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@Achievers Dream - Your Trusted O & A Level Chemistry Tuition Specialist 2017-12-06

[How Did the Customised Accelerated Foundation Method Help these Students to Jump at Least 3 Grades Within 4-5 Months?] Learn more by watching the video! To learn more about how Achievers Dream - Your Trusted O & A Level Chemistry Tuition Specialist can assist your child, Visit >>

@Achievers Dream - Your Trusted O & A Level Chemistry Tuition Specialist 2017-11-28

It is more than just Chemistry Tuition... At the start of the year, we promised that if they worked hard, they deserve to play hard! So after their O level examination, we took these bunch of students out to play! What s even better? They get to play for FREE. Achievers Dream sponsored these bunch of hardworking students a day in Sentosa and they had so much fun!! :)

@Achievers Dream - Your Trusted O & A Level Chemistry Tuition Specialist 2017-10-17

SMS Your Name and Contact Number to 9696 4881 confirm your attendance. In tck Chemistry Mastery Worksour child and yourself can understand how this Accelerated Foundation Method™ can help them score B3, A2 or even A1 for Chemistry. And the reason why we re holding this Quick Chemistry Mastery Workshop is because we want to help hardworking chemistry students see improvements for their next Chemistry exam. We think it’s only fair that hardworking students finally see results for their hard work. In this 70-minute workshop, your child and yourself will: 💢 Discover what are the three common but deadly mistakes 💢 Learn a quick and easy way to help stop wasting time, adopting methods that do not help your child to improve her chemistry grades and see her jumping 10-20 marks in her end-of-year examination. 💢 Master the little-known technique used by Achievers Dream to coach their chemistry students (Teachers don t teach this in school). 💢 How did an ordinary chemistry student from Achievers Dream manage to improve from F9 to C6 to A1 within 4 months? 💢 The incredible difference between a modern classroom and a “normal” one. You will see it instantly when you come down to our premises. 💢 How tuition lessons work & their amazing role in helping students score better results in school exams 💢 The Proven & Tested Methods for C6 or below student to experience dramatic improvement over time. 💢 The methodology adopted to create highly concise notes & worksheets (that can’t be found in normal “Popular Book-Shops”) that are superior to notes received in school. But you’ve to act fast, as this workshop is extremely limited! Only for the first 20 Families only

@Achievers Dream - Your Trusted O & A Level Chemistry Tuition Specialist 2017-10-15

Before: 95% D7, E8 & F9 After: 91.3& Scored A & B Don t take our word for it! Hear from our ex-students below! “E8 to A2 in just 5 Months in Achievers Dream! - I hear about Achievers Dream s o level chemistry tuition from a close secondary school friend. I m surprised how Achievers Dream managed to collate and prepare top quality learning materials. Not only it is concise, but it also includes the necessary points for exams. Initially, I was failing very badly for Chemistry. However, after a few sessions with Achievers Dream, I saw my grades picked up (which gave me a lot of confidence). Highly recommended!” Alethea Cheng Methodist Girls School E8 -> A2 “I joined Achievers Dream after my mid-year examination last year (O level year) because I had done very badly for Chemistry, scoring an E8. I felt that it was my weak chemistry foundation and the lack of drive to do practices that had pulled me down. Studying chemistry was a chore because everything seemed like memory work. At Achievers Dream, a whole range of questions for each topic was given to us to familiarise with the topic, build our understanding of it and ultimately to strengthen our chemistry foundation. We were asked to ask those fundamental questions and not to be afraid to make mistakes because we all learn from them and it is better making mistakes at tuition/school/home and learning from them rather than making those mistakes during O levels itself. Achievers Dream was my Constant source of motivation to go for my goals. Our chemistry tutor, Jerald, never gave up on us even though most of us were doing very badly in Chemistry. Thanks Achievers Dream!!” Cherilyn Teng St Margaret s Secondary school E8 -> A1 “ I managed to get out of the failing zone and did well for my O levels chemistry exam - When I joined Achievers Dream, I was failing my chemistry because I could not keep up in class. After joining, I begin to build up on the foundations again, and this was only possible because of the tutor, Jerald, is very patient, understanding, kind and confident. Thus, I managed to get out of the failing zone and did well for my O levels. I would strongly recommend this chemistry tuition because it certainly helped me. Thank you, Achievers Dream!” Jordan Lim Bukit Panjang Government High F9 -> B3 -> A1 “Learn ahead of the syllabus & made learning in school so much easier - I’m grateful that I attended Achievers Dream O level chemistry tuition. Studying chemistry is a breeze for me right now because I get to learn ahead of the syllabus. As a result, I have an unfair advantage over my peers. Not only I feel more confident about the subject, but I m also able to answer questions my peers aren t able to answer. Highly encourage people to come to Achievers Dream! Recommended! 5 Star!”. Eugene Goh New Town Secondary School F9 -> B4

