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@FAIR NHH 2018-06-30

Assistant Professor Henning Müller presents "Effects of Performance Transparency in a Mathematics E-Learning Application: Evidence from a Randomized Controlled Trial" at the “ESA World Meeting 2018” in Berlin, Germany today.

@FAIR NHH 2018-06-30

FAIR Insight Team leader Kjetil Bjorvatn is attending the Policy Panel on "What Do Experiments Have to Deliver to Be Relevant for Policy Advice?" at the 2018 ESA World Meeting in Berlin today at 14:30 (live broadcast).

@FAIR NHH 2018-06-29

Today Professor Kjell G. Salvanes is presenting “Grandparents, Moms or Dads? Why Children of Teen Mothers do Worse in Life” (joint with Anna Aizer and Paul Devereux) at the 5th CAGE Workshop in Applied Economics in Venice.

@FAIR NHH 2018-06-28

Professor Kjetil Bjorvatn was in Tanzania last Saturday at the official dissemination of the joint Study on ‘Girl’s Economic Empowerment: Evidence from Tanzania’. Read about it on the Embassy's webpages.

@FAIR NHH 2018-06-28

Today we are co-organising a day long workshop on measurement of child development and environment in the first six years of life in large scale longitudinal cohort studies in High as well as Low and Middle Income Countries with The Centre for the Evaluation of Development Policies (EDePo) at the Institute for Fiscal Studies (IFS) in London. The aim of this workshop is to get input from a small group of experts in the fields of longitudinal cohort study design as well as measurement in the study of child development at this early design stage. We aim to focus on six specific measurement domains, all for children age 0-6: (1) Language and communication; (2) cognition; (3) emotions/temperament; (4) social behaviour/interaction; (5) home environment; (6) pre-school environment.

@FAIR NHH 2018-06-27

FAIR research centres, CELE and The Choice Lab, have both received top grades from The Research Council of Norway after a country wide evaluation of Social Science research in Norway.

@FAIR NHH 2018-06-27

Professor Kjell G. Salvanes presented "Grandparents, Moms or Dads? Why Children of Teen Mothers do Worse in Life" at the annual conference of the European Society for Population Economics at University of Antwerp this week.

@FAIR NHH 2018-06-27

Affiliated researcher Ingrid Hoem Sjursen is presenting "Accountability and taxation: Experimental evidence" at Workshop on Endogenous Institutions in Social Dilemmas in Copenhagen today.

@FAIR NHH 2018-06-26

Leader of FAIR Insight Team Kjetil Bjorvatn participated in a dissemination workshop on the Girl Power project, organized by The Norwegian Embassy in Tanzania last Saturday.

@FAIR NHH 2018-06-26

FAIR Development Workshop Friday 22 June. Keynote speakers Orazio Attanasio and Johannes Haushofer

@FAIR NHH 2018-06-25

New paper in Economics Letters from Xiaogeng Xu, Yilong Xu and Steven Tucker: "Ambiguity attitudes in the loss domain: Decisions for self versus others". We congratulate!

@FAIR NHH 2018-06-25

Associate Professor Aline Bütikofer presents "The Impact of Paid Maternity Leave on Maternal Health" today at Humboldt Universität zu Berlin at the Berlin Applied Micro seminar.

@FAIR NHH 2018-06-22

Are you coming to Bergen in August? We hope so! Sign up for our PhD courses today! (Field experiments with Muralidharan 6 - 9 August and Introduction to behavioural economics with Loewenstein 20 - 23 August)

@FAIR NHH 2018-06-21

Fabian Waldinger (London School of Economics) presented "Discrimination, Managers, and Firm Performance: Evidence from `Aryanizations’ in Nazi Germany" at the FAIR seminar Thursday 21.6.2018.

@FAIR NHH 2018-06-21

On the 20-21 of June, FAIR hosted the 4th Early-Career Behavioral Economics Conference, with over 40 participants from all over the world. Professor Alexander Cappelen and Professor Bertil Tungodden were the keynote speakers.

@FAIR NHH 2018-06-21

Today we are lucky to have Fabian Waldinger, Associate Professor at London School of Economics, presenting "Discrimination, Managers, and Firm Performance: Evidence from "Aryanizations" in Nazi Germany” at the FAIR seminar at 12:15

@FAIR NHH 2018-06-20

Today PhD student Sandra Halvorsen and PhD Ingrid Hoem Sjursen taught "Understanding Behavior to Understand Development" at Bergen Summer Research School.

@FAIR NHH 2018-06-20

FAIR Insight Team leader Professor Kjetil Bjorvatn talked about behavioural economics and FinTech at the general assembly of the Inance Innovation cluster in Norway today in Bergen.

@FAIR NHH 2018-06-20

On the 20-21 of June, the 4th Early-Career Behavioral Economics Conference takes place in Bergen at the Norwegian School of Economics (NHH). The conference is hosted by FAIR. Professor Alexander Cappelen and Professor Bertil Tungodden are the keynote speakers.

@FAIR NHH 2018-06-20

Today Marc Fleurbaey (Princeton University) will launch the report of The International Panel on Social Progress (IPSP) at University of Bergen and FAIR Professor Katrine Vellesen Løken is of one the reserachers commentating the launch. See you at 13:30!

@FAIR NHH 2018-06-18

The FAIR Inaugural Conference officially opens FAIR and is the first gathering of all the members, collaborators and partners. John List, James Heckman and Marianne Bertrand will speak and there is a policy session on Poverty and Inequality. Monday 18 and Tuesday 19 June 2018 #fairnhh

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FAIR is a centre of excellence in fairness, inequality and rationality at NHH Norwegian School of Economics and is comprised of researchers from The Choice Lab and the Centre for Empirical Labor Economics (CELE)


FAIR is a Centre for Experimental Research on Fairness, Inequality and Rationality at NHH. FAIR is a centre of excellence (Senter for Fremragende Forskning) of the Research Council of Norway founded in 2017. FAIR consists of the two research groups Centre of Empirical Labour Economics and The Choice Lab.

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