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@PNG Childcare and Learning Center 2017-12-07

Christmas Spirit is in the air at PNG Childcare and Learning Center. Preschoolers patiently painting egg cartoons donated by parents for several days and look at the final outcome! A Christmas tree made exclusively of egg cartoons!

@PNG Childcare and Learning Center 2017-11-10

It’s Thanksgiving time at PNG. We are grateful for all our blessings, big and small!

@PNG Childcare and Learning Center 2017-11-03

Late late posts...Halloween is always fun for kids and hey, parents and staff too, playing dress up. scary costumes, animal costumes, disney costumes, etc. etc, some awesome, some gruesome.

@PNG Childcare and Learning Center 2017-11-03

Halloween Party with parents, some in awesome and gruesome costumes.

@PNG Childcare and Learning Center 2017-10-23

painting and walking on bubble wraps created many sounds that the preschoolers loved at PNG Childcare and Learning Center and were engaged in for a few hours.

@PNG Childcare and Learning Center 2017-10-04

Our book of the week is The Little Red Hen. We like to introduce books with different size fonts and genres; some old, some new. Showcasing our love for books in hopes they’ll one day grow fond of them too. After all, the best kind of worm is a bookworm ^______^ In this tale, the farm animals helped the children to better understand the virtue of working together and taking initiative. This book is also great for adults too---to remind them that “teamwork makes the dream work!

@PNG Childcare and Learning Center 2017-10-04

Today our preschoolers had a blast! Creating farm animal habitats and recycling their scratch papers by making it rain indoors! But, after all that fun, our children know just what to do. Enabling our children to value teamwork and to maintain their classrooms at an early age is just a few of our goals in ensuring our students grow up to be upright citizens. 😁😁 #playtolearn

@PNG Childcare and Learning Center 2017-09-20

Imagine painting with fork like these kids did? Rather nice outcome.

@PNG Childcare and Learning Center 2017-09-16

Toddlers and preschoolers got busy with projects this week, with rain and all, it was indoor time. From projects on apples to painting trees in fall colors, to computers and Ms. Claire sharing her family album with her students...they had an enjoyable time. Do you remember the book of the week last week? When Sophie gets angry? really really angry? Well, there’s the poster on the wall!!!

@PNG Childcare and Learning Center 2017-09-05

Book of the week at PNG: “When Sophie gets angry, really really angry” by Molly Bang. A story of a girl whose sister made her very angry. When she’s angry, she kicks, roars, explodes and kept running. Then she cried. Until she calmed down and heard voices from nature. All these made her feel better and headed home where everything was well again. An excellent book regarding both negative and positive behaviors which are not only felt by adults but by children as well.

@PNG Childcare and Learning Center 2017-08-31

Toddlers working so hard on blow painting, talk about concentration!!! 😃

@PNG Childcare and Learning Center 2017-08-25

Book of the week:m Head to Toe” by Eric Carle. This book talks about certain animals making unique movements, like penguins turning his head. a buffalo raising his shoulder, monkey raising his arms, gorilla thumping his chest. seal flapping his wings, etc. The challenge is “can you do these movements?” The children imitate those movements like pros.

@PNG Childcare and Learning Center 2017-08-17

Sorting and classification: from heaps of assorted colors and sizes of recylecled bottle caps, the preschoolers chose their favorite colors and made them into various shapes, letters, or lines.

@PNG Childcare and Learning Center 2017-08-16

Preschoolers coloring pictures of fishes. In preparation for making an ocean-themed diorama.

@PNG Childcare and Learning Center 2017-08-10

Sensory activities are always hit for toddlers... a little messy but fun and entertaining for their small fingers. PNG toddlers learning about touch and feel, as part of sensory activity. Each of them made individual sensory boards using materials with varied “feel

@PNG Childcare and Learning Center 2017-08-09

For everyone who visited our page and took the time to share how much they like and loved our posts, our gratitude to all of you. Here’s more pictures of the kids on more learning and fun activity. We look forward to all of you joining us on a regular basis. A huge thank you to all.

@PNG Childcare and Learning Center 2017-08-09

The Rainbow Fish is PNG’s feaured book of the week, this well loved and award winning children’s book is authored and illustrated by Marcus Pfister which is the first of the Rainbow Fish series. This book talks about a beautiful unique fish because of its shimmering and colorful scales; causing him to be vain and selfish. In the end, he realizes that beauty alone does not make him happy. But sharing, kindness and friendship are the keys to happiness.

@PNG Childcare and Learning Center 2017-08-03

Long or tall challenge..the preschoolers got into some competition today. By stacking small blocks together, they created a vertical line as tall as they can reach. The rest had the option to connect the blocks together flat on the floor.. and created a horizontal line, as long as possible. Some worked alone without any help. Others found team work was better. Either way, block play is always fun.

@PNG Childcare and Learning Center 2017-07-29

Outdoor play with preschoolers and toddlers. Gross motor activities like jumping, skipping, running, climbing, etc. are all important to exercise big muscles..all part and parcel of child’s growth and development. PNG offers a covered playground as well as outdoor playground, suitable for all kinds of weather.

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