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@Folgefonnsenteret 2018-06-26

Visste du at Skipsbyggjarmuseet Skaalurensamlinga er i same hus som Folgefonnsenteret? Her kan du lære om båtbyggjarhistoria i området og du kan kjøpa kaffi, vatn (frå Isklar), is (frå Isrosa) og snop om du treng ein pause i besøket. Det er felles inngangsbillett til senteret og museet.

@Gygratun 2017-01-25

It's soon two year since we started this recreational farm project. We have had a lot of work and a lot of fun. And we will always have a lot of wonderful memories from our amazing helpers. This is a new made album from 2015. Maybe you have already seen the album from 2016. Summer 2017 will be exiting! One more season with new helpers, and some who comes again, more organic vegetables, happy animals, and happy B&B guests from far away. But the big difference this year is that we also will welcome day visitors. Thanks! Love and the very best wishes and blessings to everyone that have helped us realize this dream! Hulda and Leif



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