@Achievers Dream - Your Trusted O & A Level Chemistry Tuition Specialist 2017-10-10

Achievers Dream Learning Centre (Chemistry Specialist) is officially registered with the Ministry of Education (MOE).be registered, private schools need to meet basic statutory requirements, such as building and fire safety requirements, and have an acceptable curriculum and qualified teacheWe are glad that Achievers Dream Learning Centre met these requirements! Looking forward to helping many more parents and students (C6, D7, E8 & F9) in time to come! To learn more about Achievers Dream Learning Centre, Visit:

@Achievers Dream - Your Trusted O & A Level Chemistry Tuition Specialist 2017-09-18

[Case Study 36: Jessalyn Neo: From F9 to B4 to A1 For Chemistry] Meet Jessalyn! She started Achievers Dream with a score of F9 struggling in Chemistry... Jessalyn is your typical hardworking student who strives her best to study and prepare for exams. However, her results didn t reflect her effort she put in Chemistry. She shared with us that she memorize the textbook, read notes prepared by her teacher and even go to the extent of making her notes to ensure she can understand the concepts. For the level 1 questions requiring her to recall basic concepts, she managed to score them. However, for application and higher order thinking questions. She didn t manage to score them... Are you facing this too? Or your child is struggling with Chemistry as well? Would you like to know how she eventually achieved an 8-band improvement from F9 to A1? Look out for her video to find out more !! Like us to learn more!

@Achievers Dream - Your Trusted O & A Level Chemistry Tuition Specialist 2017-07-27

Tip: 2 Proven Methods That Helped Isaac Improve From F9 to A1 by Isaac Goh (Bukit Batok Secondary School) Improving from F9 to C6 in Chemistry is simple. Scoring A1 and being consistent is difficult. Only 30% of students are able to do it. Here s what they have in common... >>

@Achievers Dream - Your Trusted O & A Level Chemistry Tuition Specialist 2017-07-06

Do you ever wonder what is the most effective way of studying chemistry?

@Achievers Dream - Your Trusted O & A Level Chemistry Tuition Specialist 2017-07-04

Do you know what are the 3 common but deadly mistakes made by 90% of the students when it comes to learning Chemistry?

@Achievers Dream - Your Trusted O & A Level Chemistry Tuition Specialist 2017-06-22

Is your child constantly failing Chemistry? Listen to Darren to learn how he jumped from E8 to B4 within 4 Months...

@Achievers Dream - Your Trusted O & A Level Chemistry Tuition Specialist 2017-06-11

Stella Teng Opens Up How She Went From Scoring F9 To Scoring B4 After 5 Months With Achievers Dream.... Click here to read more about her story... >> #olevelchemsitrytuition #purechemtuition #chemistrytuition #achieversdream

@Achievers Dream - Your Trusted O & A Level Chemistry Tuition Specialist 2017-05-24

Officially Open! We are pleased to announce that our operations will officially shift from 7 Hume Ave to 9 Jalan Bingka s(588905) from 23rd May 2017. For enquiries, visit

@Achievers Dream - Your Trusted O & A Level Chemistry Tuition Specialist 2017-05-15

Congratulations! Achievers Dream would like to congratulate Vanessa for her great effort. She used to be scoring F9 for Chemistry to the extent that she doesn t see the point to study for the exams. After 2 months with Achievers Dream, she finally managed to pass Chemistry. That s where she start to believe in herself and work even harder to see better results! And after 4 months, she scored A1 for her CA1. F9 --> C6 --> A1 Vanessa Foo Zhenghua Secondary School Do you know of someone similar to her profile? pm us to chat more :)

@Achievers Dream - Your Trusted O & A Level Chemistry Tuition Specialist 2017-05-09

