . Menu Drinks Sangria Snacks Mushroom pakodas Malai chicken tikka Acharri chicken Tikka Accompaniment Green coriander chutney Peanut chutney Main course Russian salad Bacon chicken hamburger with potatoes and date chutney Amritsari fish curry Chicken lasagne with blue cheese Grilled baby potatoes Breads and Rice Desserts Tiramisu New Zealand fudge Cheese cake with home made strawberry puree Thank you friends. Hope you enjoyed as much as I did. Bon Appetite !Nmhrk!

@CookXpert 2015-12-15

INDIA SE MAGAZINE .... Another milestone in our journey . The diwali party and the food organized by cookxpert. Been covered abd featured for this year s parties, food and events for diwali in Singapore. The diwali menu abd food organically prepared by Cookxpert . Cocktails ---- Sangria .. Twisted Margaritas Snacks---- Semolina cutlets Mushroom pakodas Keemachicken bite size Kalmi vadas Main menu----- Acharri butter chicken Dhal makhani Paneer Abergine Dry baby potatoes Dessert---- Shahi Rasmalia Trimaisu cake Thank you India Se magazine for featuring cookxpert . Nmhrk

@CookXpert 2015-08-26

There is something beautiful and satisfying with the lovely faces that brighten up and appreciate your work and learn and enjoy food and an afternoon with the lively and fun talk of food, art and music . .. Thank you to all you lovely ladies for coming and making my day !

@CookXpert 2015-08-25

Super excited for the class tomorrow ... Cooking, presenting and eating and most important enjoying the lively banter on food and fun with lovely 8 ladies who are coming .. Preparing the list of items that we are going to make .

@CookXpert 2015-08-05

Eat right and feel good ! The mantra for today cooking get together ! Taught indo -thai with presentation and gingerlemone with jaggery along with it . . Baked brocolli with no butter or oil with chilli garlic and red apple/cabbage salad .. And for dessert the ever decadent walnut chocolate mousse with brown organic sugar . All this went with a taste for sweet and tangy and sourish. . The best part of all was bein with awesum women and very engrossing and Interesting conversation of health,movies,spiritual and friendships.. thank you Reena, Bharti, Rafiya and Gayatri ... 😍😍

@CookXpert 2015-08-05

Start of awesum Wednesday ! All vacations done with from my end ...And back in action ! Looking forward for a lovely time with awesome girls and talking, making and enjoying Food today ... Hope they have a wonderful time too... Nmrk ... An interesting fact sharing about peppers which was shared by a dear friend ..

@CookXpert 2015-05-30

Perfect Saturday Evening ! Enjoyed teaching Baked Broccolli with breads, Indo -Thai curry and Dark Chocolate Marquis with Strawberry and Hazelnut ! Thank you so much Priya and Aishwarya for our fun filled conversation over dinner and drinks ... Cheers !

@CookXpert 2015-04-26

CookXpert had the privilege to cater food and table decorate for princess Ahaana s 3rd birthday party over the weekend and also for dinner party. Gave it a shimmery, flashy and glistening look with butterfly, caterpillar and fruity basket deco. The menu included - *50 people Egg Mayo sandwiches Baked Spring rolls with chilli chutney Cream flowery rolls with assorted fillings Butterfly decorated marshmallows On the same day, had the pleasure to cater for a dinner party. The menu was to the taste of pure Indian vegetarian cuisine. Dishes catered were Malai Koftas Punjabi Chole Dahi Vadai Channa Dhal Vegetable Paneer Pulao Dry Red potatoes Besan Barfi Happy bday again Darling Ahaana baby ! God Bless you! Have a blessed and cheerful Sunday!

@CookXpert 2015-04-05

Lovely Easter Sunday! Enjoyed teaching Khowsuey , Pepper chicken, Paneer Aborgine and lot of lively and fun filled conversation over lunch and drinks ...Thank you Abhi , Martyna and Vidya for making my day ! Cheers !

