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Str. Mihail Kogălniceanu, 81, MD 2009 Chisinau, Moldova

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@American Language Center 2018-06-24

ALC a devenit parte din campania #cifrelavedere ! Mulțumim pentru colaborare! Vizionați video-ul pentru a afla cifrele din interiorul centrului nostru lingvistic!

@American Language Center 2018-06-24

Cu cât entuziasm vorbește Rozanna despre cursul conversațional care începe din 2 Iulie! 🤩 Durata: o lună, 3 ori pe săptămână a câte 2h15min.☝️ Te așteptăm la noi pentru a deveni un vorbitor mai bun! O poți suna pe Rozanna la nr. 022-22-58-60 pentru a te înregistra sau afla mai multe detalii. ☎️

@American Language Center 2018-06-02

Știm că vara odată cu timpul liber apar și noi activități sau proiecte. 🤔Tocmai de asta am deschis și cursul de la 09:00 și 11.00! Engleză generală, 4 ori pe săptămână( Luni, Miercuri, Vineri, Sîmbătă), a cîte 2h15min lecția! Nu uita că beneficiezi de 10% reducere pentru sumă dacă o achiți integral! ✅💸😎 Te așteptăm toată săptămâna viitoare, începând cu 4 iunie!

@American Language Center 2018-06-02

Any time is English time! ⏰ Nu lăsa prea mult timp pentru odihnă vara aceasta, fii productiv! Încă avem câteva locuri libere pentru cursul de pregătire pentru TOEFL! ☝️ 09:00 , 11:00, 16:30 și 18:30- alegi ora care îți convine! 3 ori pe săptămână, câte 2h15min. Te așteptăm începând cu luni, 04 iunie, și îți putem răspunde la orice întrebări la 022 22 58 60! ☎️

@American Language Center 2018-05-31

📆4 săptămâni. 📚12 training-uri. ⏰50 ore de instruire. Produsul? Un viitor lider.✅ Fă parte dintr-un proiect care te va schimba - Summer Leadership Academy! Dragi părinți, SLA asigură o vară productivă pentru copilul dvs! Ne dorim o țară cu mai mulți lideri! Schimbarea nu apare spontan, ci este un proces continuu.☎️ Detalii:022 22 58 60; 078886863 📥Înregistrare:

@American Language Center 2018-05-30 teacher can inspire hope, ignite the imagination, and instill a love of learnrad Henry

@American Language Center 2018-05-29

A talk with American voluntes a super fun discussion session we had with our facilitators Courtney Jackson and Deacon Wilson! During this event participants improved their spoken English through different social games and lots of talking! :)

@American Language Center 2018-05-25

BIG DILEMMA AT ALC!!! 😱 What new course should we start in June!?🤔 React to the picture and tell us what you really need! ☝️ Thank you, friends and see you all at the beginning of our summer session on 4th of June!🤩

@American Language Center 2018-05-24

Dacă tot vorbim de timp liber, credem că vara este perioada în care trebuie să investești în lucruri importante.☝️ Vrei să începi anul școlar cu o grijă mai puțin? Dacă da, vino la cursul de vară de pregătire pentru TOEFL!🤩 Începem din 4 iunie, de 3 ori pe săptămână, a câte 2 ore și 15 minute lecția! 2 luni de instruire si plus de încredere pentru examen! Te așteptăm!✅ 022 22 58 60.

@American Language Center 2018-05-22

Vrei să vorbești ușor engleza? Alătură-te familiei ALC, unde vei avea parte de exerciții practice și teme de discuții interesante. Rapid și simplu! De ce anume cu noi? Durata cursului - 1 lună, de 3 ori pe săptămână a câte 2h15min. Când? Când vă este comod - dimineața, la amiază sau seara! Vă așteptăm. Nr. 022-22-58-60. #JoinALC #new #english #summer #courses #experienced #teachers #happy #students #fun #learn #study #students #teach

@American Language Center 2018-05-11

Yes, we know you would like to have rest this summer. We all do. However, we are sure you do not want to loose knowledge and skills, and more important - TIME. Let us help you being productive this summer. We invite you to be a part of our INTENSIVE English Course!!! We start on the 4th of June-4 times a week (Mon/Wed/Fri/Sat), 96 hours for the course. You choose the time (morning, afternoon, evening). Visit our website for more details We are waiting for you! 022 22 58 60

