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Recent Visit Of Islamabad ! 15-10-2017 Pictures By - Ahsan

Rejoinder by ILM to City42 and LahoreNews The Administration of ILM would like to clarify a news item being circulated in the press about court proceedings. ILM entered into financial transaction and paid its dues regularly till there was overcharge and unfair treatment which resulted into disagreement and contention on the basis of initial contract. The issue is being settled positively. All outstanding dues are being regularly paid on quarterly basis since 2011. ILM has taken conclusive actions to close the matter in all respect. It is further clarified that UMT has never been subjected to any proceeding in court. It is clear of any default. We strongly object and protest against false propaganda and ill motivated designs to create misperceptions about UMT. The faculty, staff and participants should be rest assured of its continuity and unparalleled progress in future. UMT is committed to high quality education having a glorious history of 14 years of success and fulfillment of the expectations of stakeholders. We wish those reporting and projecting to have sought the view of ILM keeping in view the good traditions of fair and honest reporting.

Inka matlab k ab UOG k students ka gosht istamaal ho ga???

Langar 15رمضان ظہور پر نور سرکار شہنشاہ کون و مکاں،ملک کائنات،فکر آئمہ،آغوش اول فاطمہ الزاھر،وراث دستار علی، فکر یوسف، کریم سخاوت،رحیم مہربان،وراثت امامت،مولا امام حسن مجتبی ع ولادت باسعادت تمام مومینین و مومنات کو نہت بہت مبارک ھو بلخصوص امام عجل کی بارگاہ میں نذرانہ عقیدت پیش کرتے ہیں...

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in spite of the spirit the girls can not get education after metric because of nonavailability of proper institutes in rural areas.70% of people lives in rural areas in Pakistan. If, girls want to get higher education after metric they have to move to cities which doubles their expenses and efforts as well. we are going to help those people who want to prove themselves in different fields of life through providing them tuition facilities as well basic computer education along stitching skills to improve their living standard.


University of Central Punjab, Sialkot

Wazirabad road, Sialkot, Pakistan, Sialkot, Punjab
College & University, Other


Sialkot, Punjab-51310

The City School, Sialkot- Alumni Page

The City School, Sialkot, Punjab
High School

Shah-e-hamdan school wains sharif

wains sharif near dallowali sialkot, Sialkot, Punjab-53100

Ideal School System

Chitti Sheikhan road, Airport Road,Sialkot, Sialkot, Punjab

Universities in Sialkot

Sialkot, Punjab-51310
College & University, College & University

Virtual University Sialkot Confession

Sialkot, Punjab-51310
College & University, Organization

Croydon International

Croydon Sports International, Sialkot, Punjab-Brush Street, Small Industrial Estate, Shahabpura
Martial Arts School, Sportswear Store

The Aim academy

Sialkot, Punjab
College & University

Executive Coaching Center

Head marala road, Sialkot, Punjab
Education, Professional Service

Department of Computer Science - UOG Sialkot Campus

Sialkot, Punjab-51310
College & University, Education, College & University

Bright future

chaprar, Sialkot, Punjab-53310
High School, Public & Government Service