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@Prasadi Academy 2018-07-01

1st Rank Position in Himal Khabarpatrika Magazine as the best +2 from last one decade that published today !!!

Symbolic World Cup 2018 mini football at the school s premises. 18 June 2018.

@BEAT Mock Test 2018-06-06

📌 SALE 📌 📚 📖 Cambridge IELTS 13 For detail ☎️ 01-4168293

STUDY IN EUROPE HUNGARY, POLAND, MALTA & DENMARK Why Hungary? ~ PAY fees after visa ~ IELTS is not required ~ 99% Visa success rate till now ~ Gap Acceptable ~ Schengen visa 28 countries ~ Fees less than 4500 euro per year ~ Bachelor and Master s degrees granted by Hungarian higher education institutions are recognized in all EU countries ~ Affordable living costs – good value for money ~ Multicultural city ~ Safe environment ~ Free movement within the European Union ~ European heritage combined with a cosmopolitan lifestyle Why Poland? ~ PAY fees after visa ~ IELTS is not required ~ Gap Acceptable ~ Schengen visa 28 countries ~ Fees less than 3000 euro per year ~ Bachelor and Master s degrees granted by Polish higher education institutions are recognized in all EU countries ~ Affordable living costs – good value for money ~ Multicultural city ~ Safe environment ~ Free movement within the European Union ~ European heritage combined with a cosmopolitan lifestyle Why Malta? ~ PAY fees after visa ~ IELTS is not required ~ High Visa success rate till now ~ Gap Acceptable ~ Schengen visa 28 countries ~ Fees starting from 4950 Euro ~ Bachelor and Master s degrees granted by Hungarian higher education institutions are recognized in all EU countries ~ Affordable living costs – good value for money ~ Multicultural city ~ Safe environment ~ Free movement within the European Union ~ European heritage combined with a cosmopolitan lifestyle Why Denmark? ~ Dependent can apply ~ Very easy documentation ~ Happiest country in the world ~ Beautiful and safe city ~ Can work as part time job ~ 3 years bachelor can apply ~ High Visa success rate till now Minimum Requirements for Denmark FOR BACHELOR: IELTS 6.5 PRE MASTER : IELTS 5.5 FOR MASTER: 6.5 Note: Only for Business management course .

Sathi haru sano sahayog garnu paryo yo page plz like and invite gardinu hola https://www.facebook.com/beemanews/

@Bluebird College 2018-01-06

Dear students, staffs and teachers, regular classes will resume from Sunday..... 23 poush 2074.

Congrats Mr. Sabal Dahal For the Approval of Student Visa Subclass(500) - Sydney,Australia. Total Cost: NPR 6.50 lakhs Only ( 6 month Course fees + Immigration + Insurance + Processing charges) HSEB: 70%, IELTS: 6.5 Course: Information Technology( IT) Location: Sydney, Australia Duration of Visa: 3.5 years Next Intake: Jan/ March/ April 2018 Have a Bright Future ahead! Kind Regards, Enlighten Visa Services ( 🇦🇺 Interested Students can text us their complete details for possible and affordable study options 🇦🇺)

To get a high quality education in Europe, Study in Ireland

Australia is a multi cultural country. Click link to learn more about it. #OPTIONforthebetteroption

@KEC Civil Club 2017-12-10

The CIVIL CLUB of KEC is going to be reformed. So it is notified to the interested students of II , III , IV year to submit their application forms in the civil department . ALL THE BEST .For further information go through the notice board of college . :)

@Education PARK 2017-11-21

Some important changes announced by Australian Immigration. Visa Conditions been added and introduction of PIC 4020. Please visit us for the detailed information.


