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@Avenue Learn 2017-10-21

Hiccups towards a Smart Nation However, this illustrates the demand for people with Technology skills to help in Singapore s transformation #smartnation #singapore #technology #robotics

@Avenue Learn 2017-08-09

HAPPY NATIONAL DAY, SINGAPORE! 🇸🇬️🇸🇬️ In this year s National Day message, the Prime Minister spoke about Singapore s push for a #SmartNation as one of his key messages.it looks to make full use of IT to create opportunities and jobs here and make Singapore an “outstanding place to live, work anrobotics #singapore #technology

@Avenue Learn 2017-08-02

Robots are invading us in every aspect of our life (in a good way)! Read how Ministry of Health intends to increase usage of Robotics and Technology in the Healthcare industry. #robotics #technology #healthcare #singapore

@Avenue Learn 2017-07-26

Hai Sing Catholic School triumph at a world robots contest! #robots #robotics #school #singapore

@Avenue Learn 2017-07-24

Robots deployed in the hospitality industry #robotics #hospitality #singapore #automation

@Avenue Learn 2017-07-09

Robots - it has been around longer than one may think! #robots #robotics

@Avenue Learn 2017-06-28

Food delivery robots coming soon in the future? #automation #robotics #food

@Avenue Learn 2017-06-08

Ryan The s solar car running up slope very well under the sun!

@Avenue Learn 2017-06-08

We will like to congratulate Shawn Lau and Ivan Bong for winning the Performance Award in the recent World Robot Games Singapore 2017! Congratulations!!!

@Avenue Learn 2017-06-06

A solar hybrid car done by Sumugan. It runs perfectly under the sun.

@Avenue Learn 2017-06-04

Your #SundayAfternoon read on our journey to a Smart Nation #Singapore #SmartNation #Robotics #Technology

@Avenue Learn 2017-06-02

Shawn running his robot at World Robot Games Singapore 2017.

@Avenue Learn 2017-06-02

Ivan running his robot in World Robot Games Singapore 2017.

@Avenue Learn 2017-06-02

We will like to congratulate all our participants for attempting their very first robotics competition, World Robot Games Singapore 2017, at Punggol SAFRA today! Despite being very new to robotics and with less than 2 months of training and preparation, we are delighted to see that our participants are able to complete the circuit. We hope that their never-say-die attitude will flourish and the love for robotics will deepen after today!

@Avenue Learn 2017-06-02

Sumugan running his robot in the World Robot Games Singapore 2017.

@Avenue Learn 2017-05-31

Opinions from industry experts on how ready is Singapore to become a Smart Nation #singapore #smartnation #infotechnology

@Avenue Learn 2017-05-28

We are open from 10am to 3pm during the June holidays. We hope our students can start some robotics fun right after breakfast!

@Avenue Learn 2017-05-18

Computing is in demand #programming #technology #robotics

@Avenue Learn 2017-05-14

An imagination of Singapore in 2030! #smartnation #singapore #technology

@Avenue Learn 2017-05-09

Do you have any of these cards? If you do, you can get 20% discount off our monthly fee subscriptions! Come join us now!

@Avenue Learn 2017-05-08

JUNE HOLIDAYS ROBOTICS COURSE! Fancy building your own solar car and racing it against others? Try our course and you get to bring it home at the end of the day!

@Avenue Learn 2017-05-07

How do students find their own place in an automated workforce of the future? #automation #robotics #students

@Avenue Learn 2017-04-30

Tech industry on the up in China, despite an overall slowdown in the economy

@Avenue Learn 2017-04-25

Paya Lebar Methodist Girls School s students acing the World Robot Games last year #robotics #students

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