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@The ILIANA academy 2016-06-30

Are you in a group of English speaking friends who would love to come to one of our work shops? We can make one for you in Oslo! Send a mail to [email protected]

@The ILIANA academy 2016-05-08

There are many beautiful diplomas to feel proud about when you take ILIANA classes. Here are all the diplomas from the entire Life Coaching series, that requires all the Self development classes. The Apple symbolizes the teacher, the love of learning and growing, hard work and sweet sugary rewards. 🍎

@The ILIANA academy 2015-08-10

The ILIANA academy gives 5 independent SELF development workshops, that are also a full education in SELF development tools. We also have an advansed workshop,sical and psykological healing through the Thymus chan an island in the north of Norway in the midnight sun.

@The ILIANA academy 2015-08-09

Inge Ås is teaching meditation and self development courses at this fairy-tale island in Notheren Norway this s a photo from the latest course: on the Thymus Chakra. Her name is Deva, and her mother was the class participant. She was happy to pet the sheep and ride (and sleep) in the wheelbarrow!

@The ILIANA academy 2015-07-06

The ILIANA academy uses chakras as one of several methods in our SELF-development cources.

@The ILIANA academy 2015-05-10

The Crown Chakra: The end of the line. The completion and the core. The gateway to all of our endless possibilites, where we can be free to contemplate upon our beliefs, and start asking ourselves some grand, wonderful questions. Like: if there were NO boundaries, NO limits - what would you want? What would be an amazing experience or accievement for you? How can you find ways to let your soul soar and float in wonderful bliss? How can you create that space for yourself on a daily basis? Even if just for a second, one breath. What would your life be like if you had more of yourSELF in it, every day? NEXT CLASS IN NEW YORK CITY with ILIANA-Teacher Kjersti Kveli: THE CROWN CHAKRA (#Meditation in #NYC)

@The ILIANA academy 2014-12-05

NEW YORK CITY: FREE MONTHLY MEDITATION CLASS: December 14th! Join us for a relaxing breathing meditation and a vitalizing chakra meditaiton! - Find personal affirmations that suit YOU!

@The ILIANA academy 2014-11-23

NEW YORK CITY: KK is your ILIANA Coach and Meditation Teacher in New York City! Here is her facebook-page, follow for FREE classes and tips:

@The ILIANA academy 2014-05-12

NEXT FREE CHAKRA CLASS IN NEW YORK - May 18th, 4pm! This time we end at the top, with the CROWN Chakra leading the way towards our endless possibilities. We get to ask ourselves: what can be waiting for me out there? Are there dreams and talents I have still not started taking seriously? Why is that, and what can I do to support my own development towards a more fulfilling life? How can I build my own dream-catcher?

@The ILIANA academy 2014-04-28

NEW YORK CITY: Thank you for coming to class! It s always a huge honor to teach these beautiful teachings to new people! So that you can easily remember what we talked about, and continue your journey developing your mental energy, here s the WRAP UP Video from this class: Me and Gwennie walking in the park! A summary of the PINEAL CHAKRA CLASS. Making room for our intuition and rational thinking through deep self love is a truly sophisticated journey! On the pathway to happiness and deep satisfaction There are also videos from the other classes! <3

@The ILIANA academy 2014-04-04

I am the founder of the ILIANA academy ( from 1983), and will be in Los Angeles from the 11th to the 22nd. of April. Do you want to meet me and/or discuss events in the US? I will bring copys of The chakra book in English. You can mail me at [email protected]

@The ILIANA academy 2013-12-23

Happy Christmas - X-mas - Solstice! The sun is on its way back to us in the north! I hope you have good friends around you this time of celebration. Remember to take some time alone to reflect and ponder for your SELF.

@The ILIANA academy 2013-03-09

If you need Life coaching in English, we have several you can use in Norway. We also have a last year student / LIANA-life coach in New York!

@The ILIANA academy 2013-02-28

SELF development is really two processes. One is a reorganizing the personality structures, that are also present in the personal aura. This implies releasing old thought forms, emotional reactions and physical defense mechanisms. The other process is the revelation of SELF. The deep experience of BEING! The first process can be done with different tools. The second process usually must imply inner work, like meditation and what is perceived as spiritual methods.

@The ILIANA academy 2013-02-12

We are finding our way into schools by empowering the teachers and the pupils!

@The ILIANA academy 2012-12-31

Join us for the yearly New Years meditation, using the 8 chakras as tools for transformation!

@The ILIANA academy 2012-09-24

This weekend was the second English workshop in Oslo: The Art of Presence. We had participant from many countries. The methods and theories imbedded in the ILIANA model works very well internationally. We will arrange followup evenings for all the one who were present at these two events.

@The ILIANA academy 2012-09-05

Do you know anyone I should talk to - or meet on the tour?

@The ILIANA academy 2012-06-21

We work with the upper and lower Pineal chakra in all our workshops. Read about this superficial conflict between mind and heart:

@The ILIANA academy 2012-06-09

We are so happy to at last be giving this workshop in English in Oslo. The group comes from all over the world. Do you want to be a part of this in the fall? Send a mail to [email protected] and wet will set a new date!

@The ILIANA academy 2012-02-19

Here is a blog for our English speaking friends. You can also fi chakra bre on FB. Have a good day wherever you are!

@The ILIANA academy 2012-02-01

ILIANA-teacher and modern dancer, Inger-Reidun Olsen is in New York and will give lectures and mini workshops 4 times in february. Here is a link to the page with dates and where.

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The ILIANA academy offers cources and education in SELF development, Lifecoaching, Energywork and Healing mostly in Norway and Sweden.


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