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@A Special Door 2018-06-29

We kick-start Term 3 with the theme 'Days and months'. This week, our students make their own The Hungry Caterpillar story booklet. Through the activity, they learn sequencing, counting, reading, spelling, writing, colouring and the discipline to stay on task. Well done, kiddos!

To all our families and friends or anyone in need, our Yamaha PA sound system is now available for rental! A perfect PA sound system to use for both indoor and outdoor events such as Campfires, Weddings, Dinner Functions, Musical Performances, Roadshows, Parties, Speaking Engagements etc! Leave the complexity of the audio system setup to us so that you can just focus on ensuring your event is a success! PM or call us @90997960 to engage us for your audio PA solutions today! Our standard rental rate is net, so no bill shock or hidden cost! Standard rental package includes: - One powered mixer (Yamaha MG 10xu ) - Two active speakers (Yamaha DBR-12) - Two extendable speaker stands - Four cordless handheld wireless microphone - One aux audio cable with 3.5mm jack to play audio from laptops, phones and tablets - Delivery of all equipment to event venue and return - Setup of equipment according to event requirement - Disassembly and packing up after event *Other services for one stop solution on your event (additional charges):* - Sound tech engineer - Emcee - Production support team

Thank you Bryna Singh from The Straits Times for the feature! & yes, we can't agree more on building relationship with your love ones through pottery hands-on. "It warmed our hearts whenever we see 2 or 3 or even 4 generations visit our pottery jungle for hands on workshop, teasing each other, giving feedback, guiding each other throughout the 2-3 hours workshop." Have a great week ahead!

@Smart Play 2018-05-21

Honor 10 had be arrive Singapore Retail Price at $579.00 Free Gift with every purchase of Honor 10.

Aspiring to build a meaningful & profitable business start-up in your campus years? If you’re open to exploring opportunities in one of the fastest growing Financial Services Groups, we are ready to welcome young & driven individuals! Our dedications to your success: Mentorship One-to-one mentorship from successful practitioners to jumpstart your business dream, right in your own campus! Rewarding challenges will be introduced along the way by your mentors so that you earn as you learn. Training Effective training is the essence of a successful business start-up. With our holistic training systems in place, we ensure that you will have a great head-start compared to your peers! Incentives Tier-based cash incentives will be offered to all participants to cushion your business running costs. On top of that, business revenues & profits are yours to keep. Expansion & Beyond Upon stabilizing your business start-up, you will be offered to bring onboard other business partners. There is no limit to your expansion! Therefore, if you’re a young & driven individual who’s inspired to be happier & richer! ONLY 5 SLOTS AVAILABLE, SIGN UP NOW! Advisors' Bloc

(CPR&AED accredited by National Resuscitation Council) SkillsFuture Credit Payable !! Sign up today !!

"As a child, my mother used to tell me that there is only one thing that other people cannot steal from you; and that is knowledge.” A recipient of the NIE Excellence in Teaching Commendation, Associate Professor Chang Chew Hung believes that NIE’s thought leadership position in education offers valuable opportunities to make a positive impact on Singapore’s education. Besides serving as the Associate Dean for Professional Development at NIE-GPL, Associate Professor Chang is also the President of the Southeast Asian Geography Association, a Co-Chair of the International Geographical Union Commission on Geographical Education, a Co-Editor of International Research in Geographical and Environmental Education and a member of the Network of Education for Sustainability in Asia. To learn more about the stories of NIE faculty members like Associate Professor Chang, follow us on Facebook and Instagram (@NIEGPL). #MyNIEStory #LearningDifferently #LeadingChange #NIEGPL

Season’s Greetings from the Lee Kong Chian Natural History Museum! The Christmas Island Red Crabs are not the only crab species that migrate to the shore to breed. Find out more in our latest exhibition #ChristmasIslandRED. We are open on Christmas and New Year, so see you at the museum this festive season!

