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@Robotex 2017-12-04

With various types of #blockchain technologies being on the top of the hype-curve, we also need to look into all this. And the opportunities can be endless, such as an #ICO for an online roboticist community or starting some kind of a competition where the robot needs to have some blockchain elements - perhaps have it start making a cocktail whenever the value of #Bitcoin increases by another thousand dollars. Next up $12’000! If any of you has some great ideas for a cooperation between robots, blockchain and #Robotex, then we’re all ears. PS! Thank you, Moontec for hosting this great conference in Tallinn.

@Robotex 2017-11-30

We’re honoured to be a part of this wonderful #Afghanistan all-girls #robotics team’s journey and wish that they would really show girls all over the world what is possible! Eager to host Rodaba, Kowser and Sahar again in Tallinn already In 2018 and waiting for Roya’s help to set up Robotex Afghanistan in the near future.

@Robotex 2017-11-30

The biggest #robotics festival in #Europe, Robotex International 2017 that took place in the #Estonian capital #Tallinn hosted among other things the first #live concert performed exclusively for #robots. Special thanks to new rising #startup FOCUS SPACE from Estonia who made this concert possible. Please check their website:

@Robotex 2017-11-30

We ve found a lot ings from Robotex International 2017. Please contact us if some of it belongs to you! PS! There s also a screen and a wallet.

@Robotex 2017-11-30

They came. They saw. They won! We re so happy that Roya Mahboob made it possible for the all-girls team from #Afghanistan travel to Estonia and participate in the entrepreneurial challenge, which they also managed to win! Entrepreneurial challenge is a brand new competition we introduced this year to enable robot builders to take their skills to a next level by not just building robots but also learning how to market them. We see it too often the young people that have found their way to robotics fade away in a few years as no one teaches them how to use those skills in order to self-sustain oneself. So they might just go and work for some corporate or just study something different. Thus, not use their skills to start the next wave of robotics startups. So that’s why we’re now launching a set of competitions where those robot builders are encouraged to solve existing problems and make their first sales at our robotics festivals. All so someone would notice and fund their next venture.

@Robotex 2017-11-26

Hey everyone! Be sure to hop on to our live stream on YouTube, or on YouTube: Webiste: PS. You can now watch it also on your mobile!

@Robotex 2017-11-25

Good morning Robotex! If you didn t know we re also live on YouTube. We have 5 cameras so be sure to switch between them to get the full experience of the competitions.

@Robotex 2017-11-23

We ll be opening the doors for Robotex International 2017 in LESS THAN 24 HOURS!!! 1500+ robots, 3000+ engineers and over 8000 people have already claimed their free entrance ticket. Claim yours ASAP, as we ll be ending the free ticket giveaways as we reach 10000 people! PS! On the door, the ticket will cost €5 for adults and €2 for kids.

@Robotex 2017-11-20

We re hosting a giveaway together with Uber! Enter to win €50 worth of Uber ride credit and a surprise from Robotex! To participate share this post and wririga Robotex a comment. This giveaway will be closing already on Friday morning (24.11). Keep an eye on Uber Estonia s Facebook page to see who s the winner! Tip! If you re taking part of the giveaway on both pages, then you ll double your chance to win.

@Robotex 2017-11-19

Robotex International 2017 will bring together people from at least 37 countries across four continents! You still have a chance to register for free entrance (until November 23rd) or awesome conference via this link: On the door, the entrance will cost €5 for adults and €2 for kids (aged 3-16)

@Robotex 2017-11-17

Don t think that coming to Robotex International 2017 just as a visitor is enough? We completely agree with you, as then you re going to miss all the backstage activity, the review party and much more... But there s still a chance to change all this by joining as a volunteer for the event! PS! 1500+ robots - that s why you need to share this information with all your friends! Also, everyone that is completely satisfied with all the action without extras, please register by November 23rd for free access to the event ( OR be ready to pay €5/2 on the door.

@Robotex 2017-11-16

Cooking can be a tedious and time-wasting activity which is why in most cases it should be automated. And thanks to Moley Robotics it s not that far into the future anymore...

@Robotex 2017-11-16

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Everyone that registers to Robotex International 2017 via this link by November 23rd will get free entrance to the Event! However, everyone else has to buy the entrance ticket on the door. The ticket costs: - €5 for the adults - €2 for the kids (up to 16 years of age) PS! The competitors and conference attendees don t have to register/buy extra tickets.

@Robotex 2017-11-15

Perhaps someone has already seen the pictures of Robit across Tallinn and asked oneself, what the hell is this? Well, you re in luck, as this is part of our campaign to give out one awesome Airblock drone to someone with the most awesome Instagram selfies with Robit using #Robit & #Robotex2017. For more information, check out:

@Robotex 2017-11-15

Did you love the idea of #podracing in Star Wars Episode 1 - The Phantom Menace? Well, you re in luck as this year we ll be hosting Elisa Drone Racing League, where Baltic and Nordic pilots go head to head to figure who s the fastest drone racing pilot in the region. It s not quite podracing yet but it s the first step to all of it!

