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De hele schoolvakantie zomerkamp!!! Iedere ochtend een andere activiteit. Kies uw eigen dagen! Beperkt aantal plaatsen, dus wees er snel bij. Voor meer info: www coolkidsaruba.com

Our Dojo is back up and running! All classes will resume next Monday and our fitness area is at your service starting today. New fitness area hour is from Monday to.Friday from 5pm to 9pm. For more info pass by or send us an inbox! OSU!

@FEPO 2017-12-15

More activities in December! We were "social media silent" for some weeks, but december was crazy busy! We had Juan Pablo visiting us all the way from Minneapolis; sales manager and our contact person from hearing aid company "Starkey" to give Olga some training and to give our clients at FEPO a special deal for hearing aids during this week! We also had some students from Augustinus college who came to FEPO for some information for their "spreekbeurt" in Januari. We wish you a lot of success!!

@ABC Peuterschool 2017-12-14

Call 5949500 or visit us for a tour of our school at Beaujonstraat 14.

It's the most wonderful time of the year" On December 8th, The Circle K Club of the University of Aruba brought joy to those who are less fortunate by hosting the yearly Christmas Dinner. During this event, children were invited to a dinner reception where they received a traditional Christmas meal, entertainment, a gift and a small goody-bag. Without the help of our business community and many individuals, this special dinner would not have been possible. Many thanks to all who contributed to the success and fun of this day. #chirstmasdinner #communityproject #Students #UAchieve

Hi friends, just a quick reminder that the Geminid meteor shower peaks tonight.

Almost full! Excited abt the coming Xmas cooking camp. Can t wait to meet and work with the little chefs💕🙏

Sign up today for SIA and train your soccer skills with licensed coaches! Every Wednesday from 5:30 to 7 pm at Stadion Frans Figaroa. Contact us today at [email protected] for more information

Beautiful piece from: Dyantha Maduro Dance by student who went to study aboard. We miss you Guys !!

Colegio Laura Wernet Paskel tabatin un Tremendo Siman di Festival di buki tras di lomba. DOS BRUHA a bin riba nan basora di sorpresa pa habri e siman di buki na CLWP y nan a traha den nan wea grandi un sopi di buki cu yen di buki pa e muchanan. E siguiente autor/contado di storia y ilustradornan a honra nos cu nan bishita: Stan Kuiperi, Richard Dabian, Crisen Schorea, Gino Vrolijk, Jeroen Hoogerwerf, Kathleen Thielman y Roland Colastica. Y diabierna otro dos bruha a bin scol pa sera e siman di buki aki. Nos ta gradici BNA cu nan sponsernan, e gran famia di CLWP cu ta mayornan, alumnonan, miembronan di COMMAL y e maestronan cu a hasi e siman aki un exito. MASHA DANKI di❤

Join us for an adventure in reading 📖 Grades 4-6 Novel Fair. When: Friday Nov 10 Time: 1:30-2:30pm Where: Grades 4-6 classrooms

What are Good TOEFL Scores? Like the SAT and ACT, the TOEFL has no passing or failing grade. However, some universities require non-native speakers of English to earn a minimum TOEFL score in order to be admitted. Sometimes a university will require a minimum score, but a department within the university will require an even higher score. Examples: Minimum Score for ........................................................ iBT PBT Brown University, Department of Physics 61 500 University of California, Los Angeles, graduate division 87 560 University of Missouri 61 500 University of Washington, graduate Department of Communication 70 580 University of Wisconsin 61 500 (Source: University Language Services) But scoring the minimum requirement is no enough. You must obtain the highest possible score, simply because you will be competing with hundreds of other students for a position at a particular university, each, with a limited number of admissions. Your knowledge of English mus be at an academic level. A preparation course will help you achieve that.

Cada mucha tin su necesidad specifico. Enseñansa personalisa y organico ta nos futuro ♡

@Taekwondo Aruba 2016-10-11

Taekwondo en la radio FM Hit 94.1 #Aruba @ 5:00 PM - 6:00 PM , novedades sobre taekwondo , escuchanos online online http://ow.ly/y1WR3055izk muchas gracias por el esopacio Cocoliso http://ow.ly/zHsj3055iDf amigo del deporte Arubiano.

Nos a cuminsa bek trahando nos producto nan pa patient!

Colegio's Carnaval Beauties: Queens and Youth Queens through history: Natasha, Mayrène, Rubina, Abi, Dyanthe, Michella...