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@Trench Tech 2017-12-06

#WannaTrain!? We do it DAILY! Tonight was Circuit Training Wednesdays! Log onto www.trenchtech.tv for all info on how to enroll and kick your @$$ets into GREAT SHAPE!

"This strategy also explains the name that was given to crossing illegally on foot: jaywalking. During this era, the word 'jay' meant something like 'rube' or 'hick' — a person from the sticks, who didn't know how to behave in a city. So pro-auto groups promoted use of the word 'jay walker' as someone who didn't know how to walk in a city, threatening public safety. "At first, the term was seen as offensive, even shocking. Pedestrians fired back, calling dangerous driving 'jay driving.' "But jaywalking caught on (and eventually became one word). Safety organizations and police began using it formally, in safety announcements." https://www.vox.com/2015/1/15/7551873/jaywalking-history

Saturday Ballet class for little Ballerinas is a Big Success!

Update on GCA's opening GCA Parents and Students: We are continually making assessments regarding the status of the repairs at the school. After a meeting today it was decided that we will not be ready to begin on September 3rd. Our new plan is as follows: Open House: Friday, September 11th at 6PM First Day of School: Monday, September 14th (8:00AM-3:00PM) Please pray with us that all that needs to be accomplished will be done by these dates. I want to thank the men and women who are working so hard with us to clean up and rebuild our campus! We have had students, parents, alumni, staff and faculty all giving a helping hand! We are incredibly thankful for our GCA family! Go Eagles! Most of all, we thank God for His hand upon our island! We are all 'Saipan Strong' because of Him!