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Snacks and foods from our Student's parents!! Thank you for that.. Appreciate it! Team Jhkim SGC/SK/JEJU Team Johan MASTERS #singapore #korea #taekwondo #jeju #gec #daejeongeup #educity #competition #태권도 #영어마을 #제주도 #goldmedal #adultstaekwondo #tots #kids #teens #international #workout #swag #놀자 #serangoon #sengkang #kis #nlcs #bha #sja

Happy 2nd birthday to Raiqah! Today must be your parents' favourite day of the year, because it is the day when you came into this world. Stay beautiful, reach for the stars, may all your dreams come true!

Thanks UShift SG for involving us in the spirit of giving this season! We hope all our construction friends enjoyed the coffee and it helped fuel their day! #baristasgiveback #changinglivesthroughcoffee

Sharing you some of their reactions this Dec holidays. 🤗🖒

@MoneyTree 2017-12-22

When it means enough to send out an X'mas greeting, you take the time to say it yourself. Merry Christmas!

Join the Upcoming Sumo Competition NOW! Certificate will be issued to all participants. Winner will win a prize

Can you find a + b + C =? ° Post your answer here without using trigonometry.

《对外服务》 亲子同欢:小儿推拿保健乐趣多 Parent-Child Workshop: Paediatric Massage Healthcare 101 更多详情,请查询

Happy feet, happy hand, happy Montfortians at this year's P1 orientation.

Work-Learn Technical Diploma in Security Systems Engineering: Apply for this course to acquire the niche skills to plan, design and manage the integrated security system. More info @

Congrats to Toby Koh of Ademco Security Group and Simon Ng of Leacov for winning the EYA!!!

#lagukanakkanak #malaysia terbaru kami "Gerak Ke Kanan, Gerak Ke Kiri" :) Please help share post! Thank You

Hi Parents, many of you couldn't sign-up for our NOV workshop. WE HEARD YOU 😀 📢 MARK THESE DATES PLEASE 📢The very popular 'Self-confidence' workshop coming up on 19th-20th-21st DEC - HOLIDAY WORKSHOP 10am to 1pm on all 3 days, Ages 6 to 11 years Very engaging and interactive Life-Skills workshops which help your child's #Confidence #Selfesteem & #Resilience 🙇 Lots of stories, games & activities 👬👭 Meaningful gift, lots of fun, great experience👌 😀Children love it and want more ✅Focussed and small group size 👉Contact Shivani at 81808094 or [email protected] #SoulKids #selfconfidence #positivechild #SoulKidsmentor #lifeskills #holidayprogram #schoolholidays

2018学年Form 2, Form 3和Form 5的同学,开课日期是十二月(2017)。 2018学年Form 1和Form 4的同学,开课日期是明年一月(2018)。 敬请垂注。谢谢。 联络号码: 016-7093118 (Mr. Chin) 地址: 8&8A, Jalan Meranti 5, Taman Rinting, 81750 Masai, Johor.

I love this :-) ------------ HINTS for the listening comprehension: boku wa inu ja nai. = I am not a dog. haa? = Excuse me? ('haa' sounds rude.) nan-sai da tte, kiite n no. = I am asking how old you are. inu no nenrei da to, nan-sai nan da yo naa. = In dog's years, how old are you? nan de temee ni oshie nakya nan nee n da. = Why do I have to tell you? baka tare ga, = You are stupid. koraa = I am angry at you. esa, iru ka? = Do you need food (feed)? nan no esa? = What food? jaakii = jerky uso = lie, not true wakatta. = I understood. jaakii yaru yo. = I will give you jerky, you know? nana-sai = I am seven years old. igai to toshi kutte n da na. = I didn't know that you are so so old. / Unexpectedly, you are old. jaakii, nakatta. = I didn’t have jerky. nana-sai no wan-chan = 7 years' dog, iya, omae ja nee tte. = Not you. ware oko nari. = I am very angry. dou sureba yurushite kureru? = How do you forgive me? jibun de kangae ro. = Think (Figure it out) by yourself. jaakii, katte kuru tte itta ra? = If I say, 'I go to buy jerky', (and what will you do?)

Assalamulaikum Wr Wb Dear parents, Registration for aLIVE Madrasah at Al-istighfar Mosque year 2018 is till open. Do refer to the picture for the class schedule.