Especially For Parents Of Secondary 3, 4 or 5 Students Who Scored C6, D7, E8 Or Even F9 For Chemistry. Did your child score borderline results for Chemistry this Mid-year examination? OR worse... did she actually fail Chemistry? If your answer is yes to any of the questions above, take 1 quick minute to read this post... Listen to what Isaac has to say after his parents send him to Achievers Dream after seeing a similar FB post few months back. Hi, my name is Jerald, founder of Achievers Dream -The Chemistry Specialist. You might know me as the chemistry tutor that transformed over 150+ C6, D7, E8 or even F9 students to B3, A2 and A1 within a short period of time. Over the last 9 years, I developed the Accelerated Foundation Method™ to help struggling chemistry students to FINALLY understand how to prepare for chemistry exam without hours and hours of memorising and practising the ten-year series. I understand that your child is lagging very far behind and she is scoring D7, E8 or even F9. Or worse, her confidence is affected and causing her to dislike Chemistry. It is NOT her fault. I have come across many students of similar background and the Accelerate Foundation Method can help to boost her grades up in 3 to 4 months. For a limited time only, I’ll be offering a FREE Chemistry Strategy Session (First 30 parents only) because we do not want to take in students we cannot help. The session can help your child find out WHY your child is she struggling in Chemistry despite giving her best and most importantly, what you can do next to help your child. What’s even important is... You can also sit in together with your child which means both of you get to learn at the same time! Click on the link below to find out more about the FREE Chemistry Strategy Session today! P.S. This post will be taken down once we have 30 parents has signed up for it. Take action now to avoid disappointment. >>

@Achievers Dream - Your Trusted O & A Level Chemistry Tuition Specialist 2017-04-23

Something exciting is brewing... Stay tuned! #caterpillartobutterfly #F9toA1 #WeBelieveYouCanFly

@Achievers Dream - Your Trusted O & A Level Chemistry Tuition Specialist 2017-04-19

➡➡ Sec 4 Student Scored A2 For Chemistry From E8 In 4 JUST Months - Vinone Lui (Canberra Secondary School) ⬅⬅ Vinone joined Achievers Dream last year June 2016 because she failed her Chemistry mid-year examination. She is hardworking but somehow she just doesn’t know how to tackle chemistry exam questions. With only 4-5 months to go before ‘O’ level, her mother decided to send her for a FREE consultation in Achievers Dream to pinpoint exactly how can she improve within the short duration. After just 10 lessons, we are proud to share that her grades jumped from E8 to B4 for her Prelims. And... After 32 lessons, she scored 70+ marks for Chemistry! Achievers Dream would like to congratulate Vinone for achieving 6 GRADES improvement in JUST 4+ Months! ➡➡ If you would also like to send your child in for a FREE Chemistry Strategy Session to let us PINPOINT EXACTLY where your child can improve, register your interest below or message us directly. P.S As we are just a few more months away from ‘O’ level. Time is running out… Do register early for the FREE consultation and learn how your child can finally improve in Chemistry. P.P.S If you find that we ve wasted your time during the session, we will give you $50 to take a cab back home and also you get to keep those materials given. you might ask... this is too good to be true... What s the catch? We just expanded into somewhere near Bukit Timah Plaza and we want to raise awareness how we managed to transform more than 100+ students from D7, E8 or even F9 to B3, A2 and A1. Click the link below to learn more... ➡➡

@Achievers Dream - Your Trusted O & A Level Chemistry Tuition Specialist 2017-03-27

The results are in! A skeptical mum who doesn t believe that it is even possible for her child to improve in chemistry (after her teacher labelled her child as hopeless in Chemistry and should consider dropping the subject)... Proven WRONG... Looking to optimise the current system adopted for STRUGGLING Chemistry students... D7, E8 or even F9 students can REALLY still improve in Chemistry IF they are willing to do their part and have someone experienced to guide them! Gearing up for April 2017 where I m going ALL IN to serve this particular market (Struggling Chemistry Students)- Giving these students EVEN better learning environment, hiring curriculum writers to improve the materials used to get 91.3% A and B students and best... WITHOUT charging a single cent extra! (We MUST BE MAD!) Thanks for their trust! Will continue to bring more value to the marketplace! Take a look at these testimonials! P.S PM me if you know of anyone who needs help with Chemistry ok!

@Achievers Dream - Your Trusted O & A Level Chemistry Tuition Specialist 2017-02-09

Our Latest Success Story! Congratulations! D7 to A1 in 2 Months... Lai Siqi (Dunearn Secondary School) If your child needs help... Start with a FREE Comprehensive Analysis for her SA2 exam papers last year :) Contact us for more details!

