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@All Hearts Adventure And Training 2018-06-26

To all our families and friends or anyone in need, our Yamaha PA sound system is now available for rental! A perfect PA sound system to use for both indoor and outdoor events such as Campfires, Weddings, Dinner Functions, Musical Performances, Roadshows, Parties, Speaking Engagements etc! Leave the complexity of the audio system setup to us so that you can just focus on ensuring your event is a success! PM or call us @90997960 to engage us for your audio PA solutions today! Our standard rental rate is net, so no bill shock or hidden cost! Standard rental package includes: - One powered mixer (Yamaha MG 10xu ) - Two active speakers (Yamaha DBR-12) - Two extendable speaker stands - Four cordless handheld wireless microphone - One aux audio cable with 3.5mm jack to play audio from laptops, phones and tablets - Delivery of all equipment to event venue and return - Setup of equipment according to event requirement - Disassembly and packing up after event *Other services for one stop solution on your event (additional charges):* - Sound tech engineer - Emcee - Production support team

@All Hearts Adventure And Training 2018-04-16

Hi everyone! Together with Variasi Performing Arts and Elloonia Studio, we will be launching a Pay-it-Forward Ramadan Community Project this coming May! If you, your family members or friends are keen to be part of this event, you are very welcome to join us!

@All Hearts Adventure And Training 2017-12-31

As we close the chapter to 2017.. We would like to take this time to show our deepest gratitude and appreciation to all that have been directly or indirectly involved with us here in All Hearts. We would like to take this opportunity to thank all our fellow mentors who have partnered with us in 2017 without whom we would not be able to have executed our programs like how it has been done. We would like to also take this opportunity to thank the schools and Teachers whom we have worked with in 2017 or even the years before. For their endless trust in us to execute camps the best we can for the development of their students. Really hope to work with you again in the upcoming year and years ahead. And most importantly, we would like to take this opportunity to thank all family members who have seen us though our difficult times, times that we just want to give up, times we come home looking dead but you still have us undying love and support to allow us to still do what we are talented to do. And with that, from the All Hearts Team, we say thank you to all and have an amazing 2018 ahead! Happy New Year! #allheartssg #echteliebeAHSG

@All Hearts Adventure And Training 2017-08-31

We, from All Hearts Adventure & Training, would love to wish everyone a great holiday and to all Muslims a blessed Hari Raya Aidiladha! - - - - Just some announcements. Black Friday have not been posted for this week as it will be postponed to the following Friday. Have a great weekend everyone! Spend this time with your loved ones! ❤️ #allheartssg #echteliebeAHSG #holidaygreetingsAHSG

@All Hearts Adventure And Training 2017-08-28

Good morning to everybody and have an amazing start to your week! Just a throwback to earlier this year. Painting a huge wall, cementing a whole play court, being creative with murals are all very common VIA projects that the team have always been faced with and will always strive towards. Building a wall is something totally new to the team. A very tough start with the wall with so many obstacles in our way but an amazing outcome together with the students. Something we have never done before but will always take up the challenge to achieve it! - - - - Quote to start this week wityou only do what you can do, you will never be more than you aep stepping out of your comfort zone and doing something new. You will never know your capabilities and potential if you keep doing only what you can! Have a great week ahead friends! #echteliebeAHSG #QUOTEoftheweek #letsstarttheweekright

@All Hearts Adventure And Training 2017-08-22

Happy Tuesday everyone! 😁 Our 4th session of Black Friday is coming up!! However, there will be a slight change for Black Friday this week due to having half of the core team having to go overseas for a meeting. Therefore, Black Friday this week will be on Thursday, 24th August 2017 at All Hearts office @ 430pm. For this session, it will be none other than the joker of the team, Erwin Noor! If you are interested or have any queries, please feel free to contact us @ 88582099. #BlackFridayAHSG #echteliebeAHSG #allheartsSG

@All Hearts Adventure And Training 2017-08-10

Hi everybody! Welcome back to a good break mid week! We will be having our 2nd session of Black Friday coming on tomorrow by none other than our deputy, Wyn. It will be held in our office at 11 Woodlands Close, Woodlands 11 @ 5pm. Those interested do drop us a text @ 88582099. See you for a time of gathering and learning! #BlackFridayAHSG #echteliebeAHSG #allheartsSG