@American Language Center 2018-05-08

Are you ready for the summer? Planning to go to the sea or mountains somewhere abroad and want to feel confident when you speak to foreigners? We have a great opportunity for you - our one - month and two-month CONVERSATION COURSEs. The classes start on the 4th of June, 3 times a week, 2 hours and 15 minutes each lesson. The best part about it is the attractive price! From 1210 to 1584 lei (depending on the selected hours). You can register at 022-22-58-60 #JoinALC #new #english #summer #courses #experienced #teachers #happy #students #fun #learn #study #students #teach

@American Language Center 2018-05-03

Creativity is intelligence having Albert Einstein Improve your English through games. Creating a good learning atmosphere is a priority at ALC. #JoinALC #new #english #summer #courses #experienced #teachers #happy #students #fun #learn #study #students #teach

@American Language Center 2018-05-01

Successful people always plan their life. Take a good example and start thinking about your summer activities, there is only one month left! Our advice is mark the 4th of June as the start of our new #English courses! #JoinALC #new #english #summer #courses #experienced #teachers #happy #students #fun #learn #study #students #teach

@American Language Center 2018-04-27

🇲🇩Congratulations, dear friends! #joinalc in celebrating the National Flag Day! Cheers to all of the people who love this country! ❤

@American Language Center 2018-04-25

Just 250 more days till the end of this year! Have you noticed how fast almost 4 months have passed since the beginning of 2018? We are sure you want to use your time wisely so we invite you to study English with us and be productive! #250 #days #english #courses #productive #time #timemanagement

@American Language Center 2018-04-24

Our teachers decided to enjoy the weather and have some activities outside. How did YOU celebrate the World Book Day?Tell us more about your favorite books! 📚 Would you like a new contest with new authors?🤩🤔

@American Language Center 2018-04-12

Our group is preparing for TOEFL, and now we are going through the reading part. 📖 Which part of TOEFL is challenging for you?🏆 TOEFL #reading #test #preparing #ALCmoments #english

@American Language Center 2018-04-11

You are only limited by what you can imagine, and the worlds described in books, as well as other peoples views and opinions, will help you expand your understanding of what is possible. By reading a written description of an event or a place, your mind is responsible for creating that image in your head, instead of having the image placed in front of you when you watch television. #Reason #to #Read #English #Books #Imagination #ALCread

@American Language Center 2018-03-31

On March 31st we had our third edition of the Spelling Bee Contest. High school students from all over the country tried their spelling skills with our jury - Tatiana Birzoi, Alina Mardari and Ana Turcanu, who is also a Flex alumna and showed participants what it is like to study in America as an exchange high school student. Our special guest was Olorunbunmi Elizabeth, an American volunteer in Moldova, who shared her international experience with our participants. We thank everyone for their participation and would like to congratulate Lungu Matvei for taking the third place, Loredana Lisnic for taking the second place, and Tican Alexandru for winning the competition and the big prize - a Kindle e-reader! See you all next year! :)

@American Language Center 2018-03-27

When you read a book, all of your attention is focused on the story—the rest of the world just falls away, and you can immerse yourself in every fine detail you’re absorbing. Try reading for 15-20 minutes before work and you’ll be surprised at how much more focused you will be during the day.

@American Language Center 2018-03-26

At our last movie night we talked about science, love, friendship, disability and the courage to be and do what your heart and mind wants to in life, regardless of circumstances. Theory of everything showed us all that and look what we made. Thank you everyone for attending! :)

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American Language Center - cursuri de limba engleză. Rezultate maxime cu profesori calificați!


ALC is a part of the American Councils for International Education, an international not-for-profit organization leading in the development and exchange of knowledge between the U.S., Eurasia, and Southeast Europe. It offers quality English instruction to students of all ages and organisations. ALC has established itself as a premier language school in Chisinau, which provides a broad range of language services to local and foreign companies.

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Contact us at (+373 22) 22 58 60; 078220555;

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American Language Center is a language school in Chisinau, teaching English, Romanian and Russian to individuals, businesses, and state and international organizations that have branches in Moldova. Centrul Lingvistic American este o școală de limbi, care oferă cursuri de limbă engleză, româna și rusă persoanelor fizice și juridice, precum și unor organizatii locale și internaționale.

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$$ (10-30)


American Language Center was founded in 1996


General and Business English instruction. English for Specific Purposes instruction. Romanian/Russian Instruction for foreigners. Intensive summer courses.


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