@NEB Students 2017-11-11

तल दिइएको Question bank शैक्षिक ब्यापारीहरुको संगठन हिसानले प्रकाशित गरेको हो । हिसानमा आबद्द सबै कलेजका विद्यार्थीहरुलाई यो किताब जबर्जस्ती भिडाउने काम भैरहेको छ । पहिल्यै अरु पब्लिकेसन्सको Question bank किनिसकेको भएपनि कलेज फिसमा २५० रुपैया जोडेर यो लिनै पर्छ भन्ने हिसानले अब Question bank मात्र हैन, किताब अनि कापी समेत बेचेर व्यापार गर्न सुरु गरे हुन्छ !! 😒

ANMAC is only responsible for assessing the skills of nurses and midwives for migration purposes. The ANMAC Migration Skills Assessment has no bearing on an application for registration with the Nursing and Midwifery Board of Australia. The registration process is independent and separate to the skilled migration process. To work as a nurse or midwife in Australia, you must be registered with the NMBA and meet the Board’s registration standards. Nurses and midwives applying to migrate to Australia, may be asked to provide information on their eligibility to register and therefore work in Australia.

@Aoc Nepal 2017-10-09

Aoc Branded keyboard and mouse(Wireless and normal)in Market

@Ever Prime 2017-07-30

Study in JAPAN के तपाई अध्ययनको लागि जापान जाने सोचमा हुनुहुन्छ? यदी हुनुहुन्छ भने हामी तपाइलाई साथ दिनेछौं | जापानमा अध्ययन गर्दै काम गर्न पाउने स्कुलहरुमा Next January & April को लागि भर्ना खुलिरहेको छ | Features:- विशेषताहरु >> Free process >> Free language >> Gap no problem >> NAT, JLPT not required >> School and college fees @ your budget >> Cities & colleges of your choice >> Pay after visa >> Airport pick-up facility >> Part time job provided by colleges >> High visa success rate till date >> +2, bachelor, master pass can apply Why you should study in Japan? >> You will be part of world-class education. >> You will feel welcomed and desired by schools and universities. >> You will be truly valuable on the job market. >> You can both study and save money. >> You will live amazing cultural experiences. Cities of your choice Tokyo, Kyoto, Saitama, Niigata, Kofu, Osaka, Nara, Chiba, Nagoya, Sendai, Hiroshima, Fukuoka, Yokohama, Kobe, Kagoshima, Yamanashi, Kamakura, Hakone, Sapporo, Kitakyushu, Kawasaki, Okinawa, Sakai, Yamagata, Iwaki, Gifu, Tokushima, Masumoto, Asahikawa, Yokosuka, Utsunomiya Nagano, Kurashiki, Kochi, Akita, Otsu, Morioka, Naha, Himeji, Shizuoka etc.. If You Really want to Study in Japan, Please Visit with Your Original Documents @ Office on Everyday at 10 am, Meet College Representative for Spot Admission. We are proud of our visa success, if JAPAN is your destination Ever prime will guide you best. For more details: Ever Prime Educational Consultancy Center Pvt. Ltd. Bouddha Pipalbot, Kathmandu, Nepal Email: - [email protected], [email protected] Webpage: https://www.everprime.edu.np Contact: - 01-4910574, 98510-51271

मेरो मनमा मच्चिएको कोकोहोलो र अशान्ति http://www.sikaionline.com/2017/06/14/901/

20.L.P.G. consists of: a)Methane and Ethane b)Acetylene and Hydrogen c)Ethylene and Carbon monoxide d)Butane and Iso butane

Admission Open!! PLAYGROUP TO CLASS IX British Gurkha Academy, Baansbari, Kathmandu, Nepal. School Operated by British Gurkhas. HURRY UP!!!! LIMITED SEATS. A Rated English Medium School with 16 Years proved success. Peaceful environment with earthquake proof school. Contact Today 9851023589, 01-4371814

