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SGH MusicFest 2018 新加坡中央医院音乐节 11 May 2018 《楚留香》《你怎么说》《凉凉》《一帘幽梦》《夜来香》 《不装饰你的梦》《南海姑娘》《城里的月光》《红颜旧》《战台风》

May/June Holiday is coming near soon! Any plan so far? For example, going aboard? enrichment class for your kids?

Happy Holidays! Our N1 & N2 students have prepared a small heartwarming speech about their love for their loved ones. Sending our love to them until we see them when the new term starts in January 2018! #childrensg #chineseenrichment #EduGroveMEC #nursery

#lagukanakkanak #malaysia terbaru kaak Ke Kanan, Gerak Ke K:) Please help share post! Thank You

Our Malay Dance Group participated in the Muara Festival 2017 on Saturday,4 November, at the Esplanade Outdoor Theatre. It was an enriching experience for the pupils. Congratulations to the team on their amazing performance!

@Artistori 2017-11-12

Let’s welcome Li Kai to Artistori! Li Kai is a well-mannered and pleasant boy who loves to draw! He would always ask if he can doodle and draw even though he has finished his task in class. We are always very excited to see his little doodles every week! We hope that Artistori will grow and learn together with our new little artists, creating wonderful art works! 欢迎Li Kai 加入意言社!Li Kai 给我们的第一印象是非常有礼貌并愿意帮助其他小朋友,他在班上总是协助老师并帮助其他的小朋友。意言社会和他一起学习与进步,为大家带来更多更有创意的作品! 意言社 Artistori 用艺术表达语言,让语言丰富艺术 Your Story, Your Art

As the leasing and financing of aircraft becomes more prevalent, aircraft are increasingly subject to cross border transfers and consequently, changes in nationality, over the course of their useful lives. 99 international participants from 23 countries joined the Cape Town Asia-Pacific Regional Seminar on the Cape Town Convention and its Aircraft Protocol and Cross-Border Transferability of Aircraft, jointly organised by the Aviation Working Group with the Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore together with the support of the International Institute for the Unification of Private Law - UNIDROIT and ICAO - International Civil Aviation Organization The seminar had a strong line-up of expert speakers, from both the government and industry, to speak on the Convention and Aircraft Protocol which are instrumental in facilitating such transfers and nationality changes.

Muhd Hayyan joined the Reading Club in January this year and back then, he only knew one thing: memorising words. He didn t know how to explain letter sounds. Today, after receiving our coaching, Rayyan is now able to read a storybook all by himself with full of confidence. And he doesn t need to memorise words anymore. Your child can be like Rayyan if you call us at 91806140 today. Don t wait.

@Junior Playworld 2017-08-30

Thank you parents for all the thoughtful gifts & wonderful cards! Much Appreciated JP Teachers


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