@Robotex 2017-11-13

Kas oled mõelnud, mis toimub MAAILMA SUURIMA robootikasündmuse telgitagustes ja kuidas jõuavad selle raames toimuvad tippsündmused inimesteni? 🤔 Tule võta osa 24.-26. novembril toimuvast Euroopa suurimast robootikasündmusest Robotex International 2017 - saa unustamatu kogemus ja sõbrad kogu eluks! 😎 Haara kinni võimalusest saada tohutult uusi teadmisi ja avaram silmaring tehnoloogivaldkonnast, mis meid iga päevaga aina enam ümbritseb. Siin on Sinu võimalus! Registreerimine ja rohkem infot 👉 Ootame Sind oma meeskonda!

@Robotex 2017-11-13

There is some disagreement among experts about how significantly jobs will be affected by #automation and #AI, and how job losses will be offset by the creation of new business opportunities. In fact, the potential for AI to augment human skills is often mentioned, but it has been researched relatively little. And last week they finally said that humans and robots are better when they team up... However, if you re not convinced then at Robotex International 2017 we ll have another discussion on all of this with Roya Mahboob from #Afghanistan starting the session. Book your tickets now:

@Robotex 2017-11-12

As of Friday, we ve closed the registration for all competitions at Robotex International 2017 after the list of #robots surpassed the magical number of 1500 with people from 26 countries joining us in Tallinn! However, everyone that wants to experience the event as a visitor can still register by getting the general admission ticket (free before the event) or the one that also lets you join the #conference (€49-99) via #Afghanistan #Armenia #Bangladesh #Belarus #Bulgaria #China #Cyprus #Estonia #Finland #Germany #Greece #India #Italy #Ireland #Kuwait #Kyrgyzstan #Latvia #Lithuania #Mexico #Poland #Romania #Russia #Slovenia #Sweden #Turkey #UnitedKingdom

@Robotex 2017-11-10

Advokaadibüroo Derling has been helping Robotex with various legal questions, including how to set up the international franchise we re now building. And when it comes to Robotex International 2017 then they re sending one of the best lawyers in #Estonia that knows #AI to speak at our conference. Make sure you don t miss that! Grab your ticket now: Other than them, Robotex is sponsored by the following awesome companies: Perel, RoboMiku, Zone Media, Tehnopol, TehnoTurg-T, AS Toftan, YE International and Elgood.

@Robotex 2017-11-10

Proekspert isn t just a sponsor of Robotex but they re also sending their best, Tiina Saar-Veelmaa to talk about the future of work at Robotex International 2017 s conference. Other than that, they re helping companies of all sizes and sectors build Smart Products, Intelligent IOT, Smart Environments, Telecommunication and Fintech solutions - that is almost everything we re about. So we re really lucky to have them with us. Other than them, Robotex is also sponsored by the following awesome companies: Elecster, Finest Steel, FLIR Systems, HANZA Group, Harju Elekter Group,, Metaprint and Netroo.

@Robotex 2017-11-10

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Today is the last day anyone can register their team to take part in Robotex International 2017 competitions! This means that if you re thinking of participating in any of the following competitions, then please register within the next 12 hours! - Sumo - Maze Solving - Line Following - Folkrace - Tallink Eesti: Water Rally - CDP Grand Challenge - City Passing - Basketball - DJI Drone Race - VEX - Insplay Robo League - Insplay LEGO WeDo - University of Tartu Mind Control - Makeblock MakeX Challenge - Entrepreneurial Challenge - Starship Technologies: Animal Rescue

@Robotex 2017-11-10

More wonderful news, as Uber s giving out €10 worth of credit to everyone who hasn t used this wonderful mode of transport before if you use the promo coOJust download Uber s app, open the menu (from upper left corner), chooment methdd the promo code and come to Robotex International 2017!

@Robotex 2017-11-09

Cleveron As has recently launched a new click & collect parcel pickup terminal called CleverFlex - a robotic system that makes the way we interact with logistics almost seamless. They re really one of the front-running robotics companies in #Estonia and we re so proud to have them attend Robotex International 2017! Other than them, Robotex is also sponsored by the following awesome companies: 3kgroup OÜ, Arrow, Baltflex, Baltic Steel, Cybernetica, DEFENDEC, Digipurk OÜ and Directo.

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Robotex is a technology event series focusing on automation via robotics and AI, featuring competitions and conferences, that has been held since 2001


Robotex is a technology event series focusing on automation via robotics and AI, featuring competitions and conferences, that has been held in cooperation with Tallinn University of Technology (TTU) and University of Tartu (UT) since 2001. In 2001, students of TTU started a course in building robots. The course ended in a competition, which happened to be the first public robotics competition in Estonia. The competition has since grown into an international event, with more and more participants from all over the world. By now, the event has already expanded to countries such as Cyprus and China, and that s just the beginning. Soon it will be held on every continent, while more and more countries join the Family. The main goal of Robotex is to support the synergistic cooperation between talented future engineers, universities and technology companies.


The main goal of Robotex is to support the synergistic cooperation between talented future engineers, universities and technology companies.


Robotex was founded in 2001


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