@Achievers Dream - Your Trusted O & A Level Chemistry Tuition Specialist 2017-01-20

** FREE Chemistry (Diagnostic) Strategy Session For Parents With Children Who Scored D7, E8 and F9 For Chemistry ** F9 to A1 in Chemistry... Is it EVEN possible? Yes… It is. Jordan Scored A1 for his ‘O’ level Chemistry exam. He was extremely grateful that the ‘A1’ he scored in Chemistry allowed him to enter his desired college. Then you will be wondering… If Jordan can score A1 from F9…. Can my child do it too (especially when he is scoring D7, E8 or even F9 NOW)? Is there still some hope for him? The answer is… It depends… Even though 91.3% of our students scored ‘A’ or ‘B’ in their ‘O’ levels (95% of students FIRST entered Achievers Dream with D7, E8 or even F9), it will really depend on what we described below. After working with over 100+ students, we have discovered that students who see the most results from our program are doing these few things before they joined us. So if you are wondering if there is still hope for your child… It depends on whether they are doing anyone of the following description below. In fact, to qualify for the Chemistry Strategy Session, your child must be doing ONE of the following … 1. They are very hardworking. (they rewrite their school notes and pay attention in class - but they still cannot understand what’s going on) 2. Their main mode of preparing for the exam is by ‘memorising’. (They are showing signs that they want to do well - memorising their notes. FYI - ‘Memorising’ is the WORST way to prepare for Chemistry’). 3. They are putting extra hours outside school hours to study for Chemistry. (Efforts in the wrong direction go to waste as they are not seeing substantial results). If your child can qualify for our program, there is hope. Just like Jordan who was ONCE struggling in chemistry… But, not anymore now... He was sharing with us that before he joined Achievers Dream he couldn t understand what was going on in class till he became uninterested in the subject itself. That’s when he gave up in Chemistry. Take action NOW - before your child decides to give up on Chemistry. - your child has more time to improve, which also mean that it is less stressful for them. - once our slots are full, this post will be taken down WITHOUT NOTICE. Click here to learn more about the FREE Chemistry Strategy Session >> Jordan scored A1 from F9. Jordan Lim - Pure Chemistry Bukit Panjang Government High F9 to A1 P.S If you want us to create a CUSTOMISED plan and PINPOINT exactly where your child can improve in order to stop struggling and eventually score A in Chemistry, book a session below. >> P.P.S If you scroll all the way to the bottom without reading the post or viewing the video, this might not be for you. In short, we are looking to help D7, E8 or even F9 ‘O’ level Chemistry students. If you know of someone who will benefit from our help, ‘Share’ the post! Thank you in advance!

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Achievers Dream exists not only to teach O & A level chemistry tuition (91.3% scored A & B ), but also to impart values (Gratitude, Loving, Respect and Responsibility) that will bring students further in life.


Achievers Dream Learning Centre (The Chemistry Specialist) is set up by a young Entrepreneur who has been teaching O & A level chemistry tuition in Singapore over a decade. Over the years, hordes of D7, E8 or even F9 students were transformed into B3, A2 or even A1 students over a span of few months. The reason why he decides to take in this bunch of students is that many commercial schools (for the sake of protecting their reputation) chose not to take these students in. Leaving this small group of students anxiously looking for professional help. However, he realized that being an A student in Chemistry does not mean he/she is set for life. Students should be equipped with some vital skills that can propel them further in life. People skills, EQ (Emotion Quotient), Integrity, Gratitude, Respect and Loving are some observations made by him when he interacts with individuals who are extremely successful. Achievers Dream exists not only to teach chemistry, but also to impart values (Gratitude, Loving, Respect and Responsibility) that will bring students further in life. Values should be imparted to the next generation to ensure that they outperform the previous generation. Students who ‘graduate’ from Achievers Dream will be labelled as role models in the society. ‘A’ grade can land us our first job, but the speed of us moving up the corporate ladder depends on many other non-academic factors. After that, the duration of one staying successful depends on how high their core values are. Achievers Dream wants to reinforce the academic concepts taught in school and most importantly, impart knowledge and skills the school isn t teaching.


Nurture A students with exceptional people skills and strong core values!


Achievers Dream - Your Trusted O & A Level Chemistry Tuition Specialist was founded in Jerald Lie


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