Mỗi câu chuyện là một hoàn cảnh riêng. Nhưng với giấc mơ của mình, các học sinh Việt Nam đã đi được đến mơ ước của mình, ở lại và lập nghiệp tại Singapore. Kate Bui, với tên Việt Nam là Kim Khánh, sau khi nhập quốc tịch Singapore với tên gọi Kate Bui, là một du học sinh tại trường Đại Học Quốc Gia Singapore và hiện nay đang là phó giám đốc quản lý vùng khu vực Đông Nam Á của học viện Emeritus với các chương trình đào tạo trung bình trên 50000 đô/năm cho các khoá học đào tạo nhân sự cao cấp. Con đường đi đến thành công của bạn ấy luôn là động lực cho các bạn sinh viên mới dám ao ước và khát khao vươn mình đến tương lai. Vũ Thị Thanh Huê, một học sinh của Viet-Sing Edu House ngay từ những ngày đầu, lại là gương vượt khó đáng trân trọng. Bạn đã chứng minh việc du học nước ngoài không chỉ dành cho những người có tiền, nếu bạn có nghị lực vượt khó, bạn sẽ chạm đến thành công. Vừa đi học vừa đi làm để dành tiền đóng tiền học, Huê tốt nghiệp ra trường và nằm trong danh sách TOP 3% học sinh giỏi của trường Singapore Republic Polytechnic. Ra trường Huê được tuyển ngay vào làm việc với Rotary Logistics. Bạn lại tiếp tục vừa làm vừa học để hoàn tất chương trình đại học tại Sing. Hiện nay Huê đang làm đại diện cho một công ty Singapore đóng tại Thanh Hoá phụ trách việc bảo trì cho dự án lọc dầu Nghi Sơn. Vừa về nước được hơn hai tháng, Huê bắt tay ngay vào việc dạy tiếng Anh miễn phí cho các bạn công nhân của dự án, giúp các bạn giao tiếp được tốt hơn với ban quản lý. Nhiệt tình và tấm lòng của bạn được đáp lại bằng sự tin cậy của giám đốc và sự yêu quý của các công nhân. Đối với tôi, đây chính là thành công, khi bạn được đóng góp sức trẻ của mình để kiếm tiền và làm được nhiều việc có ý nghĩa cho cộng đồng.

GosTAN Back Reprise - 13 Dec 2017, When Tan Xiao Ming and his friends meet Professor T :) Were you there with us?

@Music Workshop 2017-12-10

To All our Students, Parents, Teachers, and Friends:

IT IS FINALLY HERE. [email protected] proudly presents our BRAND NEW [email protected] English + WR!TE Programme. A comprehensive programme that covers everything that your child needs to score A-star for the English Lanuage Exams. * [email protected] Composition Writing * NEW Situational Writing * Comprehension OE & Cloze * NEW [email protected] Oral * NEW [email protected] Reading * Grammar & Vocabulary * ALL COMPONENTS of English Paper 2 One programme that gives your child the BEST OF BOTH WORLDS - English Enrichment & [email protected] WR!TE Enrichment. Grab a seat in our NEW classes now. Contact [email protected] at [email protected] Mobile: 9841 3975 [email protected] Clementi: 6774 2618 [email protected] King's Arcade: 6463 2956 Our Track Record. Our [email protected] kids' success stories. "I’ve seen my son go from scoring 25 out of 40 to achieving FULL MARKS for his composition writing. I enrolled him in [email protected] with the hope of igniting his interest to learn the English Language; to my delight, I got more than what I had hoped for." - Mrs Lim, parent of our PSLE student "My son has been with [email protected] for 5 years since he was in Primary 2. We have seen him improve in his writing and English Language over the years, and his excellent grades for the subject say it all." - Mrs Branda Neo, parent of our PSLE student "Ever since my daughter started attending lessons at [email protected] her attitude towards composition writing and learning English Language changed totally. She would study her [email protected] notes diligently and write stories with confidence. She even speaks of having an author’s voice and sets time aside to revise her [email protected] notes on grammar rules. Enrolling her in [email protected] was one of the best decisions I’ve made; and it all paid off when my girl scored A* for PSLE English Language." – Mrs Tan, Parent of our PSLE student “My child has a wealth of ideas to draw from when writing stories, and that never used to be the case before she came to [email protected] What I’m really impressed with is that she is able to plan her writing well before she starts. Thanks [email protected] The results have been amazing!” – Mrs Sharon Tan, parent of our Primary 4 student “I am amazed at the depth of vocabulary my child has amassed since attending [email protected] She has become a much more confident writer and can now write a full story with ease. She loves coming to lessons.” – Mr Calvin Tang, parent of Primary 3 student Let your child have his / her author's voice and score A-star for English Language exams today. Grab a seat in our NEW classes now. Contact [email protected] at [email protected] Mobile: 9841 3975 [email protected] Clementi: 6774 2618 [email protected] King's Arcade: 6463 2956

It’s been awhile since I’ve a flu 🤧so here’s my remedies for today’s😷 and lots of rest!! Into the blender flu bug 👊🏻

Batch 1, grade 1 and 2.... getting ready.... all the best!

Nanyang Technological University, Singapore partners with oil and gas giant ExxonMobil to set up Singapore Energy Centre to be launched in 2019. The centre will be focusing on researching next-generation technologies such as new forms of energy production; energy efficiency, conversion and storage; climate change mitigation and adaptation; and energy and water access. Read more:

@NTU Admissions 2017-11-08

"ADM allows us to expand our skills for the creative industry. We are trained to work both individually and as groups in a conducive and cohesive school environment, with guidance from the faculty and administrative support from the staff. In ADM, we not only develop as individuals, but as a family where every student learns to work and grow together. We work and play, enjoying every bit of our university education here. NTU not only allowed me to improve my art and design skills and expand my appreciation for the arts but also provided me with the opportunities to lead as the Student Club President, giving a voice to ADM’s student community." - Gerald Chin, Product Design

Through this session we will cover on how Noesis can help you through your ICAEW journey on Financial Accounting and Reporting (IFRS) 2018. Come to find out more about ICAEW program and how the lessons are conducted and the support available to you, prices & discounts available.