Event: Job Fair 2073 Participants: 19 industries represented and around 2 000 BSET graduates and students expected Balaju School of Engineering and Technology (BSET), established in 1962, is a pioneering technical and vocational training institute functioning under the CTEVT umbrella. This school was established by the technical and financial support of the Swiss government. The school is dedicated to producing a middle and lower level skilled workforce in the area of mechanical, electrical, civil and sanitation engineering. BSET is organizing the Job Fair 2073 under the theme Exploring Technical Opportunities . It’s one of the most remarkable events, funded by CECI and the Canadian Uniterra program, Skills Development Project and the ILO, bringing together organizations from various sectors including governmental, non-governmental, private, international and bilateral organizations under one roof. It is designed for highly competitive and professional job seekers, thereby serving as a platform for open and wide ranging employment opportunities. The Job Fair will offer employers an excellent opportunity to deal with their current as well as future staffing requirements. Quality candidates, face to face interviews, and first rate facilities are some of the benefits that will be offered at the event. The Job Fair’s aim is to assess the employers and better employability opportunities of BSET graduates in order to increase the empowerment and income for youth and women. The school objective is to provide employment opportunities to 100% of their graduates. The employability of BSET graduates is high in the domestic as well as in the foreign job market. Many BSET graduates are now working in reputed designations in public and private organizations. Moreover, supporting high quality and innovative recruiting and assisting in the capacity building of technical human resources of Nepal will contribute to the human resource development of the country. For more information, please contact: Balaju School of Engineering & Technology P.O. Box: 4897, BID, Balaju, Kathmandu, Nepal Ph: +977-01-4350228, 4350213 Email: [email protected] Website: www.bset.edu.np

Problem on getting IELTS test date? We have a solution. Join PTE class now. PTE is accepted by Australia & USA. PTE test dates are available for April and May. For more detail contact: 9851193970, 014430088

