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@BIC training 2018-06-27

Employees need to be instructed in how to do their jobs correctly. This can be achieved through training, the training should include the hazards and risks in the particular work activity and the controls that can be applied to eliminate the hazards or mitigate the risk from them. Employers need to comply with the legal standard and the labour ACT by ensuring that employees are provided with information on the health and safety aspects of the workstation. The Namibia Dairies Windhoek Slachterei recently had its employees undergo safety, health and environmental representative training and the first aid life saving measure for the workplace. BIC Training expertise are offered on a privately operated service. For details 🗣📲📞 contact Mobile: +264 81 168 4556 E/A: [email protected] Occupational and Industrial health and safety practitioners

For the first time Namibia had the opportunity to host The Women in Science Event. The NUST Emergency Medical Care program had the opportunity to educate the school going girls from different parts of the world on how to perform neonatal, paediatric and Adult CPR. #womaninscience #cpr #girls #nust @ NUST Emergency Medical Care - Namibia University of Science and Technology

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May this festive season bring lots of joy and peace upon you and may all your dreams and wishes come true. Merry Christmas from all us at the NQA.

You may remember Emma Sadleir visited the School a few years back. Found this interesting....

AMETHYST SMART BRAINS ACADEMY - Registered with Ministry of Education REGISTRATIONS FOR 2018: A. JSC GRADE 10 & NSSC 12 * First-time candidates. * Improve Your Past Results. * Examinations written at Amethyst Smart Brains Academy MODE: Part-time: Face-to-Face and Distance. SESSIONS: * Morning Classes: 07:20 -13:20 * Afternoon/Extra Classes: 14:00 -17:00 * Saturday Classes: 09:00 - 15:00 FEES: Email or phone for fees. Please indicate the Grade and session you want to register for. UNIFORM: Yes B. CAMBRIDGE IGCSE (GRADE 12 - ORDINARY LEVEL) for students who want to do International Grade 12 for the first time. YEAR ONE: * Register for 6 subjects. * Attend morning classes for all 6 subjects. * Write internal exams in April and August. * Write 3 best subjects at Cambridge International Examinations in Nov/Dec. *YEAR TWO: * Register and attend classes for the remaining 3 subjects. * Write tests, internal exams in preparation. * Write Cambridge International Examinations in May/June 2019. NOTE: Cambridge international Examinations are accredited in Namibia and internationally. MODE: Part-time: Face-to-Face and Distance. SESSIONS: * Morning Classes: 07:20 -13:20 * Afternoon/Extra Classes: 14:00 -17:00 * Saturday Classes: 09:00 - 15:00 FEES: Email or phone for fees. Please indicate the session you want to register for. UNIFORM: Yes C. EXTRA CLASSES: Grade 8 - 12 *Time; 14:00 - 17:00 * Homework assistance * Small groups * Tackling problem areas learner is struggling with. * Full subject lessons offered. * N$300/subject per month * No registration fee for extra classes. D. APPLICATION FORMS: Printed: N$30 Email: Free Registration Period: Nov 2017 - 02 February 2018 Classes Start: 05 February 2018 Registration Office Opens: 08 January 2018 at 08:00. Location: 7325 Rhino street, opposite Rhino Park Veterinary Clinic. 061/233721 or 081583 1999 Email: [email protected]

@WFTC 2017-10-24

Congrats to Wilson Anthony for the Picture of the Month

Lyna Driving School- Windhoek We offer practical driving lessons in Windhoek at the following rates: 5 lessons - $500 10 lessons -$950 Natis Windhoek Car Hire- $350 Call or sms on 0814125995 to book