The Eye Level Math Olympiad is a global competition designed to challenge students’ mathematical thinking. Early bird registration has ended, but it’s still not too late for those who are interested. Registration closes on 15th October 2017. We encourage all eligible students to take part in this test as it helps to inspire and set higher goals in your Eye Level studies 😀 For more information, or to register your interest, kindly inform your Centre Manager or your child's instructor-in-charge today! 😃

PERHATIAN KEPADA SEMUA IBUBAPA YANG MEMPUNYAI ANAK BERUMUR 3- 6 TAHUN.... Pendaftaran sesi 2018 dibuka sekarang. Inilah masanya untuk merancang plan pendidikan anak-anak. Jadikan anak anda sebahagian dari warga Tadika Planet Wawasan. BELAJAR MELALUI BERMAIN DAN AKTIVITI-AKTIVITI YANG MENYERONOKKAN DENGAN KADAR YURAN YANG SANGAT BERPATUTAN. Sila datang ke premis kami untuk mengenali kami secara dekat dan lebih mesra.. Kami mengalu-alukan kehadiran anda semua. Sila hubungi : 0108842570 untuk keterangan yang lebih terperinci. #tadikaplanetwawasan

Muhd Hayyan joined the Reading Club in January this year and back then, he only knew one thing: memorising words. He didn't know how to explain letter sounds. Today, after receiving our coaching, Rayyan is now able to read a storybook all by himself with full of confidence. And he doesn't need to memorise words anymore. Your child can be like Rayyan if you call us at 91806140 today. Don't wait.

@Junior Playworld 2017-08-30

Thank you parents for all the thoughtful gifts & wonderful cards! Much Appreciated JP Teachers

5 Mulia 3D Pineapple 🍍 🍍🍍🍍🍍 Alhamdulillah, thank you Allah for giving us a brilliant brain to make a beatiful 3D pineapple

@SMK PASIR GUDANG 2017-08-07

Seminar Kemahiran Sekolah Menengah Pasir Gudang & Program Vokasional Menengah Atas ( PVMA ) Di Bawah Tajaan Menteri Besar Johor Tahun 2017 Dirasmikan Oleh Yb Dato' Hajah Normala Binti Abdul Samad (A.M.N)(D.I.M.P)

Kids' Training Sunday 26/02/2017 The kids were put to the test of endurance and discipline as they were training Contact Sparring with the Two Sticks. A lot of awareness and discipline had to be put in, in order for them not to hurt each other. They also learnt the importance of listening to instructions and to always be resilient and not to give up every time they face a problem.

CCLE is really pleased to have invited Dr Tim Elmore as Distinguished Speaker in the 10th Character and Leadership Education Forum, 9-10 Nov 2016. An average of 290 TP Staff, Students, and Industry Partners have attended.

Hi everyone we will be using our new Facebook page "PetStylist " for updates . This is our new address : Pet Stylist by School Of Pet Grooming Address is : Blk 330 Ang Mo Kio Ave 1 #01-1825 S560330 Pamela 9183 9509 Patrine 9875 2742 Linus 9023 2219 Email : [email protected] Like us on Facebook : Pet Stylist Instagram : Petstylistsg Thank you for all the support !!!

For a free trial of 2 hours please contact 83211171.

A beautiful and touching ThankYou Card from my student, Dexter Koh, who graduated from Montessori Phonics last Monday. His mum added " Thanks for opening up to him a world of words. Believe he will look back next time and think fondly of you." Grateful thanks to you Mrs Koh and Dexter for the very sweet encouragement in my calling to teach young children.

I will be doing a Beatbox Workshop this coming Sunday (3rd April) at Recognize Studios (181 Orchard Road, Singapore. Orchard Central #05-31). Time: 3PM - 4.30PM. Fee: S$20. See you guys there! 💥👍💥🎙🎶

How to live 5 day weekend lifestyles? Imran Ali shared yet another full house of participant who opt to learn at this hour rather than be at the comfort of their home...why are they curious? PM me to know more. 😊 The roots of technical education in Singapore can be traced back to the British colonial period when the Government Trade School (later renamed Balestier Trade School in 1940) was established in 1930, offering pre-apprenticeship training to primary school students. In 1938, St Joseph’s Trade School was established by two Gabrielite brothers from Abyssinia. In line with the nation’s development, our courses began to focus on knowledge intensive areas and industry skills, as suited to the needs of a growing economy. #SG50 #ITE #Singapore #Education #RememberSG




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