Dao Liang with yet another power open spike while the team covers for blocked ball

SCBE Graduate Students Club organized a one-day picnic to Pulau Hantu. Known for its calm and enthralling beaches and panorama, they are the right stops for a day away from the hustle and bustle of city life! More photos can be found at

@Avenue Learn 2017-10-21

Hiccups towards a Smart Nation However, this illustrates the demand for people with Technology skills to help in Singapore's transformation #smartnation #singapore #technology #robotics

Happy Deepavali! We are closed today. See you again tomorrow!

Hey everyone, Dynn Othman, our club president, will be sharing his journey as a filmmaker at the College Artists Round Table, hosted by the Visual Arts Society (VAS), next Monday, Oct 9th in the Saga Rector's Common from 7PM to 9PM!!!

Eager to share your research with an international audience? Join us at the International Conference of Undergraduate Research (ICUR)! Give your work a greater audience and gain more insights into the world of academia at ICUR. Want to find out more? Come and talk to Monash and NTU-ICUR student directors at the URECA Orientation Programme!

@Wonderful Minds 2017-07-05

Useful elements :). Great for students. When they understand how the Periodic Table is relavant to our daily lives, they will be more inclined to study and remember it, perhaps even apply it in their future work. Cheers to Chemistry :)

Excited to be part of the annual concert again this year. The Teachers and children work so hard pulling the show and art exhibition together, it's always a wonderful morning. See you on Friday everyone!

@Genius TOTS 2017-05-02

WELCOME to GENIUS TOTS (Toddler-Playgroup & Pre-Nursery Programme) & LITTLE READERS (Phonics & Reading Programme) NEW Branch in JURONG EAST (near MRT) *20% off 1 month trial *1 month (paid) trial *NO deposit *NO registration fee For enquiries & registration, call us today @ 81385397 (Mon-Sat 9am-3pm) to book a visit! GENIUS TOTS Programme for Toddler-Playgroup & Pre-Nursery Classes (from 15 months to 3.5+ years old). Come visit our website @ LITTLE READERS Phonics & Reading Programme (from 3.5y-7y) COME visit our website @ For further enquiries, please contact LITTLE READERS @ 81385397 (Mon-Sat 9am-3pm).

@Hana Academy 2016-08-03

STRENGTH IN NUMBERS: NUTRILITE DOUBLE X To keep our bodies performing their best and aging healthfully, we all need a wide range of nutrients on a daily basis. Plant foods are a great source — providing the phytonutrients we need to combat illness and premature aging. But eating the recommended daily dose of fruits and vegetables can be a challenge for many. That’s why Nutrilite creates dietary supplements — like Double X, which is packed with concentrated nutrients — to help us fill our daily gaps. How do we know Nutrilite supplements work? The Nutrilite Health Institute conducts clinical trials on our products to ensure their efficacy. If a prototype doesn’t work, it doesn’t become a Nutrilite product. In the case of Double X, our scientists conducted a trial to measure the supplement’s ability to deliver key nutrients that are often lacking in a typical “Western” diet — and compared the results to those eating a more “optimal” diet of fruits and vegetables. Results that translate to healthier aging Blood tests revealed that those who took Double X had: - Higher levels of vitamins B6, B12, and folate in their plasma - Reduced homocysteine levels - Higher levels of antioxidant nutrients beta-carotene and vitamin E - Less DNA damage compared to before they took Double X In other words, It was also clinically shown to help maintain already-normal homocysteine levels. What’s special about Double X? All Nutrilite supplements are made with the best of science and the best of nature to ensure potency. The three tablets that make up Double X provide real strength in numbers, with an incredible range of nutrients.

လံုးခ်င္းအိမ္ငွါးမည္။ ၁ထပိခဲြ RC ကိုယ္ပိုင္ ေရ၊မီး ဆိပ္ၿငိမ္ရပ္ကြက္ ရတနာပံု ၅လမ္း ရတနာပံုအိမ္ယာ၊ ကားမွတ္တိုင္၊ ေက်ာင္း၊ ေစ်း နီး ၁၀၈ ေတာင္ဘုရားေရွ႕ဖက္ျခမ္း၊ သာေကတအဝိုင္းအနီး ငွါးရမ္းခ ၅သိန္း

Pssttttt...Honeygar lovers !! Heres some great remedies you can do with your 100% organic Honey & apple cider vinegar.. Ps: PM To order honey & apple cide vinegar For free samples of honeygar mixture - 500ml limited for 1st 20 customers (1st timers) Comment 'i want' or pm ME!😉

@PowerFocus 2015-04-26

Curious to see what do in the classroom. Here's a sample of what we do. We encourage our detectives to reflect on their progress and solve cases, just like real detectives. If You Want your child to be 100% PREPARED for the Exams, Sign Up to be a PowerFocus Detective! SMS 98322874 Now!


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