Ms. Gaingos receiving a book donated to the WPL by Dr. Rukee Tjingaete. The title of the book: THE WEEPING GRAVES OF OUR ANCESTORS. What the book is about The timing of its market entry is deliberate to assist the on-going dialogue for restorative justice and to be used as a reference tool to combine the historical, social, cultural and political narratives in respect to the colonial history of Imperial Germany in Namibia. The use of literature and fiction is sometimes necessary as was used by the likes of Ousman Sembene, Ngugi wa Thiogo, Chinua Achebe to treat very sensitive issues with both passion and compassion. Literature is also a better tool than politics to entice readership and generate interest in a complex and highly sensitive topic such as genocide. While the political demand for reparation is focusing on Imperial Germany as an instrument of genocide, The Weeping Graves of Our Ancestors is an attempt to narrate the personae of both the victors and victims to give them human faces and to motivate them to reconcile and atone themselves with that painful history. No one was a winner because affected communities lost their lands and properties through confiscation; while German has lost its dignity as a nation on the basis of moral grounds because genocide is the maximum crime against humanity. The main focus of this novel is the local community in terms of how it had coped with the Genocide and how the communities survived the aftermath of the 1904-1907 genocide. What was the build-up to the genocide? How is it possible that only seven years after 1907 Germany initiated the First World War 1914 which they also lost? How did the communities still detained in the concentration camps considered the arrival of the South African racist soldiers in 2015Therefore, the voice of the community, academics, students, labor movements, churches and feminist groups is very important to give strength to the new struggle for restorative justice for the communities that lost their land, properties and livestock due to that genocide and the period leading to that historical episode. The tone of the novel is friendly to invite those who want to understand this issue, especially German students and other nationalities who are not Herero or Nama to read the book and know how they were also affected and suffered collateral damage together with the Nama and Herero communities who suffered the most. But they personal message that the author wants to convey through this book to other Namibians is that their support and solidarity is needed to put pressure on the Namibia and German governments to negotiate in good faith so that the issue is permanently resolved. Similarly, the support of Namibian academics, students, labor movements, churches and feminist groups is critical to give national credibility and wide-spread endorsement of the ongoing dialogue. The story of Mbakondja is both entertaining and educating at the same time. Although we are dealing with a genuine humanitarian cause, it is becoming extremely politicized and traditionalized to an extreme extend that the campaign is not gaining the needed support from social movements especially inside the country for this noble project

We have not only lost an amazing person with a pure and unique soul...but a learner....she was the voice to those that could not speak...Nicole Tsela you will be missed...Nicole Balzer

@Nomad Institute 2017-08-03

Dream BIG! Anything is possible!!! There might be a conventional way of getting a certain career, here at NOMAD we use the unconventional way! Come and find out how you can unlock your potential! 👩🏾‍🎓👩🏼‍🎓👩‍🎓

Very busy year so far and still more interesting event s and training on the way

Insatisfeito com o nível do seu Inglês❓ #Registration_open_for_Portuguese_classes Já abertas as inscrições para os cursos de Inglês e português na Bennett s Freeway College. #Intensivo: 1-5 meses 4 níveis completo #Longa_duração: 11 meses Inscrição 350 N$ Deposito 650 N$ Mensalmente 850 N$ Aprenda o melhor Inglês e de maneira bem acentuada. #Learn_Portuguese_the_best_way_possible_and_fast Temos 4 Níveis de Inglês Americano Britânico Australiano Namibiano Beginner Level 1 Elementary level 2 Intermediate level 3 Advanced Level 4 Oferecemos também explicação e práticas de Conversação para os alunos registrados em outras instituições por apenas 370 N$(26 Usd)mensalmente . Oferecemos serviços de imigração para os nossos alunos e alunos de fora interessados, e certificados qualificados pelo ministério da Educação e aceites pela Home Affairs. Já operamos desde 2011, venha comprovar, esperar porquê? Contact details☎ Cell: +264 814 0201 96 Address : Whk-west, Bach Street Windhoek-Namibia Facebook Page: Bennett s Freeway College Email: [email protected] [email protected]

Polytechnic Engineering Society and UCT Namsoc give back to SOS village. Giving back to better lives around us.

Microscience- the nitty gritty of science, the small things you do not see and the building blocks of all that exists. contrary to popular misconceptions this is the definition-microbiology is but a chapter within the field.