@All Hearts Adventure And Training 2017-08-01

Hello everyone! We would like to extend a warm invitation to all our friends in the industry who have been with us to join us for an informal afternoon of nibbles, drinks and a bit of banter on every Friday before we clock off for the week! In our efforts to encourage continuous learning amidst the daily demands of our work life, All Hearts will be practicing a Black Friday session weekly in our office (unless if the team is down for external programmes)! Black Friday serves as an opportunity for one of our Core Teammates to share on any topic that they have knowledge in ranging from service to leadership and even to personal self-development. In case it sounds daunting, there will be lots of time for questions and conversations following the session so no pressure! Just a head up, our Founder, Alvin Lee, will be kick starting this practice on August 4th so do beep us at +65 8858 2099 if you are keen! The only payment you will need to pay is your time! Hope to see you all and let’s learn a thing of two from each other! Where? All Hearts Office @ Woodlands 11 When Every Friday, 3pm-4pm

@All Hearts Adventure And Training 2017-07-05

All Hearts Adventure & Training Team @ Batam Barelang for New Life Community Services

@All Hearts Adventure And Training 2017-06-25

To all our Muslim friends, mentors, partners and past participants, the team would like to extend our warm wishes to you and your families! Selamat Hari Raya Aidil Fitri! May this season of forgiveness bring an abiding peace and blessings to fill All your Hearts and homes! Time to enjoy all the kuih-muih and ketupat rendang!!!

@All Hearts Adventure And Training 2016-12-13

Standard First Aid Course +AED + CPR. 6 slots available @ discounted price of SGD120. Anyone interested please PM. Open to anyone. Course Details as follow 14 Dec and 15 Dec 9am-5pm (Estimated) Sembawang Camp Challenge 8 admiralty road east 759987. While Slot Last!!!

@All Hearts Adventure And Training 2016-12-05

Hey Parents! Want your kids to be superheroes? We re holding our Superhero Camp Challenge this 19th - 20th December! For only $128, kids will learn to overcome challenges, develop social & thinking skills through Scavenger Hunts, Campfires, Story Telling, Laser Combat and Team work activities. PLUS! All kids will get to dress as their fave super hero during the camp and will receive a goodie bag worth $40! For more information, give them a call at 94733511 or sign up here:

@All Hearts Adventure And Training 2016-11-03

What is essential to the heart, is invisible to the eye

@All Hearts Adventure And Training 2016-07-15

Looking for freelancer with background in mass Comm and writing.

@All Hearts Adventure And Training 2016-07-05

Talk about miles and we may be far apart. But talk about the heart and we are always close togethom deep within our hearts, we would like to wish all our muslim friends and families a blessed and joyous Hari Raya! Thank you for supporting us all these whilel

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All Hearts Adventure And Training is a company who believes that Character and Values pave the way for learners. Through strong values and character education, all things will fall into place as the learners grow and experience different forms of challenges. The Directors of the company have 10 years of leadership training and facilitating experience in the Outdoor Education as well as Leadership Development Industry. These experiences include: • Leadership Training Workshops • Team Building and Team Bonding • Outdoor Adventure Expeditions (Local/Overseas) • Corporate Social Responsibilities Projects • Corporate Team-Building and Goals Setting Workshops • Profiling Workshop • (D.I.S.C Profiling) • (T.E.A.M.S Profiling) We incorporates and utilizes the following frameworks: • S.W.O.T Analysis • Goals, Roles, Processes and Relationship • Tuckman’s Team Development Stages (Forming, Storming, Norming, Performing & Adjourning) • John C Maxwell 5 levels of leadership • The Leadership Challenge All Hearts Adventure And Training provides a unique experience for all our clients as all programs and training requirements are customized to the needs of the targeted audience. As service provider to education, we strive to meet objectives, solve problems and to create a better learning enviroment for our clients. Following the 3 beliefs statement of the company ; 1) The Heart of Education, is the Education of the Heart 2) Character and Values forms the foundation of all others 3) What is essential to the heart, is invisible to the eye We do not promise but we deliver the best that we can offer!!!


1. To create opportunities for individuals to build & develop character competencies as individual with a Heart 2. To make a difference in our peoples lives & the lives of those they touch Vision: To flicker an undiscovered potential in every individual and ignite the greater good within them.


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