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@Erasmus+ “Fit for work in Europe” Królówka Siedlce 2018-03-20

Drodzy uczniowie Królówki! Zapraszamy do udziału w projekcie EDUreformowalni organizowanym przez Stowarzyszenie Youth Human Impact Projekt finansowany jest przez program Erasmus+ i zakłada naukę poprzez edukację pozaformalną. Spotkania odbywają się w Warszawie i dotyczą reformy w systemie edukacji, oświaty. W programie między innymi debaty z politykami, więc zapowiada się bardzo ciekawie 😀 Jeśli zazdrościłeś uczestnikom projektów organizowanych w naszej szkole nie wahaj się i zgłoś się już teraz! To może być wspaniały początek Twojej przygody z projektami edukacyjnymi!

@Erasmus+ “Fit for work in Europe” Królówka Siedlce 2017-09-25

We are getting the prize for the innovative project Fit for work in Europe 👑 We are so proud of it❤ it s really heartwarming when someone appreciates our hard work! 🙌💪

@Erasmus+ “Fit for work in Europe” Królówka Siedlce 2017-09-25

Our project FIT FOR WORK IN EUROPE has been awarded by European Language Label. Today we are attending a celabration and receiving the prize! 🎉🎉👑 Wait for more photos!! ❤

@Erasmus+ “Fit for work in Europe” Królówka Siedlce 2017-09-18

Thank you again to all who helped creating this increadible project! Video made by Martyna Staręga

@Erasmus+ “Fit for work in Europe” Królówka Siedlce 2017-09-15

Today we had an amazing day! We have a foreign guests 😃🌍 teachers from every participated countries came to Poland for the summary meeting of our project. In our school - Królówka Siedlce - we reminded the main tasks and meetings connected wit for work in EurDuring the event, our guests could listen the most talented people in our school 😃🎶🎤 Once again we would like to thank all of people, who had impact on our project. Because of you, we had chance to visit a lot of places and to get know a new cultures. This project it s just a begging of our journey. Open gate not only for Europe, but for whole world 🙌🌍 Everybody gets a beautiful gifts with our logo and an amazing photo of Siedlce, which was taken by @jaroslaw.grudzinski.fotografia Thank You! ❤

@Erasmus+ “Fit for work in Europe” Królówka Siedlce 2017-09-09

Yesterday we came back from EUROWEEK2017 ❤ We had an amazing group from our school. We made a lot of new friends 😎 On Sunday we were in the @wroclawskiezoo 🦁🐋🐒🐻 In this year we live in Wójtowice. We had very interesting workshops with volunteers from all over the world. On Tuesday we went to the Szczeliniec Wielki with guide who told us about polish mountains, and Kłodzko Valley. Of course the most important thing was working together on a lot of challenging tasks. We learnt how to cooperate in a big group. Thanks to our amazing volunteers, we could get know new cultures and countries. Of course we met our old friends from last euroweeks. Thank You for this amazing time guys! ❤

@Erasmus+ “Fit for work in Europe” Królówka Siedlce 2017-09-04

The graudates from Krolówka highschool are doing very well! We still continue our journey with Erasmus programme and non-fromal education in many different fields. We are very grateful that we had met such an inspiring menthor Miss Ela Zadrożniak on our way! Thanks to her we are who we are and have courage to do all these crazy things!

@Erasmus+ “Fit for work in Europe” Królówka Siedlce 2017-08-07

Our German friends just came back home 🛬🇩🇪 It was amazing week, with a lot of trips and entertainments 😎 Hope to see you soon guys! ❤❤

@Erasmus+ “Fit for work in Europe” Królówka Siedlce 2017-07-31

It s time to show you our surprise! We have guests from Germany 😎 our friends from the Erasmus meeting in Lahr. Today we were at the Strefa Lasertag Siedlce. We had a great time of competition 😃 Tomorrow we are going to the Cracow for three days. That s the next time, when we show you that thanks to the project we make a friendships for ages ❤❤❤

@Erasmus+ “Fit for work in Europe” Królówka Siedlce 2017-07-27

Hi guys! 😃 We hope that all of you have great holidays! 🌴🌞 We have an amazing news for You! Our school and our project became a laureate of XVI edition of European Language Label. It s an European certificate of quality in language education. We are really proud, because from among 46 projects, the jury elected our and three other projects, as the most interesting and the most innovative. We are very happy that our hard work and commitment were appreciated once again. Congratulations for the rest of laureates! ❤ We have a little surprise for You! Wait for the next week ❤ Fundacja Rozwoju Systemu Edukacji #erasmus #polishteam #30yearsofErasmus+

@Erasmus+ “Fit for work in Europe” Królówka Siedlce 2017-06-23

Today we had end of the school year in our school. Our team made a little surprise for our teachers. It was really touching, when we could thank them for everything what they did for us 😭❤❤ All Polish team would like to wish you amazing and safe holiday. Rest and build up your strength for the new school year! ❤🌴🌴☀ #polishteam