@CookXpert 2015-03-30

Hectic, happy and fulfiling weekend gone by !! Loved catering for kids food for a darling adorable baby Subir 1st bday party !! Served the food in baskets to give it a unique look and decorated each basket with blue ribbon keeping in mind the blue color scheme of the party . Also, made cute colored flags in yellow, blue and pink colors which made the food interesting and easy enough for kids to pick it up esp the rolls and burgers ! Cookxpert kept in mind the hygiene and taste of the food by individually wrapping each roll and wrap ... Menu ---------------- -------Hamburgers with potato cutlet~ lettuce and homemade chilli garlic sauce .. -------Individually wrapped pepper sausage rolls with lettuce and onion ------Vegetable pasta with goat cheese and mozerella ------- Almond choc sticks with silver umbrella look -------Individually wrapped nutella and cheese rolls Happy bday again dear Subir ! God bless you !!

@CookXpert 2015-03-07

Enjoyed teaching continental cuisine this morning. Thank you Shaipali, Jasminder and Vaishali for the wonderful time. Loved teaching Twizted Basa Fish, Drunken Mushrooms and Chocolate Mousse /w chocolate sauce and our fun filled conversation over drinks and lunch. Looking forward to the next class now.

@CookXpert 2015-03-01

Hectic and happy weekend. Thank you all for the opportunity given to CookXpert to provide and cater these dishes. Hope they are enjoyed as much I loved making them. Bon Appetite!!!

@CookXpert 2015-02-20

Gong Xi Fa Cai - 恭喜发财 CookXpert held CNY celebration event on 19th Feb. In traditional Chinese new year fashion, there was a reunion dinner (年夜飯) and BBQ with friends to capture the magic and energy of this fabulous season. The event decor and food was done by CookXpert. A sea of red and gold outlined the theme of the party. The event decor included tableware, decorations and accessories. The party area was decorated with traditional CNY goodies - Gold coins, Ang Bao, Chinese sword, Ming dynasty doll, Plum blossoms, Good luck mandarins, Kuih Kapit, “The Love Letters”, Pineapple tarts, Chinese tea hóngchá, and the Year of the Goat symbolisms. There was range of dishes organically prepared by CookXpert to suit the overall festive atmosphere of the lunar New Year. CNY specialities: - Chicken Dumpling w Ginger Soya - Veg Dumpling in Chilli Garlic Oil - Lou Hei - Chinese Tea -红茶 hóngchá - Sangria BBQ items: - BBQ Chicken Drumsticks - Paneer Shashlik - BBQ Red Potato Accompaniments: - Tadka Hung curd dip - Coriander and Mint Chutney - Chilli Garlic Oil Main course: - Pepper Chicken - Punjabi Chole - Dahi Vadai - Bay Leaf Rice Dessert: - Spirited Cake - Orange Soufflé

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Personalized learning of exotic dishes with proven recipes handed down from generation.


We love food so much we can t stop talking about it even while we are eating. One of us (Anchal) loves to cook and perfect innovative unique recipes passed down from my mother- in- law Sudha Dhir, my mentor and guide, who is the Dabur s All India award winner, while my husband can t think of anything better than supporting this behaviour, so he can feast on new dishes. Here, we d like to share our discoveries and our love of food with you. These cooking lessons present you with the exquisite and easy to learn dishes that have been handed down to me through generation. Sudha Dhir, my mother-in-law, was chosen by Michelin chef, Vikas Khanna of Junoon restaurant in New York to have some of her dishes included in the restaurant’s menu. I bring this forum to you for personalized learning of her exotic and tasty starters, dishes, parfaits, soufflés, accompaniments and desserts with minimal time and effort which can be a valuable life skill for any busy food enthusiast to acquire like you and a great party hit for sure with your family and friends. The lessons will enthral you with cuisines from across the world and specialized dishes that are sure to tickle your taste buds. Join us on this culinary adventure with the first batch starting in February 2015.


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