के-के कुरा छन् त नेपालको नयाँ संबिधान २०७२ भित्र – १४ अञ्चल, ७५ जिल्ला र ५ विकास क्षेत्र भएको नेपाल अब ७ प्रदेशसहितको संघीय लोकतान्त्रिक गणतन्त्रात्मक व्यवस्थामा रुपान्तरण भएको छ । – ७ प्रदेशमा कुल सांसद ५ सय ५० रहने छन् । – संघ, प्रदेश र स्थानीय गरी तीन तहको राज्य संरचना हुनेछ । – दुई वर्षसम्म प्रधानमन्त्री विरुद्ध अविश्वासको प्रस्ताव ल्याउन पाईने छैन । – केन्द्रमा बढीमा २५ सदस्यीय मन्त्रिपरिषद रहने छ । – प्रधानमन्त्रीले संसद विघटन गर्न नपाउने ब्यबस्था गरिएको छ । – प्रदेशमा एक सदनात्मक संसद रहने छ । – प्रत्यक्ष र समानुपातिक मिश्रित निर्वाचन प्रणाली लागु हुनेछ । – सुधारिएको संसदीय शासन प्रणाली, संसदबाट निवार्चित प्रधानमन्त्री कार्यकारी प्रमुख रहने ब्यवस्था गरिएको छ । – ३७ भाग र ३ सय ८ धारा र ९ अनुसूचीको बृहत संविधान तयार भएको छ । – दुईतीहाइले संशोधन गर्न सकिने ब्यवस्था रहेको छ । – केन्द्रमा प्रतिनिधि सभा र राष्ट्रिय सभासहित दुई सदनात्मक संघीय संसद हुनेछ । – राष्ट्रिय सभामा ६ प्रदेशबाट निर्वाचित ५६ र राष्ट्रपतिबाट मनोनित ३ सहित ५९ सदस्य रहने छन् । – जिल्लामा निर्वाचित जिल्ला सभा रहने छ । – केन्द्रमा सर्वोच्च अदालत रहने छ । –६० प्रतिशत प्रत्यक्ष र ४० प्रतिशत समानुपातिक निर्वाचन प्रणालीबाट सांसद चुनिने छ । – प्रदेशपिच्छे उच्च अदालत रहने छ । – साबिक जिल्लामा जिल्ला अदालत रशने छ । – चार वर्षका लागि निर्वाचित संविधान सभाका सदस्यहरू बाँकी कार्यकालका लागि रूपान्तरित व्यवस्थापिका संसदको सदस्यका रूपमा रहने छन् । – सार्वभौम र राजकीय सत्ता नागरिकमा निहित रहने छ । – एकीकृत न्यायपालिका हुनेछ । – प्रदेशमा प्रदेश संसद्का कुल सांसदको २० प्रतिशतबाट नबढ्ने गरी मन्त्रिपरिषद गठन गरिने छ । – राष्ट्रिय जनावर गाई, राष्ट्रिय झण्डा र राष्ट्रियगान यथावत नै रहेको छ । – प्रदेशको सीमांकन संघीय आयोगले टुंग्याउने ब्यवस्था छ । – संविधान जारी भएको ७ दिनमा प्रधानमन्त्री, २० दिनमा सभामुख र उपसभामुख एक महिनामा राष्ट्रपति र उपष्ट्रपतिको निर्वाचन गर्ने संक्रमणकालीन व्यवस्था रहेको छ । – सबै मातृभाषा, राष्ट्रभाषा, सरकारी कामकाजको भाषाको देवनागरिक लिपिमा नेपाली भाषा रहने छ । – संविधानमा नै केन्द्र, प्रदेश र स्थानीय सरकारको अधिकार क्षेत्र विभाजन गरिने छ – संघीय र प्रदेश संसदबाट निर्वाचित संवैधानिक राष्ट्रपति रहने ब्यवस्था गरिएको छ । – प्रतिनिधिसभामा प्रत्यक्ष निवार्चित १ सय ६५ र समानुपातिक १ सय १० सहित २ सय ७५ सदस्य रहने छन् । – प्रदेशमा प्रदेश संसदबाट निर्वाचित र मुख्यमन्त्री, राष्ट्रपतिबाट नियुक्त प्रदेश प्रमुख रहने छन् । – प्रदेशको नामकरण प्रदेश संसदको दुईतीहाइले गर्ने प्रावधान रहेको छ । – प्रदेशसभाले आफ्नो राजधानी तय नगर्दा सम्म केन्द्रीय सरकारले तोकेको स्थानबाट कार्य सञ्चालन गरिने छ । – प्रदेशसभाको निर्वाचन र प्रदेश सरकार नबन्दा सम्म उनीहरूको अधिकार पनि केन्द्रले प्रयोग गर्ने संक्रमणकालीन व्यवस्था गरिएको छ । – सर्वोच्च अदालतमा संवैधानिक इजलास रहने छ । – आमा वा बाबुको नामबाट वंशजको नागरिकता पाउन सकिने छ । – धर्मनिरपेक्ष राष्ट्र घोषणा भएको छ । – धर्मनिरपेक्षताको व्याख्या– धर्मनिरपेक्षता भन्नाले सनातनदेखि चली आएको धर्म, संस्कृतिको संरक्षणलगायत धार्मिक, सांस्कृतिक स्वतन्त्रता सम्झनुपर्छ भनि उल्लेख गरिएको छ । – मधेसी, थारू, मुस्लिम, आदिवासी जनजातिका लागि छुट्टाछुट्टै आयोग गठन हुनेछ । – जिल्ला प्रशासनिक इकाईका रूपमा रहने छ । – सरकार गठन गर्ने आयोगले एक वर्षभित्र स्थानीय निकायको पुनः संरचना गर्नेछ । – स्थानीय निकायमा अन्तरिम चुनाव गर्ने संक्रमणकालिन व्यवस्था गरिएको छ । – ०७४ माघ अघि नै आमनिर्वाचन घोषणा भए उम्मेदवारी मनोनयनका दिनसम्म मात्र उनीहरूको कार्यकाल रहने संबिधानमा उल्लेख छ ।