@Erasmus+ “Fit for work in Europe” Królówka Siedlce 2017-06-14

Hi there! On 8th of June we had a short trip to the capital of Poland - beautiful Warsaw 😃 Firstly we spent a great time in the Room Escape Warszawa, where we had to solve a lot of riddles. Fortunately everybody got away. It s amazing entertainment for young and older people! 🤗❤ Our next point of trip was in the company called Aviva. They are taking care of our insurance. They have an unique building and the interior. Mrs. Joanna Pakuła made a great speech about the company. Everybody was really impressed. 💼🏢 After that we went to the Neon Muzeum. People form this place look for neons in Poland, and fix them. There are neons from every region of our country. Even they are old and sometimes broken, we can admire it in this museum and get know the history of it 💥💥 On the picture you can see people from our meeting in France, Spain and Germany 😃😃❤

@Erasmus+ “Fit for work in Europe” Królówka Siedlce 2017-04-29

On Thursday we had a German exam with students from IBG. Everybody was given a sweet surprise. It was really nice, because of preparing this language game 😃 In the evening we had party where we got the certificates. After that we could have listened a German songs sang by student from the school. We had so much fun with that 😃💃 On Friday we went to the mountains, where was a lot of snow! 😃❄ We had a snowball fight! 🏔 Also for a short time we were in Freiburg 😃 In the evening we had a great time with all students from our project ❤ It was the last day of our meeting. We hope that friendships made during our project will be for ages 😎 Wait for post summative all three years of our project! 😃 we want to put all of our thinks and conclusions after that amazing time ❤❤

@Erasmus+ “Fit for work in Europe” Królówka Siedlce 2017-04-26

5th day! Today we were in the Strasburg. We visited the European Parliament. It was amazing to see how they work, and how it looks inside the beautiful building😃😃 After that we went for dinner and a short trip by boat around the city. We could listen about the city, and about some interesting place in Strasburg. 🇩🇪🇪🇸🇵🇱🇭🇺🇫🇷🇪🇺

@Erasmus+ “Fit for work in Europe” Królówka Siedlce 2017-04-25

Fourth day of our Erasmus+ meeting! Today we finished our collages and after that we had presented them for teachers and other students. After school activities we went by train to the Karlsruhe. There were so much fun. We were on a small shopping and we went to eat something after tiring day 🍕 In the evening our German partners took us for bowling, where we could integrate with the other students and have fun with them 😃🎱🎳 Stay tuned with our posts! ❤

@Erasmus+ “Fit for work in Europe” Królówka Siedlce 2017-04-24

Third day of our meeting in Germany! Yesterday we were at the Europa-Park, which was amazing experience for all of participating students😎 Today we had a sightseeing of the IBG school, where we have our activities. Also we present our presentation about the trade unions. German friends made for us a short language lesson, so now we know the most common, and most important things in German! 🇩🇪💘 We could have shown our creativity during making collages about happiness, hopes, dreams and life-work-balance. Every activity we made in international groups, so it was the best way to get know each other. Wait for more posts from Lahr! ❤❤😃

@Erasmus+ “Fit for work in Europe” Królówka Siedlce 2017-04-22

Our team ready for meeting in Lahr! 🛫😎 See ya! ❤🌍

@Erasmus+ “Fit for work in Europe” Królówka Siedlce 2017-03-19

On 11th of March we had a meeting with Mrs. Iga Przybyłowska Sourcing Team Leader. It helped us to understand the process of recruiting candidates for special job positions. We can t wait for meeting in Lahr! 34 days left! ❤🌍

@Erasmus+ “Fit for work in Europe” Królówka Siedlce 2017-03-11

Hi! I m Hubert I m 17 years old and I m participating Erasmus exchange for the second time. I m definietly interested in history, it s my passion. I also like to ride cross-country skiing. I m open-minded person who love to hang out with friends. I can t wait to see old friends and meet new fantastic people on this exchange! 😃😃

@Erasmus+ “Fit for work in Europe” Królówka Siedlce 2017-03-11

Hi 😃 My name is Michał, I m almost 17 years old and this is my 2nd time in Erasmus project. Last year I had great fun, I hope to have same or better fun this year. I love almost all kinds of music, moreover i dance in folk group. I really like taking photos of people, architecture etc. I can t wait to see you guys this year!😁

@Erasmus+ “Fit for work in Europe” Królówka Siedlce 2017-03-11

Hi! My name is Michalina and I am 18 years old. I m very positive person who loves sport and hanging out with my friends. I love adventures, thats why I am taking part in Erasmus+ project and it s going to be my 4th exchange 😀 See you soon! ❤

@Erasmus+ “Fit for work in Europe” Królówka Siedlce 2017-03-10

Next new blood 😎😎 Hey! My name is Iza and I m 17. It s my first time on Erasmus+. I love travelling and making new friends. I know that this trip will be amazing experience! See you soon! :)

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The aim of the project is to prepare young people to professional activity at the European labour market.

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Partners of the project: -II LO z Oddziałami Dwujęzycznymi w Siedlcach -Lahr (Germany) -Tarragona (Spain) -Debrecen (Hungary) -Hennebont (France)


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